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Pamphlet for a demilitarisation conference sponsored by
the Calgary United Nations Association, April 24-26 1981

Helen and Mort Freeman fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Helen Freeman's papers. - 1951-1964
Series 2Helen and Mort Freeman's NDP papers. -1961-1978
Series 3Mort Freeman's research files. - 1950-1975
Series 4Voice of Women research files. - 1946-1978
Series 5Voice of Women correspondence. - 1972-1980
Series 6United Nations Association of Canada. Calgary Branch. Nuclear Responsibility Group. -1977-1984
Series 7Helen Freeman's correspondence. -1978-1982
Series 8Miscellaneous. - 1930-1983


Series 1

Helen Freeman's papers. -1951-1964. -13 cm of textual records. -Includes Helen Freeman's scripts for school pageants, radio plays, and television productions; correspondence concerning her art exhibitions; lecture notes from church classes and meetings; and university term papers. Arranged in rough chronological order.

M-7783-1Art exhibitions-correspondence. - 1951-1958
M-7783-2Musing with music-radio scripts and correspondence. -1953
M-7783-3All for the asking-radio script and correspondence. - 1953
M-7783-4The West Indies want to join us-radio script and correspondence. -1953
M-7783-5The dove with the dragging wing-draft for radio script. - [ca. 1953]
M-7783-6Retirement of Stanley Ibbitson written by H.P. Freeman for HR Time [High River times?]. -1954
M-7783-7Correspondence and lecture notes on script writing. - [1953?-1955]
M-7783-8Springdale children's Christmas Eve dream play. - 1954
M-7783-9Alberta's golden jubilee pageant-Springdale School. - 1955
M-7783-10Kensington Road School annual Christmas concert programme. -1957
M-7783-11Lecture notes from church classes and meetings. - [1958?]
M-7783-12Canada, our home- TV production. -1958
M-7783-13Remembrance Day in Canada, 1958- TV production. -1958
M-7783-14Christmas in Canada-concert, broadcast. - 1958
M-7783-15A Calgary Christmas-TV broadcast. -1960
M-7783-16Brotherhood Week play. -1960
M-7783-17Salute to Canada-TV broadcast. -1960
M-7783-18Participation television-essay, correspondence. - 1960-1962
M-7783-19Summer school, 1964-essays, research notes. - 1964
M-7783-19aThe Quest-Unitarian Church of Calgary newsletter. - 1962
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Series 2

Helen and Mort Freeman's NDP papers. -1961-1978. -13 cm of textual records. - Includes minutes, newsletters, clippings, publications, correspondence reflecting the Freemans' activities in Calgary area New Democratic Party organizations.

M-7783-20Alberta NDP and Alberta Young New Democrats. - 1961-1963
M-7783-21Civic elections. -1961
M-7783-22Social security. -1961-1962
M-7783-23Membership and contact lists. -1961-1962
M-7783-24Alberta NDP-organization. -1962-1967
M-7783-25Stationery, letterhead, envelopes. - [ca. 1962]
M-7783-26Election, June 18, 1962 (federal)-analysis of returns. -1962
M-7783-27Meeting notices and nomination of Calgary North federal candidate. -1962
M-7783-28Northwesters NDP Club programme. - 1962-1963
M-7783-29Northwesters Club meetings. -1962-1963
M-7783-30Newsletter-NDP, Northwesters and Calgary North (and Calgary). -1962-1963
M-7783-31NDP-Calgary North Federal Constituency Council and Calgary Metropolitan Council minutes. -1962-1963
M-7783-32Newspaper-Left eye opener ; New era news. - 1963-1964
M-7783-33Calgary North provincial constituency. - 1963-1967
M-7783-34Calgary Bowness provincial. -1963-1967
M 7783 35New Democratic Party-Edmonton office correspondence. -1965-1967
M-7783-36Calgary Queen's Park provincial leaflet. - 1967
M-7783-37NDP PACE bulletins. -1971-1973.
M-7783-38NDP Calgary Metro Council. -1971-1973
M-7783-39NDP, Calgary. -1974-1978
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Series 3

