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Lars Peder Ericksen, 1924
Lars Peder Ericksen, 1924

Lars Peder Ericksen fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Personal papers. -- 1907-1976
Series 2 Citizens' Mineral Rights and Justice League. -- 1960-1965
Series 3 Scrapbooks and newspaper clippings. -- 1922-1975
Series 4 Photographs. -- [ca. 1914-1960s]


Series 1

Personal papers. -- 1907-1976. -- The series consists of immigration and homesteading papers; Olds School of Agriculture material; manuscripts and articles written by Ericksen; correspondence re various matters including his cattle business; and a recorded interview. It is been artificially arranged in date order by the earliest date in the folder.

M-364-1 Personal papers. -- 1907-1927. -- Consists of Danish farm worker's "passporta', immigration inspection card, letters of recommendation, agreement to become insurance agent for Montreal Life Insurance company.
M-364-2 Land titles. -- 1915-1932. -- Consists of interim homestead receipt, and certificate of title for land at Bowell, Alberta. Includes agreement for sale of land.
M-364-28 Writers' guides. -- 1920 and n.d. -- Consists of "Writing for Newspapers, Magazines and Trade papers" by Orin R. Coile; and "The Market Place for Manuscripts : A Guilde for the Successful Author".
M-364-27 Postcards from friends in Denmark. -- 1921-1926 and n.d.
M-364-17 Correspondence. -- 1926-1927. -- Consists of letter to Calgary Albertan re writing articles for them; and application for position as weed inspector, which includes a letter of reference from Frank Grisdale, principal of the Olds School of Agriculture.
M-364-3 Personal correspondence. -- 1928-1930. -- Consists of correspondence re selling insurance for Montreal Life Insurance, Edmonton branch office.
M-364-oversize Barn plans done as project for Olds School of Agriculture. -- [ca. 1923]
M-364-5 Certificates. -- 1923-1944. -- Consists of Olds School of Agriculture certificates; report cards; Alberta weed inspector's certificate; and farm-related membership cards.
M-364-oversize Diploma from the Olds School of Agriculture. -- 1924
M-364-4 Olds School of Agriculture. -- 1929-1937, 1943. -- Consists of circular letter to alumni members re scholarships; employment as plot foreman at the school; constitution of alumni association; salary schedule (1943).
M-364-7 Canadian Hereford Association. -- 1929-1959. -- Consists of private records of stock breedings.
M-364-6 Cattle business. -- 1935. -- Consists of receipt and letter of complaint re low price for sale of cow and calves to Burns and Company at Calgary.
M-364-8 Brucellosis control. -- 1951-1961. -- Consists of correspondence with officials re problems of brucellosis in his Hereford herd.
M-364-20 Various correspondence and newspaper clippings. -- 1961-1973. -- Re British Block; Olds-Didsbury Constituency; and Olds School of Agriculture.
M-364-25 Manuscripts for Ericksen's articles. -- [ca. 1961]. -- Consists of "The Wheatland" and "The Well Diggers".
M-3734 Historical sketch about the Canadian Wheatland Company and Suffield. -- [ca. 1961]. -- Consists of article by Ericksen re irrigation and dryland farming by this company from 1910 to 1918.
M-364-13 History of Olds School of Agriculture. -- 1964. -- Consists of a history covering the beginnings of the school in 1913, students, demonstration farm, seed production, and life of student Frank Stevens.
M-364-26 Notes re Olds School of Agriculture. -- 1964 and n.d.
M-364-21 Correspondence re taxes. -- 1972
M-364-22 Glenbow Archives. -- 1972-1976. -- Consists of correspondence about donating his papers.
RCT-168-1 Recorded interview with L.P. Ericksen regarding his move from Denmark and life in Alberta. -- [ca. 1975]. -- 5 audio cassettes. -- The interview also includes his reminiscences about Frank Grisdale, principal of Olds School of Agriculture.
M-364-16 Journal articles about L.P. Ericksen. -- 1975. -- Consists of an article in The Olds College Alumni Review re his award from the Olds College Alumni Association; and article about him in the Danish magazine Hus og Hjem.
M-364-23 Journal articles about L.P. Ericksen. -- 1975. -- Re his recognition by Olds College.
M-364-24 Olds College Hall of Fame. -- 1976. -- Consists of correspondence re nominating Frank Stevens and P. Duncan Hargrave to the Hall of Fame.

Series 2

Citizens' Mineral Rights and Justice League. -- 1960-1965. -- This organization was formed to address issues of justice for landowners vs petroleum companies, including their right to a share of the oil profits. -- The series relates to Ericksen's fight with large oil companies which were polluting the Westward Ho area where he farmed.

M-364-9 Minute books and correspondence. -- 1961-1963. -- Consists of lists of members, bylaws and minutes of meetings. Includes records re actions of the Harmattan local's actions against pollution of land and water by various oil companies building pipelines in the Westward Ho - Harmattan district.
M-364-10 Canadian Superior Oil of California. -- 1960-1961. -- Consists of complaints and claims by L.P. Ericksen for pipeline right-of-way trespassing; broken fences and bridges; and straw used by the oil company carrying brucellosis.
M-364-11 Air pollution complaint. -- 1963. -- Re sulphate gas smell on L.P. Ericksen's farm at Westward Ho.
M-364-12 Oil pollution complaint. -- 1960-1962. -- Re oil leakage from Shell Oil Company well onto L.P. Ericksen's land; and analysis from University of Alberta.
M-364-18 Correspondence with Robert C. Clark, MLA. -- 1963-1964. -- Re complaints against oil companies.
M-364-19 Correspondence. -- 1961-1965. -- Re Alberta Unity movement and the Citizens' Mineral Rights and Justice League.
M-364-29 Scrapbook. -- 1962 and n.d. -- Re activities of the Citizens' Mineral Rights and Justice League.

Series 3

Scrapbooks and newspaper clippings. -- 1922-1975

M-364-14 Newspaper clippings. -- 1922-1966. -- Consists of articles re Garnet wheat, Olds School of Agriculture, Durham wheat, Danish egg marketing system, and Frank Grisdale's life.
M-364-15 Newspaper clippings. -- 1962. -- Consists of articles about oil and air pollution in Alberta.
M-364-30 Scrapbook. -- 1949-1953. -- Re his trip to Denmark, brucellosis problem, and trouble with oil companies.
M-364-31 Newspaper clippings. -- n.d. -- Re L.P. Ericksen, crops, Olds region and agriculture. Includes articles re J.C. Bowen, the Canadian Women's Press Club, Chautauquas, Reverend F.W. Locke, Mennonites, and Flos Jewel Williams.
M-364-32 Newspaper clippings. -- 1975. -- Re L.P. Ericksen and his agricultural awards.

Series 4

Photographs. -- [ca. 1914-1960s]. -- 352 photographs

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-1489 Farming and homesteading views, Bowell; Olds School of Agriculture; pipeline views in Westward Ho area. -- 1919-1961. -- 36 photographs.
PA-1818 Views of the Ericksen farm, cattle and family at Bowell and Westward Ho. -- [ca. 1914-1960s]. -- 143 photographs.
PD-130 Farm views, Bowell and Westward Ho; relatives in Denmark. -- [ca. 1914-1947]. -- 152 photographs.
NA-2637-(1-21) Bowell homestead; buildings, staff and students at Olds School of Agriculture; French Petroleum pipeline development near Westward Ho. -- 1919-1961. -- 21 photographs.
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