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Edgar Dewdney, Lt. Governor of the North-West Territories, [ca. 1881-1888]
Edgar Dewdney, Lt.-Governor of the North-West Territories, [ca. 1881-1888]
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Edgar Dewdney fonds

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  General papers. -- 1861-1876
Series 1 Biographical sketches. -- n.d.
Series 2 The Dewdney Trail. -- 1861-1908
Series 3 British Columbia papers. -- 1863-1871
Series 4 British Columbia papers. -- 1872-1876
  Lieutenant-Governor of North-West Territorie and Indian Commissioner papers. -- 1879-1888
Series 5 Scanned Document Appointments and instructions. -- 1879-1881
Series 6 Scanned Document Regina townsite and land papers. -- 1882-1885
Series 7 Scanned Document Speeches and letters. -- 1884-1887
Series 8 Scanned Document Sir John A. Macdonald correspondence. -- 1878-1888
Series 9 Scanned Document Nicholas Flood Davin correspondence. -- 1883-1892
Series 10 Scanned Document Fred White correspondence. -- 1882-1888
Series 11 Geological Survey correspondence. -- 1888-1891
Series 12 Scanned Document Mormon Colonization correspondence. -- 1888
Series 13 Scanned Document Diaries and journals. -- 1879-1888
Series 14 Scanned Document Indian Department - L. Vankoughnet correspondence. -- 1881-1885
Series 15 Scanned Document Indian Department - C.E. Denny correspondence. -- 1882-1886
Series 16 Scanned Document Indian Department - D.L. Macpherson correspondence. -- 1881
Series 17 Scanned Document Indian Department - General correspondence. -- 1878-1889
Series 18 Scanned Document Indian Department - General papers. -- 1877-1888
Series 19 Scanned Document Riel Rebellion - Correspondence. -- 1884-1885
Series 20 Scanned Document Riel Rebellion - Telegrams. -- 1885 Edgar Dewdney
Series 21 Scanned Document Riel Rebellion - Correspondence re Riel's Execution. -- 1885
Series 22 Scanned Document Riel Rebellion - James Anderson's reports. -- 1885
Series 23 Scanned Document Riel Rebellion - Extracts from Evidence, Commission on Rebellion Losses. -- 1886
Series 24 Scanned Document Riel Rebellion - Gabriel Dumont's Amnesty. -- 1887-1888
Series 25 Scanned Document Riel Rebellion - North-West Rebellion booklet. -- [ca. 1886]
Series 26 Scanned Document Riel Rebellion - Newspaper clippings. -- 1885
Series 27 Scanned Document General correspondence. -- 1882-1888
Series 28 Letters and petitions for re-appointment. -- 1887-1888
Series 29 Addresses of welcome and congratulations. -- 1886-1891 and n.d.
Series 30 Petitions and resolutions. -- 1886-1889
Series 31 Miscellaneous papers. -- 1870-1916
Series 32 Scanned Document Newspaper clippings. -- 1884-1888
  Minister of Interior papers. -- 1888-1892
Series 33 Scanned Document Appointment as Minister of Interior. -- 1888
Series 34 Sir John A. Macdonald papers. -- 1888-1891
Series 35 Nicholas Flood Davin correspondence. -- 1889-1892
Series 36 J.W. Powers correspondence. -- 1888
Series 37 North-West Territories dispatches. -- 1889
Series 38 Indian affairs. -- 1889-1892
Series 39 Calgary Public Building papers. -- 1891-1892
Series 40 Immigration papers. -- 1892
Series 41 Geological Survey papers. -- 1891-1892
Series 42 Walrond Ranche correspondence. -- 1891-1892
Series 43 General correspondence. -- 1889-1892
Series 44 Thomas Cunningham correspondence. -- 1891-1892
Series 45 W.I. Compton correspondence. -- 1892
Series 46 Scanned Document Diaries. -- 1891-1901
Series 47 Miscellaneous. -- 1891-1892
  Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, and private papers. -- 1892-1926
Series 48 Scanned Document Congratulations on receiving Lt.-Governorship. -- 1892
Series 49 Correspondence. - 1893-1903
Series 50 Mrs. Dewdney's correspondence. -- 1914-1926
Series 51 Newspaper clippings. -- 1883 and n.d.


Series 1 Biograhical sketches. -- n.d.
M-320-p.1Biographical sketches of Edgar Dewdney. -- nd
M-320-p.15Biographical newspaper clippings. -- nd
Series 2 The Dewdney Trail. -- 1861-1908
M-320-p.41Specifications for a wagon trail road from Fort Hope. -- 1861; and a copy of J. Turnbull's report re wagon road from Hope to Kamloops. -- 1862
M-320-p.51Dewdney and Moberly contract for a wagon road from Lytton over Thompson River. -- 1862
M-320-p.54Memo, re building of trail from Hope to Wild Horse Creek. 1875
M-320-p.61Map of Fraser River between Tete Jaune Cache and Fort George. 1874
M-320-p.62Newspaper article re Dewdney Trail. -- 1908
Series 3 British Columbia papers. -- 1863-1871
M-320-p.69Yale convention pamphlet, re admission of B.C. into Canada. nd
M-320-p.81The British Columbian, newspaper, debates re admission of B.C. into Canada. --April 29, 1863
M-320-p.84Commission as member of B.C. Legislative Council. -- 1871
M-320-p.85Appointment of Justice of Peace, B.C. 1871
M-320-p.86Resolutions respecting admission of B.C. into the Dominion. -- 1871
Series 4 British Columbia papers. -- 1872-1876
M-320-p.92Correspondence re appointment and resignation as Surveyor-General of B.C. -- 1872
M-320-p.107Correspondence re Amor de Cosmos and Texada Island. 1872
M-320-p.117Handbill to public repudiating attack made by de Cosmos on Dewdney. -- nd
M-320-p.118Broadside re address to electors of Yale-Kootenay area. -- 1874
M-320-p.120Speech re CPR by Dewdney to constituents at Cache Creek. -- 1875; and pamphlet re railway in B.C. -- 1876
M-320-p.152Report on feasibility of draining area between Cheam and Sumass Mountains, B.C. -- 1876
M-320-p.172Correspondence. -- 1876. -- J.D. Edgar, Toronto, re political matters; J. Cunningham, New Westminster, enclosing letter from A. MacKenzie; A. MacKenzie, Ottawa to J. Cunningham regarding re-survey of Fraser River.
Series 5

Appointments and instructions. -- 1879-1881. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 180-214