Mort Freeman's research files. -1950-1975. -4.3 m of textual records. -Consists mostly of clippings used in research for Freeman's book, Biggest Sellout in History, concerning ownership of the Alberta oil industry. Also includes some related correspondence, and research files on municipal, provincial, and federal politics. The sources of some of the clippings are indicated by Freeman's abbreviations: A [in circle] for the Albertan, CH [in circle] for the Calgary Herald, FP for the Financial Post.

M-7783-40Alberta-agriculture. -1962-1963
M-7783-41Alberta-labour. -1961-1967
M-7783-42Alberta-labour legislation. -1961-1964
M-7783-43Alberta-oil and gas industry. -1962-1964
M-7783-44Alberta-oil and gas. - 1962-1965. - Includes articles relating to Roger LeBoeuf's Citizens Mineral Rights and Justice League. -1962-1965
M-7783-45Alberta. - 1962 1965. - Includes articles, correspondence and publications relating to NDP, oil and gas and J. M. Freeman's Oil and natural gas in Alberta.
M-7783-46Alberta-taxes and foundation plan. -1962
M-7783-47Alberta NDP-electric power utilities. - 1962-1964
M-7783-48Alberta politics-Liberals, Conservatives. - 1962-1967
M-7783-49Alberta politics-general clips. -1962-1967
M-7783-50Auto insurance- Saskatchewan-publicly-owned. - 1960-1966
M-7783-51Canada-co-operatives. -1963-1964
M-7783-52Canada-current federal issues. -1963-1964
M-7783-53Canada-foreign ownership. -1962-1968
M-7783-54Canada-planning. -1961-1963
M-7783-55Canada-Quebec. -1963-1967
M-7783-56Canada-Saskatchewan. -1963-1964
M-7783-57Canada. - 1965-1967. - Consists of articles regarding Canada's economic future including Ron Poulton's series Who runs Canada?.
M 7793/58Medicare-Saskatchewan. -1962-1964
M-7783-59Medicare-Saskatchewan. -1962-1964
M-7783-60Oil and gas-outline for pamphlet & previous writing on subject. -1962-1971
M-7783-61Oil and gas-some background facts for Alberta policy-duplicated copies. -1963.
M-7783-62Oil and gas-annual reports. -1967
M-7783-63Oil and gas-arctic exploration. -1963-1971
M-7783-64Oil and gas-Athabasca oil/tar sands. - 1962-1973
M-7783-65Athabasca oil sands-alternative proposals. - 1962-1965
M-7783-66Athabasca oil sands-Fort McMurray. - 1962-1965
M-7783-67Athabasca oil sands-Great Canadian Oil Sands Ltd. - 1964-1969. - See also: Sun Oil Company; International Bitumen Co. Ltd. and Oil Sands Ltd.
M-7783-68Athabasca oil sands-history. -1964
M-7783-69Athabasca oil sands. - 1953-1975. - Includes International Bitumen Co. Ltd., Oil Sands Limited, Can-Amera Export Refining Co. Ltd. (formerly Can-Amera Oil Sands Development Ltd.) and R. C. Fitzsimmons, and L. R. Champion
M-7783-70Athabasca oil sands-permits, leases, especially Richfield Oil, Sinclair, Cities Service. -1962-1967
M-7783-71Athabasca oil sands-Sun Oil Company (Sunoco), Sun Oil Company Ltd. (Canada). - [1957?]-1966
M-7783-72Oil and gas-automation, unitized fields, waterflood projects. -1962-1965
M-7783-73Oil and gas-company reports. -1964-1967
M-7783-74Oil and gas-Co-op Oil. -1960-1970
M-7783-75Oil and gas-corruption. -1959-1966
