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Max Foran (right) with the MacEwan family, Centennial Ball, 1967
Max Foran (right) with the MacEwan family, Centennial Ball, 1967

Max Foran fonds

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Series 1 Max Foran's writings and research. -- 1969-1984
Series 2 Sound recordings. -- 1977-1988
Series 3 Photograph. -- 1894


Series 1 Max Foran's writings and research. -- 1969-1984
M-383 Reference material re land ownership in early Calgary. -- Compiled 1969 (originally created 1876-1883). -- 9 pages. -- Consists of photocopies of letters and petitions re early settler' land purchases. Includes petition to Sir John A. Macdonald from Louis Roselle re purchase from Antoine Godin; declaration by Antoine Godin re erecting houses; and declarations of Sam Livingston, Joseph Butlin and A.W. McVittie re ownership of SW-14-24-1-W5.
M-3575 Reference material re James Walker. -- Collected 1969 (originally created 1904). -- 10 pages. -- Consists of an article about James J. Walker, who was one of nearly 2000 "Barr" colonists emigrating to Saskatchewan from England in 1903, under the leadership of Isaac Moses Barr. Walker recounts problems in leadership, organization, transportation, etc. from beginning of the voyage until Barr was dismissed as leader and the settlers arrived in Lloydminster.
M-4444 Max Foran's paper, "The Rural Society in Transistion, 1900-1914". -- 1969. -- 21 pages. -- Consists of a study of urbanization in western Canadian society, and iresulting social and economic problems, written for the University of Calgary.
M-4660 Max Foran's MA thesis, "The Calgary Town Council, 1884-1895, A Study of Local Government in a Frontier Environment". -- 1970. -- 1 volume. -- Consists of his thesis about the nature of Calgary town council and its role as a social leader, corporate leader and urban development. Includes a study of Wesley Orr, Mayor, as an entrepreneur.
M-5797 Draft of Max Foran's book "Calgary, An Illustrated History". -- 1976. -- 4 cm of textual records
M-4661 Typewritten draft of Max Foran's book "Urban Growth on the Canadian Frontier: Calgary, 1975-1960. -- 1978. -- 1 volume (165 pages). -- The final version of this was included in the History of Canadian Cities series published by the National Museum of Man and James Lorimer and Company.
M-5747 Max Foran's article, "The Making of a Booster: Wesley Fletcher Orr and Nineteenth Century Calgary".-- 1978. -- 1 page
M-6096 Drafts of Max Foran's doctoral dissertation on Calgary Civic Government, University of Calgary. -- 1981. -- 12.5 cm of textual records
M-6132 Max Foran's doctoral dissertation, "The Civic Corporatin and Urban Growth, Calgary 1884-1930". -- 1981. -- 7 cm of textual records. -- Completed for the University of Calgary.
M-6495 Max Foran's conference paper, "Electric Power and Natural Gas in Calgary, 1890-1940: The Fruits and Follies of Institutional Pragmatism". -- 1982. -- 43 pages. -- Presented at the Canadian-American Urban Development Conference in Guelph, Ontario.
M-7896 Handwritten draft of Max Foran's book "Calgary, Canada's Frontier Metropolis". -- 1982. -- 6 cm of textual records
M-6954 Max Foran's article, "Fred Lowes: Booster Extraordinaire and Symbol of an Era". -- 1984. -- 13 pages. -- Presented in Calgary.
M-7031 Max Foran's article, "Centennial Vignettes, 1884-1984". -- 1984. -- 1 cm of textua records. -- Prepared for the Calgary Board of Education.
Series 2 Sound recordings. -- 1977-1988
RCT-255 Max Foran's interview with Slim Sonnie of High River. -- January 1977. -- 1 audio reel
RCT-635 Max Foran's interviews with Dr. Robert Warren, Hugh Bryan, Mabel Barker, John Mayell and Bill Renard. -- 1983-1984. -- 5 audio cassettes
RET-46 Speech by Max Foran to the Petroleum History Society. -- January 20, 1988. -- 1 audio cassette.
Series 3 Photograph. -- 1894
NA-1953 Wesley Orr. -- 1894. -- 1 photograph link to photo View now.
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