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Safety award winners, 1974

Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Minutes. -- 1957- 1972
Series 2Annual reports. -- 1966-1981
Series 3Submissions. -- 1958-1975
Series 4Speeches. -- 1953- 1974
Series 5Committees. -- 1973-1975
Series 6Conferences. -- 1972-1975
Series 7Photographs. -- 1960-1961
Series 8 Films. -- 1982 and n.d.
Series 9 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1968-2013]



Minutes. -- 1957-1972

M-6441-1Quarterly and annual meetings. -- 1957- 1958
M-6441-2Executive meetings. -- 1956-1958
M-6441-3Executive meetings. -- 1959-1961
M-6441-4Executive meetings. -- 1962-1963
M-6441-5Executive meetings. -- 1964-1965
M-6441-6Executive meetings. -- 1966-1968
M-6441-7Executive meetings. -- 1969-1972
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Series 2

Annual reports. -- 1966-1981

M-6441-8Annual reports. -- 1966-1969
M-6441-9Annual reports. -- 1970-1973
M-6441-10Annual reports. -- 1974-1977
M-6441-11Annual reports. -- 1978-1981
M-6441-12Committee on the Future. -- 1980
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Series 3

Submissions. -- 1958-1975

M-6441-13Submission. -- 1958. -- To Government of Canada concerning the entry of used rotary oil well drilling rigs into Canada from foreign countries.
M-6441-14Submission. -- 1960. -- To the Province of British Columbia re regulations for the sanitary control of camps for rotary drilling rigs.
M-6441-15Submission. -- 1960. -- To the Board of Industrial Relations, British Columbia re hours of work and minimum wage for employees in the oilwell drilling industry.
M-6441-16Submission. -- 1960. -- To the Province of Alberta re waiting period for claims submitted to the Workmen's Compensation Board.
M-6441-17Submission. -- 1961. -- To the Province of British Columbia re assessment of oilwell drilling rigs.
M-6441-18Submission. -- 1961. -- To Tariff Board hearing re oil and gas industry.
M-6441-19Memorandum. -- no date. -- Of sales and use taxes assessed by the States of the United States of America and the Provinces of the Dominion of Canada.
M-6441-20Submission. -- no date. -- To the Province of British Columbia requesting certain exemptions from the social security and municipal aid tax [joint submission with Canadian Petroleum Association].
M-6441-21Submission. -- 1961. -- To the Province of British Columbia re Social Service Tax Act [joint submission with the Canadian Petroleum Association].
M-6441-22Submission. -- 1963. -- To Alberta Department of Labour re Boiler and Pressure Vessel Act.
M-6441-23Letter. -- 1963. -- To Deputy Minister, Customs and Excise re rulings in connection with recent amendments to the excise tax act.
M-6441-24Submission. -- 1963. -- To Department of Public Works, British Columbia re certification of specific drilling personnel to operate steam boilers used in the B. C. drilling industry.
M-6441-25Submission. -- 1963. -- To the committee established to review the Workmen's Compensation Act, Saskatchewan.
M-6441-26Submission. -- 1964. -- To Minister of Finance, Government of Canada re application of Income Tax Act to specific personnel employed in Canadian drilling industry.
M-6441-27Report. -- 1965. -- Re drilling activity in western Canada, 1957-1965.
M-6441-28Submission. -- 1965. -- To Minister of Mineral Resources, Saskatchewan re desirability of increasing the frequency of land sales in the province.
M-6441-29Speech. -- 1965. -- By D. M. Simmons re fluctuations in rig activity presented to the Calgary Section, Petroleum Society of Canadian Institute of Mining.
M-6441-30Submission. -- 1965. -- To the Board of Inquiry into Employment Standards in the Northwest Territories.
M-6441-31Speech. -- 1965. -- By Ken W. Crowshaw re rig planning, challenge to landmen presented to Alberta Association of Petroleum Landmen.
M-6441-32Letter. -- 1965. -- To Minister of Highways, Alberta re vehicles and Highway Traffic Act and Public Service Vehicles Act.
M-6441-33Letter. -- 1965. -- To Oil and Gas Conservation Board re drilling regulations.
M-6441-34Letter. -- 1966. -- To Department of Mines and Petroleum Resources, British Columbia re proposed revision of regulations.
M-6441-35Letter. -- 1966. -- To Department of Education, Alberta re training of workers.
M-6441-36Submission. -- 1966. -- To Department of National Revenue, re excise tax.
M-6441-37Submission. -- 1966. -- To Board of Industrial Relations, British Columbia re male and female minimum wage order no. 28.