M-7783-76Oil and gas-directors' and officers' share holdings, US Securities & Exchange Commission reports. -1963-1966
M-7783-77Oil and gas-energy surveys, US, Canadian. - 1964-1966
M-7783-78Oil and gas-gas export and import. -1964-1967. - See also: Gas-utilities; Pipelines.
M-7783-79Oil and gas-gas (natural) utilities, pipe lines, Canadian Gas Association. -1959-1970
M-7783-80Oil and gas-gas processing. -1963-1966
M-7783-81Oil and gas-history. -1950-1970
M-7783-82Oil and gas-independent companies. - 1957-1966
M-7783-83Oil and gas-independents-Canadian Pacific Oil and Gas (CPOG). -1964-1967
M-7783-84Oil and gas- independents. - 1964-1966. - Includes Central-Del Rio Oils (CPR control established 1965-66). See: CPOG.
M-7783-85Oil and gas-independents. - 1964-1966. - Includes Frank Brown Group, Dynamic Power Corp., Continental (Industrial) Holdings Ltd., Superior Securities Corp. (A. C. Newall, Sc.), Mill City Petroleums, Dynamic Petroleum Products, Royal Canadian Ventures, Roycan Petroleums Inc., Crusade Petroleum Corp.
M-7783-86Oil and gas- independents-Home Oil Co. Ltd. - 1963-1967
M-7783-87Oil and gas-independents-Husky Oil Canada Ltd. - 1963-1966
M-7783-88Oil and gas-independents-Nickle family: Sam C. Nickle, and Carl O. Nickle. -1963-1966
M-7783-89Oil and gas-independents. - 1964-1968. - Includes Power Corporation of Canada regarding Canadian Industrial Gas, Mid-Western Industrial Gas, Medallion Petroleum, Pamoil, Chemcell (1963).
M-7783-90Oil and gas-international, integrated, foreign-owned companies, "major oil companies". -1957-1966
M-7783-91Oil and gas- international companies-British American (Gulf, BA, Royalite, Purity 99). -1962-1970
M-7783-92Oil and gas-international companies-British Petroleum (Triad, Devon Palmer). -1962-1967
M-7783-93Oil and gas-international companies-Burmah Oil. - 1963-1964
M-7783-94Oil and gas-international companies-cross-links. - 1963
M-7783-95Oil and gas- international companies-Imperial (Esso). -1963-1967. - Removed from file: Imperial Oil review, scattered issues, 1957-1969.
M-7783-96Oil and gas-international companies-Pacific Petroleums (Phillips) (& Westcoast Transmission). -1962-1966
M-7783-97Oil and gas-international companies-Pan American (Standard of Indiana). -1963-1969
M-7783-98Oil and gas-international, integrated-Petrofina S.A. (Canadian Petrofina Ltd., Canadian Fina Oil Ltd.). -1964-1966. - Petrofina was incorporated in 1920, in Belgium.
M-7783-99Oil and gas-international companies-Shell (White Rose, North Star). -[1953]-1966
M-7783-100Oil and gas-International, integrated-Cal-Stan- Standard Oil Co. of B.C., Standard Oil Co. of California. -1964-1966
M-7783-101Oil and gas-international companies-Texaco Canada. -1963-1966. - Removed from file: Texaco topics(April 1954, and July-August 1955).
M-7783-102Oil and gas-Japanese interests. -1966. - Japex: 50% owned by Government of Japan.
M-7783-103Oil and gas-labour policy and unions. - 1964-1968
M-7783-104Oil and gas-O'Connor, Harvey. - 1963 and 1966. - Includes "Empire of Oil","World Crisis in Oil".