M-320-p.180J.S. Dennis to Dewdney, Ottawa. -- May 31, 1879. -- Dewdney's appointment as Indian Commissioner and instructions to supply food to starving Indians; to establish farming agencies, two of which are to be at Fort Macleod and Fort Calgary; visit and carefully report on Sitting Bull and the Sioux as to their disposition and movement.
M-320-p.190J.S. Dennis to Dewdney, Ottawa. -- May 31, 1879. -- Salary as Indian Commissioner.
M-320-p.191J.S. Dennis to Dewdney, Ottawa. -- June 23, 1879. -- Confirmation of date of appointment.
M-320-p.193L. Vankoughnet to Dewdney, Ottawa. -- January 9, 1880. -- Enclosing a copy of the Orders-in-Council appointing Dewdney as Indian Commissioner.
M-320-p.198L. Vankoughnet to Dewdney, Ottawa. -- February 21, 1880. -- On extension of Commission to include Manitoba and Keewaydin; outline of additional Indian agencies in Manitoba area.
M-320-p.204E.J. Langevin to Dewdney. -- December 16, 1881. -- On Dewdney's appointment as Lieutenant-Governor of the North-west Territories.
M-320-p.205Report, Privy Council, copy. -- October 31, 1881. -- Recommendation by John A. MacDonald that offices of Indian Commissioner and Lieutenant-Governor be united and Edgar Dewdney appointed.
M-320-p.212Report, Privy Council. -- December 3, 1881. -- On confirmation of Dewdney's appointment.
M-320-p.214E.J. Langevin to Dewdney. -- December 20, 1881. -- Receipt of fee on Commission as Lieutenant-Governor of North West Territories.
Series 6

Regina townsite and land papers. -- 1882-1885. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 215-279

M-320-p.215Memorandum. -- September 19, 1882. -- Re selection of Regina townsite; attached article from Winnipeg Times.
M-320-p.217L.A. Hamilton to Dewdney. -- October 11, 1882. --Re selection of CPR land and map.
M-320-p.218Dewdney to _______________. -- October 17, 1882. -- Re township site at Moose Jaw Creek and advantages of Pile of Bones.
M-320-p.220William Scarth to Dewdney. -- October 18, 1882. -- Confirming that Sir John has approved Regina and that plans were ready.
M-320-p.221Map. -- November 17, 1882. -- From Scottish Ontario and Manitoba Land Company - allotments.
M-320-p.222Dewdney to Sir John A. Macdonald. -- 1882. -- Re Pile of Bones site and method of selling lots.
M-320-p.231Dewdney to Sir John A. Macdonald. -- 1882. --Re Scarth and the Regina townsite; purchase of lots; CPR shifting buildings; proposed location of Post Office, Land Office, Legislative Council Chambers, and Lunatic Asylum.
M-320-p.237Dewdney to Sir John A. Macdonald. -- 1882. -- Re location of townsite, comparing Regina to Winnipeg and advantages.
M-320-p.243Plan of township, No. 17, Qu'Appelle. 1882.
M-320-p.244Plan of township, No. 18, Range 22. -- nd.
M-320-p.245Percy Pope to Sir John A. Macdonald, telegram, copy. -- nd. -- Protesting on the terms of payment of Scarth's agreement.
M-320-p.246Dewdney to W.B. Scarth, telegram, copy. -- nd. -- Re selection of site for Government Buildings.
M-320-p.248Receipts, HBC Land Department purchases. -- May-June 1882. -- from Arthur F. Eden, Township 18.
M-320-p.250W.B. Scarth to John A. Macdonald. -- January 2, 1883. -- Re placing of Government buildings at Regina; Scarth's disapproval of Dewdney's plan.
M-320-p.253Fred White to Dewdney. -- March 1883. -- Sending copies of correspondence with Col. I.F. Irvine, relating to the selection of the site for the Mounted Police barracks at Regina.
M-320-p.271G.H. Wainwright to Dewdney. -- July 14, 1883. -- commenting on Scarth and his business connections.
M-320-p.273Fred White to Dewdney. -- September 13, 1883. -- On Scarth and the North West Council business.
M-320-p.275Fred White to Dewdney. -- September 18, 1883. -- Commenting on Scarth and the fact that the bottom has dropped out of Moose Jaw and favouring a Regina area.
M-320-p.276Dr. Augustus Jukes to Dewdney. -- November 21, 1883. -- Requesting site for offices in Regina.
M-320-p.277D.L. MacPherson to Dewdney. -- December 15, 1883. -- Re squatters on the Regina reserves and their claims.
M-320-p.279W.B. Scarth to Dewdney. -- April 20, 1885. -- re the placing of the new Indian Office at Regina.
Series 7

Speeches and letters. -- 1884-1887. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 280-326

M-320-p.280Reply to the North West Council, 7th session. -- 1885. -- Remarks about greater degree of representation in Council; odd numbered sections for railway; unanimous expression of confidence in Indian Department.
M-320-p.284Reply to Battleford Address. -- nd. -- Indian troubles just rumours, as Indians have never been as contented; glad to hear settlers are coming into the area; soon Battleford will be able to send representatives to Council; re-location town will be an added inducement to settlers.
M-320-p.287Letter to Editor. -- nd. -- Re selection and location of terminus of CPR in B.C. and the Fraser River Route.
M-320-p.294Speech at banquet. -- nd. Re telling of opportunities in B.C. and Dewdney's early experiences when he first arrived.
M-320-p.299Speech at the opening of the 6th session of the North West Territories, Regina. -- July 3, 1884. -- Re representation from Calgary district and in the Moose Mountain District; list of new ordinances.
M-320-p.301Speech at the opening of the 9th session of the Council of the North West Territories, Regina. -- October 14, 1887. -- Re congratulations on the increasing prosperity of the Territories; change in government form; excellent work of the North West Mounted Police.
M-320-p.303Reply of the Council of the North West Territories to Governor Dewdney's speech at the 7th session. -- December 7, 1885. -- mentions that greater representation is wanted; local self-government is wanted; and half breed [Metis] claims need more attention.
M-320-p.306Rough notes and fragments of letters to and from various people. -- nd.
Series 8

Sir John A. Macdonald correspondence. -- 1878-1888. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 324-401
Scanned Document View pages 402-519
Scanned Document View pages 520-593
Scanned Document View pages 594-676

