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Herbert Earle, second from right, in drama production, [ca. 1950]
Herbert Earle, second from right, in drama production, [ca. 1950]

Herbert Earle fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Correspondence. -- 1919-1971 and n.d.
Series 2 Personal papers. -- 1915-1963
Series 3 Theatre programs and scripts. -- 1918-1964 and n.d.
Series 4 Scrolls, illuminated addresses and artwork. -- 1921-1968
Series 5 Newspaper clippings. -- 1919-1960
Series 6 Photographs. -- [ca. 1905-1950s]


Series 1 Correspondence. -- 1919-1971 and n.d.
M-6353-1 Correspondence. -- 1919. -- Re theatrical events, potential employment, etc. while in Burma.
M-6353-2 Correspondence. -- 1920-1920. -- Re journey to Canada, refund of ocean fare, Masonic certificate.
M-6353-3 Correspondence. -- 1930-1936. - Re Masons, engraving work, theatrical events.
M-6353-4 Correspondence. -- 1940-1946. -- Re theatrical events, births of children, donation of artwork; includes letter to Mrs. Earle.
M-6353-5 Correpondence. -- 1952-1959. -- Re membership in Alberta Society of Artists, theatrical events, engraving work, work for Banff School of Fine Arts.
M-6353-6 Correspondence. -- 1960-1969. -- Re engraving work, work for Banff School of Fine Arts, theatrical events, military service.
M-6353-7 Correspondence. -- 1970-1971. -- Re scrolls at Glenbow, Calgary Herald article.
M-6353-8 Correspondence. -- n.d. -- Re Calgary Orchestral Society engraving work.
Series 2 Personal papers. -- 1915-1963
M-6353-9 Military papers. -- 1915-1942. -- Includes account of trip from England to Burma, certificate of disembodiment, emigration passes, identification card, certificate of military qualification.
M-6353-10 Minutes. -- 1926-1927. -- Of St. Stephen's Junior Musical Club [Anglican Church].
M-6353-24 Program. -- 1957. -- Dedication week, Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.
M-6353-25 Summer session program. -- 1958-1961. -- Banff School of Fine Arts.
M-6353-26 Opening program. -- [ca. 1959]. -- Calgary Allied Arts Centre.
M-6353-27 Programs. -- 1919-1963. -- Consists of the following:

Summer closing exercises, St. Hilda's College
Iinaugural banquet, Cosmopolitan Club
Rregular meeting, Calgary Lodge no. 23, A.F. and A. M.
Banquet in honour of Marquess of Zetland
Dinner, Alberta Military Institute
Graduation exercises, Viscount Bennet High School
Testimonial dinner, Jimmy Condon
M-6353-28 Application form for civil service position. -- n.d
M-6353-29 Masonic receipt. -- 1930
M-6353-30 Poetry. -- n.d.
M-6353-31 Notes re theatre, make-up, etc. -- n.d.
M-6353-32 Membership cards. -- 1926-1961 and n.d.
M-6353-33 Declaration. -- 1953. -- Re employment of Mrs. A.R. Earle with Calgary School Board.
M-6353-34 Advertisement. -- n.d. -- For play Journey's End by R C. Sherriff.
M-6353-35 Cards, clippings, etc. -- 1950s
Series 3 Theatre programs and scripts. -- 1918-1964 and n.d.
M-6353-11 Theatre programs. -- 1918-1919. -- For theatrical productions in Burma.