M-7783-105Oil and gas-"Oil and Politics" by Robert Engler. - 1955-1956
M-7783-106Oil and gas-petrochemicals-general file. - [1953]-1967
M-7783-107Oil and gas-petrochemicals-Building Products Ltd. - 1964-1966. - See Imperial Oil folder.
M-7783-108Oil and gas-petrochemicals-Canadian Industries Ltd. -1963-1964
M-7783-109Oil and gas-petrochemicals- 1964-1965. - Includes Chemcell (1963) Ltd. Canadian Chemical and Canadian Celanese, Celanese Corporation of America, Power Corporation of Canada.
M-7783-110Oil and gas-petrochemicals-Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. Ltd. (Cominco - CPR). - [1953?]-1966
M-7783-111Oil and gas-petrochemicals- 1963-1964. - Includes Dow Chemical of Canada, Limited of Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Michigan.
M-7783-112Oil and gas-petrochemicals-Northwest Nitro-Chemicals Ltd. (Commercial Solvents Corp.). -1963-1966
M-7783-113Oil and gas-petrochemicals-Polymer Corp. - 1963-1966
M-7783-114Oil and gas-petrochemicals-Sherritt Gordon Mines. -1964
M-7783-115Oil and gas-petrochemicals-sulphur. - 1963-1967
M-7783-116Oil and gas-petrochemicals-Union Carbide Canada Ltd. of Union Carbide Corp., New York. -1963-1967
M-7783-117Oil and gas-petrochemicals-Western Co-operative Fertilizers Ltd. -1964-1965
M-7783-118Oil and gas-pipe lines. -1957-1967
M-7783-119Oil and gas-pricing. -1963-1966
M-7783-120Oil and gas-producers. - [1958?]-1963
M-7783-121Oil and gas-public relations. - [1955?]-1966
M-7783-122Oil and gas-refineries. -1962-1965
M-7783-123Oil and gas-regulations. -1962-1967
M-7783-124Oil and gas-regulations-leases, conservation, legality. -1962-1966
M-7783-125Oil and gas-solutions, proposed. - 1962-1964
M-7783-126Oil and gas-state-owned-general (Ceylon Oil service stations, Indonesia domestic refining and distribution). -1963
M-7783-127Oil and gas-state-owned-ENI. - 1962-1967
M-7783-128Oil and gas-state-owned-PEMEX-Mexico's state-owned petroleum industry. -1963-1967
M-7783-129Oil and gas-statistics-Alberta oil revenue. - 1964-1966
M-7783-130Oil and gas-statistics-production, allowables, refinery, processing, gas sales. -1963-1967
M-7783-131Oil and gas-surveys,producers, refineries, pipe lines, utilities. -1963-1967
M-7783-132Oil and gas-world oil. -1958-1967
M-7783-133Oil and gas-general. -1964-1966
M-7783-134Politics-Calgary-general. -1961-1967
M-7783-135Politics-Canada. -1961-1964
M-7783-136Politics-provincial issues-housing. -1967
M-7783-137Politics-provincial issues-NDP platform. - 1966-1967
M-7783-138Politics-provincial issues-oil policy. - 1967
M-7783-139Politics-provincial issues-property taxes and education. -1967
M-7783-140Politics-provincial issues-"propriety"-Hooke, A. J., Hinman, Calgary Power. -1962-1967
M-7783-141Saskatchewan-Saskatchewan CCF-NDP-John S. Burton, research assistant to Woodrow S. Lloyd, leader of Opposition. -1965-1967
M-7783-142Social Credit. -1962-1967
M-7783-143Social Credit and other money theories. - 1959-1962
M-7783-144To be filed. -1963. - Miscellaneous clippings removed from file
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Series 4