M-320-p.324Unfinished letters and rough notes, Dewdney to Sir John. nd.
M-320-p.376J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- June 28, 1878. -- Political situation in the West. Be better if an independent were elected. MacKenzie will be beaten in Ontario. Manitoba is ours.
M-320-p.378J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- July 2, 1880. -- Glad you got through Ryan matter. Choose whatever place you want for winter residence. I am leaving Thursday for England with Tupper and Pope, on Canadian Pacific Railway and land matters.
M-320-p.380J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- July 10, 1880. -- I shall not appoint a successor to Laird when he retires. The work of Lieutenant-Governor can be done without expense in Winnipeg.
M-320-p.382J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- November 1, 1880. -- Major Walsh cannot go Washington or interfere in any way. Enclosed - a copy of a telegram sent to Col. Irvine re Sitting Bull situation.
M-320-p.386J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- April 29, 1881. -- Leaving for England soon. Would you please look after Allen, the agent at Fort Walsh and shift him off the frontier.
M-320-p.388J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- May 10, 1881. -- As Fort Walsh is not important, Allen can remain, but under strict supervision, as I have no confidence in him. No intention of giving up my present Dept. Reference to employing Indians on the Railway construction - good idea.
M-320-p.392J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- August 19, 1881. -- It wouldn't do to throw yourself away on the Senate. I can do much better for you than that. I have full confidence in you.
M-320-p.394E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald, Fort Walsh. -- October 2, 1881. Current Indian situation and the reserve question. I anticipate trouble between the Blackfoot, Stonies vs. Crees if chiefs do not come east, as feelings are very hard.
M-320-p.396J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- October 28, 1881. -- Lt. Governorship situation - when Laird was appointed and the problems which occurred. All he did was draw his salary and issue liquor permits. Offering a temporary commission and an allowance of $2,000 per year. Please come down to Ottawa if you accept to discuss present state of North West and future policy.
M-320-p.400E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald, Winnipeg. -- November 22, 1881. My appointment got into the papers accidentally . Ryan is around Shoal Lake trying to work up something against Herchmer. Norquay is not being very careful about his appointments.
M-320-p.402J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- August 28, 1882. -- Enclosing a note from D. McInnis to read and burn. Note what he says about Beef vs. Bacon.
M-320-p.403J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- September 6, 1882. -- George Stephen thinks that Moose Jaw is still better site than Regina. Suggested he could build a town at Moose Jaw as well. Stephen also said you are putting up the Government buildings in the wrong place because you had an interest in that section of land.
M-320-p.405J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- September 8, 1882. -- Water supply problem at Regina to be studied at once, to prevent any claims for land damage. Precise instructions as to where all Government buildings be located in Regina.
M-320-p.409J.A.Macdonald to Dewdney. -- September 20, 1882. -- Agrees that building costs are too high at present, so erection of houses could wait awhile. In addition to other buildings a lunatic asylum must be erected for the North West.
M-320-p.411J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- October 21, 1882. -- telegram. -- Know of no change in police location since selection by Irvine.
M-320-p.412J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- October 24, 1882. -- Sale of lots at Regina. Scarth is a good fellow but to light a weight for the work he has todo.
M-320-p.414E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- October 31, 1882. -- Should we not have another Stipendiary Magistrate at Head Quarters? I have appointed a Justice of the Peace at Regina. -- unfinished.
M-320-p.416J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- November 1, 1882. -- Won't allow Scarth to interfere as to the location of Government House in Regina.
M-320-p.417E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- November 6, 1882. -- Galt will be leaving us for management of coal company in the West. Hayter Reed will come down after payments are made. -- unfinished.
M-320-p.419J.A. Macdonald to E. Dewdney. -- November 14, 1882. -- Not sorry Galt is leaving because his mind was always on other matters. Not a very high opinion of Wadsworth.
M-320-p.421J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- June 5, 1883. -- Introducing Dawson who is going to make some geological and other scientific investigations.
M-320-p.423J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- June 8, 1883. -- Telling of salary increase from $2,000 to $4,000. Total salary $7,200.
M-320-p.424J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- July 2, 1883. -- General Strange mentions trouble may be brewing from squatters settling on Indian reserves. This had better be stopped in the beginning. New magistrates should be appointed with great care.
M-320-p.426J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- July 11, 1883. -- I am told that Peysley is a good man.
M-320-p.427J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- August 3, 1883. -- Sending enclosed letter written by Pat Kelley, who is very reliable in political matters. Carling says that Lackie is an uncompromising Grit.
M-320-p.428J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- August 3, 1883. -- Father Lacombe's letter was very interesting. As for selecting a site for an Industrial school, please see that a site is acceptable to Bishop Grandin, Lacombe and yourself.
M-320-p.430J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- August 22, 1883. -- Have just received a letter from Davin about his correction for having spirits. Also his attacks on Herchmer will destroy Davin's prestige and that of his paper. Can you get Davin to stop attacking Wright and drop the whole thing.
M-320-p.432E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- August 30, 1883. -- Thank you for your hints in regard to the way to handle my officials, Members of Council. All Members of the Council are working well together, and I shall be careful not to destroy this confidence. You will see what I said about Regina in my speech and the following reaction. -- unfinished.
M-320-p.434J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- September 11, 1883. -- Send in proceeds of Battleford Sales to Receiver-General and send requisition for a piano.
M-320-p.435J. Trutch to Dewdney. -- September 11, 1883. -- Report on the railway belt on the mainland of B.C. and suggested steps as to the solution of the present situation.
M-320-p.443J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- September 17, 1883. -- Parliament will open soon, and I am anxious to have a short session, so please send reports and estimates. Also a full report on the progress of Indians settled on the reserves, and crops raised. Ask Richardson to prepare a concise narration of Legislation of North West Territories up to present session.
M-320-p.445J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- September 17, 1883. -- I want you to keep down expenditures in the NW as much as possible.
M-320-p.447J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- September 26, 1883. -- As you know $20,000 has been voted for a lunatic asylum or hospital, and $10,000 for new jails. Would Regina be the best location? Would brick be best, and what is the price?
M-320-p.449J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. --September 29, 1883. -- Enclosing a memo from McDonell, HBC factor a Fort Qu'Appelle.
M-320-p.450J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- October 4, 1883. -- I don't want Richardson to come down here - no necessity. Just send any suggestions for amendment of NW act. Rouleau is Ryan's successor and will go to Battleford and Edmonton.
M-320-p.452J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- October 10, 1883. -- please send a report explaining the position of the Indians all along the boundary. This will be sent to the British Ambassador at Washington. Remember when you are writing it, that it is for the U.S. Government.
M-320-p.454J. Trutch to J.A. Macdonald. --October 16, 1883. -- The question of extending the railway, hence the railway belt to English Bay. It is understood at the moment the terminus is Port Moody.
M-320-p.460J. Trutch to J.A. Macdonald. -- October 19, 1883. -- Transcript of Telegram. Problem of reserving the railway belt along the route of the railway.
M-320-p.466C. Drinkwater to J.A.Macdonald. -- November 2, 1883. -- The company has definitely abandoned the Yellow Head Pass and has adopted the route over the Rogers Pass. -- Note: this description telegraphed to Trutch, November 3, 1883.
M 320, p.469J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- November 9, 1883. -- D. McPherson is in charge of the Interior now and is attending to the Patents at Prince Albert.
M-320-p.471J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- November 17, 1883. -- Glad to hear you can reduce expenses for Indians. Everything should be sent to me; you are in no way an office of the Interior.
M-320-p.473J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- November 19, 1883. -- Sending you a report that Vankoughnet made as the result of an inquiry in the North West. It is an uncomfortable report.
M-320-p.475J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. --December 8, 1883. -- Had better keep your North West accounts as before, with Department of Interior. McLeod is the most slothful of officers. You are right in asking him to go to Edmonton. Rouleau will hereafter attend to Prince Albert, Battleford and Edmonton.
M-320-p.477E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- December 13, 1883. --Richardson will not leave until the strike is over and everything quiet on the CPR. I am sending his amendments to the NWT Act by mail today. Several applications have been made for representation in the Council. Difficulties will arise with a majority of elected members. I am ready to return to B.C. whenever you think it would be advantageous to yourself or the government.
M-320-p.481J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- December 18, 1883. -- Indian treaties with the Blackfeet.
M-320-p.483J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- January 11, 1884. -- Returning you Clarke's letter. Prince Albert has always been a rowdy place, but the business of the Mounted Police is principally to keep peace between white men and Indians. Prince Albert should have its own police force.
M-320-p.485J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- February 8, 1884. -- Telegram. -- Leave of absence granted until April 1st.
M-320-p.486E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- May 3, 1884. -- I am leaving for Battleford to try to get Indians in that district more contented. The Blackfeet are quite content and I think Treaty 4 is succeeding by changing the feeling of despondency to that of hope. I am holding the Council in July and I will propose two more electorial districts - Calgary and Moose Mountain. unfinished.