M-6441-38Submission. -- 1966. -- To Department of Mineral Resources, Saskatchewan re continuation of the government's policy in respect to land sales.
M-6441-39Submission. -- 1967. -- To Department of Mineral Resources, Saskatchewan re recommendations of Royal Commission on Surface Rights and Pipeline easements.
M-6441-40Submission. -- no date. -- To the Minister of Finance, Canada re report of the Royal Commission on Taxation.
M-6441-41Submission. -- 1967. -- To Provincial Secretary, Alberta re Fuel Tax Act.
M-6441-42Letter. -- 1968. -- To Minister of Trade and Commerce, Government of Canada re U. S. Foreign Direct Investment Program.
M-6441-43Daywork rates schedule revisions. -- 1968.
M-6441-44Submission. -- 1968. -- To Committee to review the Workmen's Compensation Act, Saskatchewan.
M-6441-45Submission. -- 1968. -- To a special committee of Review established by the Legislative Assembly of Alberta to receive representations regarding the Workmen's Compensation Act.
M-6441-46Letters. -- 1968-1969. -- To Department of Finance, Canada re Excise Tax Act.
M-6441-47Submission. -- 1968. -- To Minister of Mineral Resources, Saskatchewan re Oil and Gas Conservation Act and Regulations.
M-6441-48Submission. -- 1969. -- To Board of Industrial Relations, British Columbia re wage order no. 28.
M-6441-49Submission. -- 1968. -- To Department of Mines, British Columbia re drilling and production regulations of Petroleum and Natural Gas Act.
M-6441-50Submission. -- 1969. -- To Minister of Highways and Transportation, Saskatchewan re transportation services.
M-6441-51Submission. -- 1969. -- To Minister of Mineral Resources, Saskatchewan re effects on the activity of the Petroleum Industry with U. S. proposed tax changes./td>
M-6441-52Submission. -- 1970. -- Regarding white paper entitled Proposals for Tax Reform.
M-6441-53Submission. -- 1971. -- To Energy Resources Conservation Board re application J940.
M-6441-54Daywork rates schedule revisions. -- 1971.
M-6441-55Submission. -- 1972. -- To Standing Commitee on Public Affairs, Agriculture and Education, Alberta re tentative 'Natural Resource Revenue Plan'.
M-6441-56Submission. -- 1972-1973. -- To a select committee of review established by the Alberta Legislature relating to the operations of the Workmen's Compensation Act.
M-6441-57Letter. -- 1972. -- To Workmen's Compensation Board of Inquiry, NWT re proposed board.
M-6441-58Presentation. -- 1973. -- To Department of Mines and Petroleum Resources, British Columbia re employment created by oil and gas well drilling in British Columbia.
M-6441-59Report. -- 1973. -- On blowout preventer specifications.
M-6441-60Presentation. -- 1973. -- To British Columbia Energy Commission re public hearing on matters concerning natural gas industry in British Columbia.
M-6441-61Letters. -- 1973. -- Re crude oil price freeze.
M-6441-62Letter. -- 1973. -- To Workmen's Compensation Board, Alberta re proposed first aid regulations.
M-6441-63Letter. -- 1973. -- To Drilling Incentive Committee, Alberta re drilling incentive program.
M-6441-64Submission. -- 1974. -- To Minister of Mineral Resources, Saskatchewan re Oil and Gas Conservation, Stabilization and Development Act, 1973.
M-6441-65Letter. -- 1974. -- To Minister of Labour, Saskatchewan re vacations.
M-6441-66Letter. -- 1974. -- To Department of Mines and Minerals, Alberta re increased demand for rigs.
M-6441-68Letter. -- 1974. -- To Workmen's Compensation Board, British Columbia re First Aid regulations.
M-6441-69Letters. -- 1974. -- Re federal tax proposals.
M-6441-70Presentation. -- 1974. -- To Workmen's Compensation Board, Alberta re safety regulations governing petroleum and natural gas industry.
M-6441-71Letter. -- 1974. -- To Energy Resources Conservation Board re proposed changes to blowout prevention regulations.
M-6441-72Brief. -- 1972. -- To task force enquiring into Workmen's Compensation in Saskatchewan.
M-6441-73Submission. -- 1974. -- Re Alberta Worker's Compensation Board Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulations.
M-6441-74Submission. -- 1974. -- Re employment and economic benefits generated through the exploration and development of hydrocarbon reserves in Canada.
M-6441-75Information sheets. -- 1974-1975. -- For CAODC meetings.
M-6441-76Submission. -- 1975. -- To British Columbia Energy Commission Natural Gas Field Pricing and Incentives Inquiry.
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Series 4