Voice of Women research files. -1946-1978. -1.9 m of textual records. -Series consists mostly of news clippings, but also includes pamphlets, newsletters, reports, and correspondence. Subject matter concerns nuclear energy, as well as disarmament and energy issues in general. Files are arranged chronologically by date of publication, although there are separate files on the Nuclear Liability Act and the Athabasca Tar Sands.

M-7783-145Research files. -1946, 1954 and 1960-1962
M-7783-146Research files. -1963-1964
M-7783-147Research files. -1965-1969
M-7783-148Research files. -1970
M-7783-149Research files. -1971
M-7783-150Research files. -1971
M-7783-151Research files. - January - March 1972
M-7783-152Research files. - April - June 1972
M-7783-153Research files. - July - September 1972
M-7783-154Research files. - October 1972
M-7783-154aResearch files. - November - December 1972
M-7783-154bResearch files. - December 1972
M-7783-155Research files. - January - March 1973
M-7783-156Research files. - April - August 1973
M-7783-157 Clippings from San Francisco Chronicle ; covering letter from Betty Alpert. -1972-1973
M-7783-158Research files. - September - October 1973
M-7783-159Research files. - November 1973
M-7783-160Research files. - December 1973
M-7783-161Research files. - January 1974
M-7783-162Research files. - January 1974
M-7783-163Research files. - March 1974
M-7783-164Research files. - April - May 1974
M-7783-165Research files. - June 1974
M-7783-166Research files. - July-August 1974
M-7783-167Research files. - September - October 1974
M-7783-168Research files. - November 1974
M-7783-169Research files. - December 1974
M-7783-170Research files. - January - February 1975
M-7783-171Research files. - March - April 1975
M-7783-172 Correspondence received by Marion Davidson. - 1974-1975. - Correspondents include Donald S. Macdonald, Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources.
M-7783-173Research files. - May 1975
M-7783-174Research files. - June - August 1975
M-7783-175 Clippings. - September 1975
M-7783-176Research files. - September - November 1975
M-7783-177Research files. - December 1975
M-7783-178Research files. - December 1975
M-7783-179Research files. - January - February 1976
M-7783-180Research files. - March 1976
M-7783-181Research files. - May 1976
M-7783-182Research files. - May 1976
M-7783-183Research files. - June 1976
M-7783-184Research files. - July 1976
M-7783-185Research files. - June - December 1977
M-7783-186Nuclear Liability Act research files. - 1960-1975
M-7783-187Nuclear Liability Act research files. - April - November 1976
M-7783-188Nuclear Liability Act research files. - October 1976 - July 1977
M-7783-189Nuclear Liability Act research files. - 1970-1976
M-7783-190Nuclear Liability Act research files. - [ca. 1977]
M-7783-191Nuclear Liability Act research files. - 1969-1978
M-7783-192Nuclear Liability Act research files. - 1971-1977
M-7783-193Tar Sands research files. -1973-1975. - Concerning use of nuclear energy for oil extraction.
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Series 5

Voice of Women correspondence. -1972-1980. -30 cm of textual records. -Correspondence inward and outward. Correspondence for 1972-1975 has been arranged, in general, alphabetically by correspondent. Other miscellaneous letters, newsletters, leaflets, etc., have been arranged roughly in chronological order. A large volume of clippings and pamphlets not pertaining directly to the Voice of Women concerns was removed.

M-7783-194Correspondence, A. -1972-1975. - Including address lists.
M-7783-195Correspondence, B. -1972-1974
M-7783-196Correspondence, C. -1972-1975. - Including "contacts, Calgary V.O.W."
M-7783-197Correspondence, D, E, F, G. -1972-1975
M-7783-198Correspondence, H. -1972-1975
M-7783-199Correspondence, House of Commons. -1972-1975. - "Arranged alphabetically by M.P.'s surnames."
M-7783-200Correspondence, I, J, K, L, M. - 1972-1975
M-7783-201Correspondence, N, O, P, R. -1972-1975
M-7783-202Correspondence, S. -1972-1975
M-7783-203Correspondence, T, V. -1972-1976. - Includes internal Voice of Women correspondence.
M-7783-204Correspondence, W, Y, Z. -1972-1975
M-7783-205V.O.W. Committee, Energy Alternatives and Environment. - 1974. - Includes letters to, and replies from, Prime Minister and premiers.
M-7783-206V.O.W. Committee, Energy Alternatives and Environment. - 1974. - Includes letters to, and replies from, Prime Minister and premiers.
M-7783-207Correspondence, miscellaneous. - 1975-1978
M-7783-208Correspondence, miscellaneous. - 1977-1978
M-7783-209Correspondence, miscellaneous. -1981-1983. - Including Minutes of the Calgary Voice of Women.
M-7783-210Helen Freeman's chronological record of ESI (Earth Sciences Inc.) and WCFL. - 1977-1978 and 1980. - Concerning proposal to extract uranium from byproducts of Western Co-operative Fertilizers Ltd. plant. See also file 219.
M-7783-211Posters-What we have done ; What we plan to do(2 ms. posters). - [ca. 1972]
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Series 6