M-320-p.489J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- May 14, 1884. --I called MacPherson's attention to the recommendation of Scarth's buildings for Government House. I shall look at the question of your proposal to alter Electorial districts.
M-320-p.491E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- June 12, 1884. -- Indian matters were on the whole satisfactory in the North. Big Bear admitted he wanted a bigger reserve. Crops have been put in. Usual requests for more cattle, clothing and food. Poundmaker complains he is master of nothing on his reserve. The area around Battleford and Pitt seems to be thriving. Recent council meetings. unfinished.
M-320-p.499J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- June 25, 1884. -- Do you want or not to get rid of Forget's services? I will enquire about the new man Driscoll.
M-320-p.501J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- July 3, 1884. -- I should like to see a brewery in the North West, but I'm afraid the temperance wave that is passing over the country would prevent it. I agree Clause 90 of the NWT Act gives sufficient power without further legislation.
M-320-p.503J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- July 8, 1884. -- Indemnity of $400 for elected council members and $200 for nominated members is sufficient. Brelon will continue to receive $800.
M-320-p.505J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- July 10, 1884. -- I have just asked Vankoughnet to send you his report on Piapot's leaving his reserve. What is your opinion of it? We have information from the Manitoba Government of a plot to seize militia arms all over the country. Riel and his half breeds [Metis] will do no harm if left to themselves, but would join a movement elsewhere. This can't be disregarded.
M-320-p.507J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- July 18, 1884. -- Sending Rae's letter and asking for a confidential reply. Every confidence in your judgement and economy.
M-320-p.509J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- August 11, 1884. --I agree with you that everyone connected with Indian Affairs in Manitoba and NWT should receive their orders through you.
M-320-p.511J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- September 2, 1884. -- Obliged for your letters telling of Riel's movements. Sir David MacPherson will try to settle the half breed [Metis] question this winter. I am going to add to the number of Mounted Police. The British Association. has been a great success - full of praises for the country.
M-320-p.513J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- September 15, 1884. -- My present intention is to increase the force by 100 new men. Will also try to raise force to 800.
M-320-p.515E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- October 29, 1884. -- Just returned from Edmonton, where I was present at annuity payments of Indians. I saw or heard no signs of trouble. Everything very satisfactory. Warm welcome by all. No truth in report that there was trouble between the Indians and Police in Calgary.
M-320-p.519J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- Monday 30, 1884?. -- The Governor-General will swear you in tomorrow.
M-320-p.520E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- January 9, 1885. -- Indian matters are everyday becoming more numerous. I would like a second inspector of Farms and Indian Agencies. Mistakes and slow-ups could be avoided.
M-320-p.524J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- January 27, 1885. -- I shall consider the above suggestion. Hereafter Wadsworth shall report through you.
M-320-p.525E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- January 28, 1885. -- Re-affirming the original idea to build the Agency on Poundmaker's reserve, so as to assist the Indians, rather than in the town of Battleford.
M-320-p.529E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- February 2, 1885. -- Enclosing correspondence about Riel. Priests and Bishops of the half breeds [Metis] feel they have lost confidence of the half breeds [Metis] and would like to get rid of Riel. Indian matters have been quiet, although I have heard of contemplated meetings at Duck Lake. I hope steps will be taken to settle claims of the half breeds [Metis]. unfinished.
M-320-p.531E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- February 4, 1885. -- I have received a telegram from Sir David MacPherson stating the government has decided to investigate half breed [Metis] claims. I suggest that an action in regard to half breeds [Metis] be taken in the spring so they won't interfere with Indians. unfinished.
M-320-p.533E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- February 4, 1885. -- Complaining about fact Wadsworth writes about matters directly to the Department, of which I know nothing about. unfinished.
M-320-p.535E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- February 1885. -- Enclosing a report of Forget's; and copy of letter from Magistrate Rouleau. In conversation with Mr. Forget and Bishop Grandin certain points came out: - 1. Riel has no good will towards you and your government. He will make the best of this opportunity to his own personal ends. Maintains that he was shamefully treated and that he had to sell property at a sacrifice; 2. He is anxious for half breeds [Metis] to get patents, after which they should move further west; 3. In any opportunity Forget had to talk with Riel privately, he was much quieter in his manner than when in the presence of the half breeds [Metis]. -- unfinished.
M-320-p.537E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- February 1885. -- Report re Indian affairs policy.
M-320-p.545J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- February 20, 1885. -- We have no money to give Riel. How would it look to have to admit we could not govern the country and had to bribe a man to go away.
M-320-p.546J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- February 23, 1885. -- I agree that arrests should be made with care and promptly of those Indians who incite others to disorder. We must have a sufficient number of police. Would it not be wise for me to write Stipendiary Magistrates as to long terms of punishment at certain seasons.
M-320-p.548E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- February 26, 1885. -- Enclosing papers about Indians in Athabasca district who have not yet taken treaty. They were sent to me by Lawrence Clark of the HBC who is obtaining from his officers in the Peace River district similar information.
M-320-p.549E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- March 12, 1885. -- Defending his position re farm, instructors, especially Mr. McKay, against Vankoughnet's charges. Crozier has good cause for nervousness. A firm stand should be taken immediately against all agitation or no peace this summer. I think the sale of fixed ammunition should be prohibited in the north.
M-320-p.553J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- March 29, 1885. -- The insurrection is bad business but we must face up to it. I telegraphed Father Lascombe and he vouched for the loyalty of the Blackfoot. What do you think of forming a corps of Blackfeet under Crawfort? This might panic the rebels. Do you think time would be saved by sending men to Prince Albert in steamboats and barges: Enclosing a letter from A. Galt re transportation of men.
M-320-p.557E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- April 14, 1885. -- A letter from Mrs. M.B. Thorn to Dewdney warning about Herb Wilson of Edmonton sympathizing with half breeds [Metis]. A note from Sir John suggesting a gentle rebuke and a reply note on back explaining that Wilson was a good chap but drank.
M-320-p.559J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- April 27, 1885. -- Ex-Sheriff Richard is not to be employed as he is a rogue.
M-320-p.560E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- June 2, 1885. -- Enclosing letters from those who were murdered at Fort Pitt. You will see from them that up to that time there was reason to believe that the Indians were even dissatisfied. Piapot is willing to tell all about his talks with Riel at Fort Walsh. Comments about the course of the rebellion and the situation in the North West. There were people who would like to have started a stampede of settlers to the fort at Qu'Appelle. The large numbers of troops that came into the country is the reason the revolt has not spread further.
M-320-p.566E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- June 16, 1885. -- Enclosing an official letter which fell into agent Macdonald's hands at Touchwood, said to have been written by Riel. One of the clerks at Battleford has a letter sent by Riel to that district.
M-320-p.568J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- July 10, 1885. -- Recommending John Secord to be appointed returning officer during the coming North West Council election.
M-320-p.570J. A. Macdonald to E. Dewdney. -- August 17, 1885, -- The conviction of Riel is satisfactory. There is an attempt in Quebec to pump up patriotic feeling, but I don't think it will amount to anything. An attempt is being made to put up opposition to you personally. I agree with you that some recognition be made of loyalty of Crowfoot and the Blackfoot.
M-320-p.572H.R. Halpin to Dewdney. -- September 16, 1885. -- Asking to use influence to obtain a position in the Indian Department. Note from Sir John to Dewdney: - if this man is good he would be very useful.
M-320-p.574J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- September 29, 1885. -- Letter sent written by T.B. Strange, re cattle killings by Blackfoot.
M-320-p.575J. Maylan to J.A. Macdonald. -- October 26, 1885. -- Suggesting Crowfoot and other chiefs to be sent to London in charge of Father Lacombe to impress Blackfeet and gain their loyalty. Note from Sir John:- what do you think of this idea?
M-320-p.577E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- Monday, October 1885. -- George H. Ham, correspondent for the Mail, is writing about the "affair". There are many documents such as the reports of Dumont and Lepine at Fish Creek fight. I could give him these. Note from Sir John on back:- after the hangings.
M-320-p.579E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- November 11, 1885. -- I have been receiving reports from Cotton about the Blood Indians. It is evident from what I heard from Denny, had been confirmed by Colonel Macleod, that Cotton has lost his "sand". Whiskey is plentiful at Fort Macleod and getting among the Blood Indians.
M-320-p.583J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- November 15, 1885. -- We must alter our cypher. I am anxious for tomorrow passing over.
M-320-p.584J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- November 16, 1885. -- It might be well to remove Cotton to another post. What do you think of Denny on your staff as Indian Commissioner? Just received news of Riel's execution, and French Canadians are greatly excited, but this will pass.
M-320-p.586E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- November 18, 1885. -- Telegram. recommend police guard.
M-320-p.587J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- November 20, 1885. -- The execution of Riel and of the Indians will, I hope, have a good effect on the Metis and convince the Indians that the white man governs. We must get rid of Irvine as soon as possible. Denny should be permanently engaged as Agent to deal with the Blackfoot and Blood tribes.