Programs. -- 1927-1936. -- Consists of the following:

Dance revue and fairy play by the physical training class of Hazel Byers, Sunalta School, April 8, 1927
The New Stenographer and The Bishop's Candlesticks by the Green Room Club of Calgary, May 15, 1930
Second Annual Dramatic Festival, Alberta Dramatic League, February 20 and 21, 1931
Fourth Annual Dramatic Festival , Alberta Dramatic League, March 10 and 11, 1933
Journey's End, Grand Theatre, November 11, 1933
Three Wise Fools, Grand Theatre, April 16, 1934
The Arcadians, Grand Theatre, November 14-17, 1934
Eliza Comes to Stay, Kay-Gee Players, February 18-20, 1935
The Perfect Alibi, Calgary Theatre Guild, April 23-24, 1935
Dramatic Festival, Calgary District Young People's Council, May 2-3, 1935
Three Live Ghosts by St. Stephen Players, May 8-10, 1935
You're the doctor by St. Stephen's Players, November 25-26, 1935
The Nativity Play by Paget Players, December 26-27, 1935
Bird in Hand, Calgary Theatre Guild, 1935-1936
Third Calgary Dramatic Festival, Calgary Theatre Guild, March 31, April 1-4, 1936
Second Anglican Young People's Dramatic Festival, April 30, May 1, 1936
Opening of civic playhouse, Calgary Theatre Guild, September 3, 1936


Theatre programs. -- 1943-1949. -- Consists of the following:

Hulda of Holland by Tech Choral Society, March 31, 1943
Claudia by Workshop 14, November 29-30, December 1, 1945
Death takes a Holiday by Workshop 14, December 11-13, 1946
Street Scene by Dramatics Classes of Western Canada High School, March 23-26, 1949 Heaven can Wait by Calgary Civic Theatre, October 13-15, 1949

M-6353-14 Theatre programs. -- 1951-1959. -- Consists of the following:

The Golconda Smile by Workshop 14, 1951
Coste House Junior Theatre and Coste House Adult Ballet, by Allied Arts Council, May 14, 1952
Craig's Wife by Workshop 14, March 24-27, 1953
Gigi by Workshop 14, October 13017, 1953
Dominion Drama Festival, Alberta Region, February 15-17, 1954
Dominion Drama Festival, Hamilton, May 10-15, 1954
Dominion Drama Festival, Alberta Region, January 16-19, 1956
Anne of the Thousand Days by Workshop 14, January 29-31, February 1, 1957
Dominion Drama Festival, Alberta Region, February 6-9, 1957
Teahouse of the August Moon by Workshop 14, June 19-22, 1957
Ghosts by Ibsen Players, March 24-25, 1958
Much Ado about Northing Banff School of Fine Arts, August 15-16, 1958
Our Town by Workshop 14, January 21-24, 1959
A Doll's House by Ibsen Players, April 1-4, 1959
The Merchant of Venice by Banff School of Fine Arts, August 13-15, 1959
M-6353-15 Theatre programs. -- 1960-1964. -- Consists of the following:

The Voice of the Turtle by Workshop 14, February 17-20, 1960
Insect Comedy by Ibsen Players, March 2-5, 1960
Dominion Drama Festival, Alberta Region, March 22-26, 1960
Auntie Mame by Workshop 14, June 15-18, 1960
Operatic Excerpts, Banff School of Fine Arts, July 29-30, 1960
Twelfth Night, Banff School of Fine Arts, July 28-39, 1961
Oklahoma; by Calgary Theatre Singers, February 27-March 3, 1962
Roar Like a Dove by Workshop 14, June 13-16, 1962
The Moon is Blue by Arts Centre Theatre Company, May 13-23, 1964
Venus Observed by Workshop 14, June 3-6, 1964
M-6353-16 Theatre programs. -- n.d. -- Consists of the following:

Down the Valley, Calgary Theatre Singers
Stage Door Western Canada High School Drama classes, March 30-31, April
Ring Around the Moon Calgary Players Society
Madam Butterfly by Banff School of Fine Arts
Summer Fury, I Remember Mama and The Madwoman of Chaillot by Banff School of Fine Arts
Don Giovanni by Banff School of Fine Arts
The Pasty by St. Stephen's Young People's Association
Ruth Ripley by Calgary Theatre Guild
Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp by Calgary Theatre Guild
See Naples and Die by Calgary Theatre Guild
Tulip Time by Scarboro United Church Choir
Recipe for Murder by Calgary Theatre Guild
The Sleeping Beauty by pupils of Madame Marie Sambet
The Path across the Hill by Orion Club
The World of Light by Calgary Theater Guild
No-account David by Paget Players
Gentlemen First by St. Stephen's Players
A Mid Summer Night's Dream by Banff School of Fine Arts
Tunnel of Love by Arts Centre Theatre Company
Holiday by Workshop 14
The Heiress by Workshop 14
Maistre Pierre Pathelin and Johnny Dunn by Workshop 14
Die Fledermaus by Banff School of Fine Arts
The Moon in the Yellow River by Calgary Theatre Guild
Dark of the Moon by Bannf School of Fine Arts
The Lady of the Terrace by Tech Choral Society
For Love or Money by Trail Little Theatre; Die Fledermaus by Alberta Opera
The Importance of Being Earnest by Workshop 14
M-6353-17 Theatre scripts. -- n.d. -- Consists of the following:

The Jerrol Curse or the Forged Chequ by A.R. Earle
The Resurrection
The Trial of John A. Baptist
The Coming of Christ in Living Pictures composed by Dorothy Weatherby, Hazel A. Jones and Lura Brosmis
The Hordle Poacher
The Rising of the Moon
The Apple Cart
Dark of the Moon by Howard Richardson and William Berney
The Quest of the Spirit by C.F. Mack
The Bishop's Candlesticks
The Dummy by Arthur L. Kaser
Series 4 Scrolls, illuminated addresses and artwork. -- 1921-1968
M-6353-18 Drafts of scrolls. -- 1927-1963
M-349-oversize Scrolls and illuminated addresses. -- 1921-1968. -- Consists of addresses for George Clift King, Christian Peter Marker, Reverend W.C. Young, Norman K. Luxton, George Howard Smith, Robert Bonar, Richard Bedford Bennett, George Vanier, Henry Wise Wood, Bruce Tribble, Archibald MacRae, Patrick Burns and Lord Tweedsmuir.

[Note: for other Earle scrolls at Glenbow see M-169-oversize, M-3165-oversize, M-1148-oversize, M-1233-oversize, M-2590-oversize, and M-7771-oversize]
M-6353-19 Booklets, photographs, etc. -- n.d. -- Showing art work.
M-6353-20 Cards, etc. -- 1937-1963 and n.d. -- Showing art work.
M-6353-21 Art catalogue. -- 1938. -- Calgary Sketch Club.
M-6353-22 Art catalogue. -- 1951. -- Society of Canadian Painter-Etchers and Engravers.
M-6353-23 Art catalogues. -- 1951-1959. -- Alberta Society of Artists and Calgary Community Centres circuit.
Series 5 Newspaper clippings. -- 1919-1960
M-6353-36 Newspaper clippings. -- 1919. -- Re theatrical productions in Burma.
M-6353-37 Newspaper clippings. -- 1926-1927. -- Re productions of St. Stephen's Junior Musical Club.
M-6353-38 Newspaper clippings. -- 1930-1971. -- Re scroll work, dramatic productions, etc.
M-6353-39 Newspaper clippings. -- [ca. 1930-1960]. -- Re scroll work, dramatic productions, etc.
M-6353-40 Newspaper clippings. -- n.d. -- Re engravings for beer advertisements, scrolls, etc.
Series 6 Photographs. -- [ca. 1905-1950s]

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-2539 Scenic views along Canadian Pacific Railway and in Banff and area; Calgary scenes; dramatic and operatic performances, etc. -- [ca. 1910s-1950s]. -- 51 photographs
PD-201 Workshop production, theatre division, Banff School of Fine Arts. -- n.d. -- 16 photographs
NA-4572 Canadian Pacific Railway trains at Albert Canyon; Connaught tunnel and Glacier Station, British Columbia; pupils of St. Hilda's college; Workshop 14; and 8th Avenue Calgary; portrait of Guy Weadick. -- [ca. 1905-1947]. -- 7 photographs
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