United Nations Association of Canada. Calgary Branch. Nuclear Responsibility Group. -1977-1984. -25 cm of textual records. -The United Nations Association, Calgary Branch, Nuclear Responsibility Group was affiliated with the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility. Included in this series are remnants of its correspondence, financial records, research files, and publicity material.

M-7783-212Correspondence, miscellaneous. - 1977-1979
M-7783-213UNDAG (United Nations Disarmament Action Group) rally (May 27 1978). - 1978. - Includes notes on disarmament, leaflets, press release, correspondence.
M-7783-214Conference on Canadian Nuclear Policy (1978- Mont Ste-Marie, Que.). -1978. - Includes conference papers.
M-7783-215Memorandum. - photocopied 1979. - Includes Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility to Select Committee of the Ontario Legislature on Ontario Hydro Affairs ; Documents dealing with nuclear safety-(1977-1979) compiled by Gordon Edwards.
M-7783-216Financial records, minutes, correspondence. - 1980-1984
M-7783-217Letter, from the Calgary Coalition to Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to Mayor Klein and City Council members, City of Calgary. -1981
M-7783-218Correspondence. -1982-1983
M-7783-219ESI (Earth Sciences Inc.). -1981 and 1983. - Correspondence concerning proposal to extract uranium from byproducts of Western Co-operative Fertilizers Ltd. plant. See also File 210.
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Series 7

Helen Freeman's correspondence. -1978-1982. -14 cm of textual records. -Collected correspondence, newsletters, brochures, etc., mostly relating to Helen Freeman's interest in the anti-nuclear movement. Filed alphabetically by subject or correspondent.