M-320-p.589E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- December 20, 1885. -- Believes one officer in the Prince Albert area has been the means of circulating rumours. I have instructed Herchmer to look into it. Rae will have to go. Battleford hangings went off without a hitch.
M-320-p.591E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- December 29, 1885. -- As for reports of further trouble in the spring, let it be known that the government will not stand for any nonsense. The half breeds [Metis] should be made to understand the position.
M-320-p.593E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- 1885. -- Mailing letter from Father Andre. Report of delegate to Riel.
M-320-p.594J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- February 4, 1886. -- I telegraphed you to suspend the order disarming the Sioux as I felt rumours would fly among the Indians that disarmament was to be general. Until general unrest among Indians is cured by a lapse of time, it would be imprudent to enforce the order against the Sioux.
M-320-p.596J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- February 9, 1886. -- It has been suggested and if Father Lascombe approves, that Crowfoot should ask for Poundmaker's release and he should be freed as a favour to him and as a reward for his loyalty. I have also received your recommendation of Archdeacon McKay for the Battleford Agency.
M-320-p.598J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- February 15, 1886. -- Enclosing a private letter to Mr. Berwell.
M-320-p.599E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. --February 15, 1886. -- My views as to the Flying Column are that fewer than 700 men would be less expensive and do the job better. It will do no good to visit the Blackfoot Reserve no matter how much notice they get.
M-320-p.601J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- February 19, 1886. -- In my opinion we cannot think of a general amnesty while Dumont and others are moving about the frontier in such a suspicious manner. But a man could be sent south of the border to assure the half breeds [Metis] that they could return.
M-320-p.603J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- February 25, 1886. -- Archdeacon McKay cannot be appointed to Poundmaker's band as they are Catholics, perhaps to another. Could not Crowfoot's visit to the east be deferred until all danger of a spring uprising passes.
M-320-p.606E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- March 2, 1886. -- Could send reliable man to Turtle Mountain to assure the half breeds [Metis] they could return. There is an improving feeling towards the Government among the half breeds [Metis] and Indians, and I think this would increase it.
M-320-p.608E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- March 3, 1886. -- I send you a copy of the letter Poundmaker sent to Crowfoot. There could not be found a better man than McKay, sure he willbe a fair man.
M-320-p.610J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- March 13, 1886. -- Bishop Tache recommends Baptiste Boucher should be allowed to return. Also said Dumas was once a criminal and should not be allowed to return.
M-320-p.611E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- March 30, 1886. -- The messenger returned from Turtle Mountain and reports that some half breeds [Metis] are anxious to return. They can all get back if they want. -- unfinished.
M-320-p.613E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- April 12, 1886. -- I think General Middleton's force should remain until summer and until Herchmer has the police in better shape. Since Riel's execution, I have not been able to trust Forget - he is very bitter. -- unfinished.
M-320-p.615J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- June 5, 1886. -- It is very uncertain when I can go westward because of the fishery dispute with the United States.
M-320-p.617E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- July 16, 1886. -- Question of the half breeds [Metis] coming back to settle from Turtle Mountain. unfinished.
M-320-p.619E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- July 22, 1886. -- Nothing exciting here, but lots of rumours in the papers as regards the Indians. The half breeds [Metis] have had enough of trouble.
M-320-p.621J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- July 26, 1886. -- Who do you think should be jailor at Regina? Does Mr. Gibson desire the office?
M-320-p.623H.A. Fisher to J.A. Macdonald. -- August 11, 1886. -- Asking for a job.
M-320-p.625J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- September 1, 1886. -- You will remain as Lt. Governor until at least next spring. We have always refused a second term of office. I see no reason why you should not become a senator. Would you like to keep Indian Commissioner office severed from Lt. Governorship?
M-320-p.627J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- October 19, 1886. -- It is important that the candidates for the Dominion Parliament be nominated at once. Davin, I suppose will run for Western Assiniboia; McDowall for Saskatchewan; Hardisty will be best for Alberta; Perley, I suppose will run for Eastern Assiniboia. We must carry the North West Territories.
M-320-p.629J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- October 28, 1886. -- I suppose Hughes will do as well for Saskatchewan rather than McDowall. All I want is a supporter of the government. There is nothing to prevent members of the North West Council from becoming MP's.
M-320-p.631J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- November 2, 1886. -- Telegram in code.
M-320-p.632J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- November 3, 1886. -- Telegram. Thomas McKay leaves for Regina.
M-320-p.633J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- November 3, 1886. -- I wired you yesterday about Hughes' candidacy. Hughes cannot possibly be elected. Said White and McDowall were the men.
M-320-p.635J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- November 8, 1886. -- November 9, 1886. -- Sending letters from members of the North West Council asking for Dewdney's re-appointment as Lt. Governor.
M-320-p.639J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- November 16, 1886. -- A letter sent from S.G. Turriff to Sir John asking for Dewdney's re-appointment. Sent on to Dewdney.
M-320-p.640J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- December 2, 1886. -- Perley is the nominee of the party and will receive support of the government and Department of Interior. There is no intention at the moment of appointing Senators for the North West. Between ourselves, Perley has become a nuisance, as he writes the most absurd and unimportant letters.
M-320-p.642J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- December 7, 1886. -- Telegram in code.
M-320-p.643J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- January 4, 1887. -- You had better come down before the next meeting of parliament on February 23. I shall propose two senators for NWT - Hardisty and yourself.
M-320-p.645E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- February 8, 1887. -- I returned from Calgary and the convention where Davis was nominated. Until Hardisty comes down to Calgary nothing further can be done. Davis is an old timer and knows the half breeds [Metis]; will certainly split the Edmonton vote. The Alberta man will either be Davis or Hardisty, and either will be acceptable. unfinished.
M-320-p.649J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- April 5, 1887. -- I would like you to get witnesses of Forget's active interference in the last elections. Great pressure here for a French successor to yourself.
M-320-p.651J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- June 28, 1887. -- We passed an Act here continuing your present council until the end of the next session of Dominion Parliament. This will give us time to consider amendments to the North West Council Act.
M-320-p.653E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- August 15, 1887. -- Information as to Mr. Smyth's claim for damages and the action that was taken.
M-320-p.656J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- September 14, 1887. -- When Council re-assembles I shall bring up the question of your future.
M-320-p.657J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- October 15, 1887. -- Davin's activities when in Ottawa.
M-320-p.658J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- October 22, 1887. -- I take the blame for not writing you at once about Thomas White's speech. I thought it well to transfer the Indians to White, as duties of Premier are increasing rapidly.
M-320-p.660J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- December 20, 1887. -- Can you come down before the Session so we can talk over the Senatorship.
M-320-p.661J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- May 2, 1888. -- Offering portfolio of Minister of the Interior and Supt. General. As you would have to be in the Commons, the plan would be to make Perley a senator and leave Eastern Assiniboia open to you.
M-320-p.663E. Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- May 14, 1888. -- I will serve to the best of my ability if I am appointed Minister of the Interior and Supt. General of Indian Affairs. Eastern Assiniboia would, I think be unanimous in offering me the seat.
M-320-p.665J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- May 28, 1888. -- It is nearly settled that you will come here. I have arranged with Perley, so you must get on with the local elections. You had better tell Forget his office is abolished and it is proposed to appoint him Assistant Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
M-320-p.667J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- May 29, 1888. -- Bidson is a good witness and if the Bishop will corroborate the story then I think Wadsworth should be suspended.
M-320-p.668J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- June 12, 1888. -- Please make a collection of all newspaper paragraphs favourable to your appointment. I want this, as the Grits in Council are dead set against your appointment. I shall not issue Royal's commission as Lt. Governor until after the Provincial elections in Manitoba, as it would effect the elections.
M-320-p.670J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- June 25, 1888. -- Pereira was brought from Montreal by Sir David MacPherson. He is steady, industrious and a clever man. Almost indispensable as he knows all about the Department.
M-320-p.672J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- July 7,1888. -- Considerable opposition raised in Quebec and Ontario to your becoming a minister. In Ontario I attribute it to selfish ambitions of some of the MP's. In Quebec, the rouge orators are denouncing you as the man who hanged Riel.
M-320-p.674J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- July 17, 1888. -- Today I sent the Governor-General my nomination of yourself as Minister of the Interior. On its return I shall have an Orders- in-Council passed appointing Perley Senator, and you can get on with the elections.
M-320-p.675J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- July 19, 1888. -- It would not do for you to represent a B.C. constituency. Our relations with the Provincial Government are very uncertain.
M-320-p.676J.F. Forbes. -- August 6, 1888. -- Forwarding the resolutions passed at Fort Saskatchewan.
Series 9