Speeches. -- 1953-1974

M-6441-77Speeches. -- 1953. -- G. M. Davis: "Service Company Problems"; J. R. Fowler: "The Present Day Role of Rehabilitation of Injured Workmen"; Donald Cameron: "The role of Education in Modern Industry", D. P. Goodall: "Safety Regulations Administered by the Petroleum and Natural Gas Conservation Board"; H. N. Harris: "Traffic Safety"; R. P. Laurence: "The Fight for Life"; H. R. Hess: "Liquefied Petroleum Gases", J. Spanki: "Welding Oil Field Equipment"; George Austin: "The Hazards of Hydrogen Sulfide and the Precautions which should be taken to combat these hazards"; W. E. Sulton: "Are rig inspections necessary?"; E. D. Loughrey: "Supervision Leadership and Responsibility in Accident prevention"; and W. G. Charlton: "Public Relations" C. A. Nabors "Safety"
M-6441-78Speech. -- 1955. -- "Safety is no accident" by various authors.
M-6441-79Speech. -- 1957. -- E. C. Babson: "The Alberta Gas Picture".
M-6441-80Speeches. -- 1959. -- F. J. Cameron: "What Constitutes a Company?"; H. H. Ingram: "Fire Extinguisher"; D. P. Smith and J. E. Brag: "Layout of Equipment"; J. U. Messenger: "Chemcial and Mechanical Control of Hydrogen Sulphide During Drill Stem Tests"; Sgt. Jones: "Accident Investigation"; L. H. Stewart: "Address"; E. J. Baltrusaitis: "An Exploration Man Looks at the Arctic"; Carl Nickel: "Western Canada's Oil and Gas, Part of Canada's Progress and North America's Security"; and A. O. Detmar: "Where do Drillers Stand Tomorrow?".
M-6441-81Speeches. -- 1960. -- W. K. Kiernan: "Address"; Charles P. Smith: "Spudding in for the Future"; D. K. Gunderson: "Developing Knowledge of your Men"; Don Binney: "Blowouts use still here"; G. D. Howe: "The Supervisor"; George H. Fyfe: "Crew Training"; Vic Bohme: "Safety in Sour Gas Fields"; Rod Edgecombe: "The Oil and Gas Conservation Board - Rig Inspections"; and J. W. McKay: "Exposure vs Safety-mindedness".
M-6441-82Speeches. -- 1961. -- Eliot Janeway: "Address"; R. C. Henderson: "It could happen to them"; W. R. Donahue: "Safety in Gas Gathering and Gas Injection Operations"; W. M. Allison: "Safety is no puzzle"; Dr. G. Ford: "Brittle Fracture"; Noel Cleland: "Automation can improve operating safety"; A. W. Hesser: "Fire Protection around drilling rigs and production leases"; and Neil Cantwell: "Safety features in valve and wellhead installations".
M-6441-83Speech. -- no date. -- N. E. McLean: "Safety in rig moving".
M-6441-67 Speech. -- 1974. -- J. D. Porter: "What Does Government Want? The current petroleum scene in Saskatchewan".
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Series 5

Committees. -- 1973-1975

M-6441-84Petroleum Industry committee on the Employment of Northern Residents. -- 1973-1975

Series 6

Conferences. -- 1972-1975

M-6441-85Conference. -- 1972
M-6441-86Conference. -- 1975

Series 7

Photographs. -- 1960-1961

PB-859-1 Dome Winter Harbour no. 1 well, Melville Island, NWT. -- 1961
PB-859-2 General Petroleums Drilling Ltd. no. 3 rig. -- [ca. 1960]
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Series 8

Films. - - 1982 and n.d.

F-184-1 "It ain't easy". -- 1982. -- Produced by Creative Associates.
F-184-2 "It ain't easy". -- 1982 - Produced by Creative Associates.
F-184-3 "It ain't easy". -- 1982. -- Produced by Creative Associates.
F-184-4 "It ain't easy". -- 1982. -- Produced by Creative Associates.
F-184-5 "Oil well blowouts: an introduction". -- no date. -- Produced by Pen Communications for Hyrdil Company.
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Series 9 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1968-2013]. -- This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an Archivist before requesting.
M-9672 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1968-2013]. -- 1 m of textual records and other material. -- Consists of annual reports, journals, etc. [accession 2014.054].
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