M-7783-220Alberta democrat (NDP). -1980-1981. - Includes Calgary Metro N.D.P. news(June 1980-September 1981); Alberta democrat (v. 6, no. 2 and v. 7, no. 1-2) transferred to Glenbow Library.
M-7783-221Amnesty International. -1979-1981. - Canada Group 2 (Calgary, Alberta) newsletter.
M-7783-222Argentina-Canada-Argentina bulletin. - January - February 1981. - Includes Group for Civil Rights in Argentina; No CANDU for Argentina; Emergency Committee for Argentina.
M-7783-223Arusha Cross-Cultural Centre. - 1979-1981
M-7783-225Bertelle, Rosalie. -1980
M-7783-225Black Hills Alliance. - [1979?]
M-7783-226B.C.-Powell River. -1980-1981
M-7783-227Calgary herald-letters, HF. -1979 and 1981
M-7783-228Calgary Inner City Coalition newsletter. - 1980
M-7783-229Canadian Broadcasting Corporation-TV and radio. - 1980-1981
M-7783-230Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility- Calgary-newsletters. -1980-1982
M-7783-231Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility- Calgary Branch-position papers. - [1980?]
M-7783-232Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility- Montreal-correspondence. -1979-1981
M-7783-233Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility- national. -1981
M-7783-234Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility- Transitions. -1979-1981
M-7783-235Canadian Far Eastern newsletter. - 1981-1982
M-7783-236Coalition for World Disarmament, Vancouver, B.C. -1979-1981
M-7783-237Conservation-energy. -1979-1980
M-7783-238Correspondence-Alberta. -1979-1980. - Correspondence with Dr. S. Kounosu, Lethbridge.
M-7783-239Correspondence-British Columbia. -1980. - Mediography from Lianne Ritch, Vancouver; report on uranium mining from Miles Goldstick.
M-7783-240Correspondence, circulars and requests for information. -1979
M-7783-241Disarmament times. -1979-1982
M-7783-242ESI Resources Ltd.-chronological file. -1979-1980
M-7783-243Eco Centre. -1979-1980
M-7783-244Energy Probe. -1981
M-7783-245Friends of the Earth-Ottawa and San Francisco. - 1979-1980
M-7783-246Fund raising. -1981. - Memo, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, Calgary.
M-7783-247Government-Canada. Department of External Affairs. - Ambassador for Disarmament. -1980-1981
M-7783-248Japan-Kogai-newsletter from polluted Japan. - 1978-1981
M-7783-249Mailing lists, United Nations Association of Canada, Calgary Branch. -1978-1979
M-7783-250Mobilization for Survival. -1979-1980
M-7783-251Operation Dismantle. -1979-1981
M-7783-252People's Assembly on Canadian Foreign Policy. - 1978
M-7783-253Ploughshares monitor. -1980-1982
M-7783-254Promoting Enduring Peace, Inc. - 1980-1981
M-7783-255Saskatchewan-Saskatoon Environmental Society- Nuclear newsletter. -1978-1982
M-7783-256Turning Point. -1980, 1982
M-7783-257Union of Concerned Scientists. -1980
M-7783-258Unitarian Church of Calgary-Quest. - 1978-1982
M-7783-259United Nations Association of Canada-Bulletins. - 1980-1981
M-7783-260UNACC (United Nations Association of Canada, Calgary Branch)-Hiroshima-Nagasaki demonstration, 1980, Riley Park, Calgary. -1980
M-7783-261UNACC-finances-H. Freeman to and from Treasurer. -1979-1980
M-7783-262UNACC membership and treasurer reports from H. Freeman and Ann McDonald. -1980-1981
M-7783-263UNACC newsletters. -1979-1980
M-7783-264UNACC-NRG (Nuclear Responsibility Group) S.O.S. Rally, Oct. 13, 1979. -1979-1980
M-7783-265Voice of Women. -1982
M-7783-266World Federalists of Canada. -1982
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Series 8

Miscellaneous. -1930-1983. -1 cm of textual records. -Items created or accumulated by Mort and Helen Freeman, not otherwise grouped into series. - Arranged chronologically.

M-7783-267Letter, Walter Norman Smith to Graham Spry ([10] p. ts. carbon copy). - November 23, 1930. - In his letter, Smith explains the circumstances of his dismissal as editor of the United Farmers of Alberta publication U.F.A. It is not known how it came into the possession of the Freemans.
M-7783-268Letter, L. E. Willmott to John Freeman (1 p. ts.). - October 26, 1954. - Willmott, an advocate of Canadian recognition of Communist China, responds to the Freemans' sons' interest in corresponding with Chinese children. This letter was the only archival item found among ca. 30 cm of periodicals from Communist countries, addressed to Helen Freeman, dated ca. 1951-ca. 1960, which were removed from the fonds by the archivist.
M-7783-269Tribute to a stubborn son by Stanley Ibbitson (9, 9, [4] p. ts.). - [1960]. - The 2 drafts and 2 fragments of this typescript were ghostwritten by Mort Freeman for family friend Stanley Ibbitson. It describes Neil Ibbitsons's achievements in spite of his loss of 9 fingers in a childhood accident.
M-7783-270Helen Freeman's appointment calendars. -1972 and 1974. - 3 items.
M-7783-271Alberta Retired Teachers' Association, Calgary Branch (1 p.). - April 1982. - Invitation to Spring Time Luncheon.
M-7783-272Alberta Family Histories Society. - February 1, 1983. - 2 items, receipt and membership card.
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