Nicholas Flood Davin correspondence. -- 1883-1892. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 677-729

M-320-p.677N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- April 5, 1883. -- Circulation figures of the paper, "The Regina Leader", and its current success; ready to stand by Sir John.
M-320-p.681N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- September 11, 1883. -- Rumour of breaking legal district into four parts - Regina; Moosomin; Qu'Appelle and Moose Jaw.
M-320-p.682N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- September 11, 1883. -- Ready to support the government; wants advertising.
M-320-p.683N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- September 15, 1883. -- Re brick chimneys in Regina; removal of police barracks; codifying the Ordinances (Suggests W.E. Saunders).
M-320-p.689N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- Monday, 22nd, 1883. -- Regina position.
M-320-p.691N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- November 14, 1883. -- W. Riedle cement scheme for Rocky Mountains.
M-320-p.693N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- November 26, 1883. -- Asking Dewdney to let loan rest on work to be done.
M-320-p.694N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- June 14, 1887. -- Estimates for printing Ordinances and petitions for re-appointment.
M-320-p.696N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- June 29, 1887. -- Dewdney is to remain Governor until after the next territorial election.
M-320-p.698N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- February 24, 1887. -- Election in the Territories and the funds needed.
M-320-p.700N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- May 9, 1887. -- Gossip about Dewdney as Governor and the North West question.
M-320-p.703N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- part of letter. -- June, 1887. -- Good bill on Lands Act. No more building this year at Regina.
M-320-p.705N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- part of a letter. -- June 29, 1887. -- Cabinet changes.
M-320-p.706W.B. Scarth to Minister of the Interior. -- April 6, 1888. -- Re Davin's debt and proposed settlement.
M-320-p.707N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- September 22, 1888. -- Recommendation for constituency.
M-320-p.709N.F. Davin to J.A. Macdonald. -- January 8, 1890. -- Re patronage of lands at Regina.
M-320-p.711Donald Macdonald to N.F. Davin. -- August 16, 1888. -- Recommending son for meteorological office.
M-320-p.713N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- January 16, 1890. -- Enclosing above letter with further recommendation.
M-320-p.714N.F. Davin to W.M. Girr. -- February 10, 1890. -- Complaining of Girr wanting lists of farmers and leading men in the district. Notes by J.A. Macdonald to Dewdney - smooth things over.
M-320-p.715N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- April 2, 1890. -- Refutes press statements that Davin was causing trouble for Dewdney and William Daley.
M-320-p.720N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- December 4, 1890. -- Elections should not take place until Spring of 1892.
M-320-p.722N.F.Davin to Dewdney. -- December 19, 1890. -- Use of old land office at Regina.
M-320-p.724W. Girr to Dewdney. -- July 7, 1891. -- Refuting Davin's charges.
M-320-p.725D. Campbell to Dewdney. -- August 8, 1892. -- Re establishment of post office and Assembly news.
M-320-p.727Clipping - sham congratulations by Davin. -- nd. -- and A. Caron letter re: Home Guard Script. -- nd.
M-320-p.728Memo - taken from "Regina Standard" on paper's position regarding Dewdney. -- nd.
Series 10

Fred White correspondence. -- 1882-1888. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 730-835

M-320-p.730F. White to Dewdney. -- May 5, 1882. -- Police recruits moving up to Fort Walsh and Fort Macleod: also estimates for police barracks and proposed types of buildings.
M-320-p.734F. White to Supt. J.M. Walsh. -- July 22, 1882. -- Re accommodation and headquarters for NWMP at Qu'Appelle.
M-320-p.737F. White to Dewdney. -- August 29, 1882. -- Closing down of Fort Walsh and the reasons for it.
M-320-p.741F. White to Dewdney. -- October 17, 1882. -- Fort Walsh. -- Northern reserve question.
M-320-p.743F. White to Dewdney. -- October 19, 1882. -- Fort Walsh. -- Condition of the Indian Farm at Maple Creek.
M-320-p.744F. White to Dewdney. -- October 19, 1882. -- Fort Walsh. Provisions from I.G. Baker and Co.
M-320-p.746F. White to J. Gillespie. -- April 28, 1883. -- Transfer of NWMP buildings to Dominion Lands Colonization Company.
M-320-p.748F. White to J. Gillespie. -- April 28, 1883. -- Terms of rent of NWMP buildings at Qu'Appelle.
M-320-p.752F. White to Dewdney. -- May 21, 1883. -- Ottawa. -- Glad to hear good account of Regina. I long to be West again. If Gillespie talks too much he will defeat his own object.
M-320-p.756F. White to Dewdney. -- September 5, 1883. -- Ottawa. -- Refers to Davin. Liquor traffic in the North West.
M-320-p.758F. White to Dewdney. -- September 13, 1883. -- Discontinuance of mail service between Fort Macleod and Fort Benton.
M-320-p.761F. White to Dewdney. -- September 19, 1883. -- Winnipeg. -- Re Irvine - Herchmer papers.
M-320-p.762F. White to Dewdney. -- October 8, 1883. -- Stationing of various NWMP officers; CPR plans of building line up to Regina.
M-320-p.766F. White to Colonel Irvine. -- October 13, 1883. -- Telegram. -- Police mail to be discontinued between Medicine Hat and Calgary.
M-320-p.767L. Fortesque for White to Colonel Irvine. -- October 15, 1883. Informing of mail change between Calgary and Fort Macleod.
M-320-p.768F. White to Dewdney. -- November 25, 1883. -- Ottawa. -- Sending enclosures.
M-320-p.769F. White to Dewdney. -- December 9, 1883. -- Ottawa. -- Liquor at St. Albert; Davin's financial problems; general news.
M-320-p.773Colonel Irvine to F. White. -- December 4, 1883. -- Telegram. -- List of men at Maple Creek and Medicine Hat.
M-320-p.775F. White to Dewdney. -- December 19, 1883. -- need for a strong attachment of men north of Cypress Hills.
M-320-p.779F. White to Dewdney. -- December 20, 1883. --Ottawa. -- Detachment to Medicine Hat or Maple Creek.
M-320-p.781F. White to Dewdney. -- January 9, 1884. -- Ottawa. -- Confirming telegraph sent.
M-320-p.783F. White to Dewdney. -- January 9, 1884. -- General news. What an absurd idea of abolishing agency clerks, please send a memo of estimate etc. to Sir John and a copy to me.
M-320-p.787F. White to Dewdney. -- January 31, 1884. -- Ottawa. -- Annuity money, reports on Gordon, Herchmer, and Richardson's work.
M-320-p.789F. White to Dewdney. -- April 23, 1884. -- Ottawa. -- Sessions of Parliament were very uncertain. If Sir John had been ill, this party, I believe, would have collapsed. I expect we will have our hands full keeping Indians quiet during the next twelve months.
M-320-p.793F. White to Dewdney. -- May 30, 1884. -- Ottawa. -- Mail service in the North West.
M-320-p.797J.A. Macdonald to White. -- September 15, 1884. -- Situation is getting serious. Both you and Irvine must take instructions from Dewdney More recruits must be obtained who know how to ride. In view of the warnings, precautions must be taken.
M-320-p.799F. White to Dewdney. -- November 22, 1884. -- Ottawa. -- Warning Dewdney of attack on him during next session, because of cancelling HBC contracts and dealing with I.G. Baker and Co., etc.
M-320-p.801F. White to Dewdney. -- November 29, 1884. -- Ottawa. -- Enclosing a confidential document from Crozier re dissatisfaction of two chiefs at Battleford over Indian Agent, McRae, who has not been fair. Indians are destitute.
M-320-p.804F. White to Dewdney. -- November 29, 1884. -- Ottawa. -- Whiskey trade at Fort Macleod.
M-320-p.806F. White to Dewdney. -- December 4, 1884. -- Ottawa. -- Copies of letters about suspicious gun order from Prince Albert.
M-320-p.813F. White to Dewdney. -- December 9, 1884. -- Enclosing correspondence re "Jones" who died at NWMP hospital at Fort Macleod.
M-320-p.818F. White to Dewdney. -- March 8, 1885. -- Ottawa. -- Sorry to hear last two appointments to the police have not turned out well. We must be prepared to put down any nonsense, although I don't anticipate trouble.
M-320-p.822F. White to Dewdney. -- June 27, 1885. -- Ottawa. -- Comments on the new North West Council members.
M-320-p.824F. White to Dewdney. -- October 28, 1885. -- Ottawa. -- Letter of introduction for Father McWilliams who wanted to visit the Batoche country.
M-320-p.826F. White to Dewdney. -- November 7, 1885. -- Ottawa. -- Enclosing copy of Crozier's telegram re removal of Reynolds as agent at Battleford.
M-320-p.828F. White to Dewdney. -- June 15, 1885. -- Ottawa. -- Reference for an office worker, Pereira.
M-320-p.830F. White to Dewdney. -- June 27, 1885. -- Ottawa. -- Deane as an NWMP officer.
M-320-p.832F. White to Dewdney. -- July 15, 1888. -- Ottawa. -- Don't tell anyone what constituency you will run in.
Series 11

Geological Survey correspondence. -- 1888-1891. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 836-861

M-320-p.836A.R.C. Selwyn to Dewdney. -- November 5, 1888. -- Protesting Mr. Burgess' recent actions as Deputy Minister of the Interior as being detrimental to the Geological Survey office.
M-320-p.838John Stewart to A.R.C. Selwyn. -- March 4, 1889. -- Refusing offer of $600 for part of his rock collection.
M-320-p.839John Stewart to Bowell. -- July 22, 1889. -- Dr. Selwyn told me he had sent the file to Mr. Dewdney. Note from Bowell to Dewdney: to buy the collection if you want it.
M-320-p.843A.R. Selwyn to Dewdney. -- January 1890. --Memo re who Stewart is and what the collection is composed of; the fact that Stewart wants to sell the whole collection for $1000; refuting charges against the Geological Survey office by John Stewart in a letter to the Editor.
M-320-p.855G.M. Dawson to Dewdney. -- March 24, 1890. -- Defending the work of the Geological Survey and the people who are hired.
M-320-p.858A.R.C. Selwyn to Dewdney. -- February 2, 1891. -- Applying for a salary increase.
M-320-p.861A. Chisholm to Dewdney. -- June 5, 1891. -- The correspondence in reference to the John Stewart collection should be in Selwyn's department.
Series 12

Mormon colonization correspondence. -- 1888. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 862-865

M-320-p.862C.O. Card to Wm. Scarth. -- October 24, 1888. -- Lethbridge. Would you write me a letter of introduction to government officials I would probably meet, and likely to interest themselves in colonization.
M-320-p.863Wm. Scarth to Dewdney. -- November 3, 1888. -- Winnipeg. Enclosing above and copy of letter of introduction. They are thrifty, law abiding people.
M-320-p.864Wm. Scarth to Dewdney. -- November 5, 1888. -- Winnipeg. Introduction to Mr. C.O. Card, Mr. Lynn, Mr. J.W. Taylor.
Series 13 Diaries and journals
M-320-p.866Diaries. -- 1882, 1884 (written in an 1883 diary), 1885. -- General activities of the day, weather, very brief.
M-320-p.944Diaries. -- 1886, 1888.
M-320-p.985 Reminder book. -- Memos; general business; needs of Indian reserves; includes notes and interviews with Sitting Bull. Scanned Document View now

Journal. -- 1879. -- Trip through North West. -- Description of the journey from Toronto to the North West via Collingwood, Duluth, Bismarck and Fort Benton. The NWMP including Colonel Macleod, were also on this trip with Dewdney. Tells of Journey up to Fort Walsh and descriptions of meetings with Assiniboines, Crees, Bloods, and Blackfeet. Mentions interviews with Big Bear, Little Pine and Lucky Man. Left from Fort Walsh for Fort Macleod, July 6, 1879 and arrived July 10. Interviews with Peigans and Bloods about reserves. Interviews with Crowfoot and Eagle Tail to persuade them to try farming, July 18. Arrived at Fort Calgary on 25th. Had interviews with Stonies, Blackfeet, and Sarcees. Arrived Fort Edmonton, August 6th. Visited Fort Saskatchewan, August 11. Fort Pitt, Battleford, Fort Carlton and Prince Albert. Notes description of the land in South Saskatchewan, also the conditions of land around Fort Walsh and the Indian reserves. Notes sighting of buffalo. Arrived back at Fort Macleod September 30th (Made complete circle of the North West). Back to Benton in November. Mentions Riel's presence in Montana. November 10, 1879. November 24th arrived in Toronto. November 25th arrived in Ottawa.

Scanned Document View original journal
Scanned Document View transcript of journal

Series 14

Indian Department - L. Vankoughnet correspondence. -- 1881-1885. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 1092-1126

M-320-p.1092L. Vankoughnet to Dewdney. -- December 14, 1881. -- Re contracts for logs to Mr. Peter MacLaren of Fort Macleod; better employees should be hired; check on Indians whom Inspector Dowling made overpayments; Department is well rid of Mr. Allen at Fort Macleod.
M-320-p.1098L. Vankoughnet to Dewdney. -- October 28, 1884. -- Re complaints about immorality of certain employees of the Indian Department on the reserves. Desirability of all Agents and Instructors to be married men and of good character.
M-320-p.1104L. Vankoughnet to Dewdney. -- December 15, 1884. -- Re practice of spring gifts of food and clothing to Indians other than at treaty time; is deplorable for several reasons stated; warning that Big Bear will become difficult if he receives food without having to work.
M-320-p.1111E. Dewdney to L. Vankoughnet. -- December 12, 1884. -- Answering the above letter. Defends giving gifts as indispensable part of the mission. Big Bear troubles are from one agent discontinuing rationing of this band.
M-320-p.1117L. Vankoughnet to J.A. Macdonald. -- January 28, 1885. -- Re opinion that two inspectors of Indian agencies and reserves be appointed; recommending Wadsworth and refuting Dewdney's charges against the man.
M-320-p.1119L. Vankoughnet to Dewdney. -- March 5, 1885. -- Asking Dewdney to write Lucas about Father Scollen interfering with Reverend John McDougall's Methodist mission.
M-320-p.1121E. Dewdney to L. Vankoughnet. -- March 12, 1885. -- Answering letter of March 5th.
M-320-p.1123L. Vankoughnet to Dewdney. -- July 6, 1885. -- Hiring of John Carney for Battleford Indian District; surrender of Big Bear.
M-320-p.1126L. Vankoughnet to Dewdney. -- September 22, 1885. -- Enclosing letter from a Mr. H.R. Halpin and suggesting he be hired.
Series 15

Indian Department - C.E. Denny correspondence. -- 1992-1886. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 1127-1171

M-320-p.1127C.E. Denny to Dewdney. -- November 15, 1885(?). -- Report to Dewdney: whiskey is still obtained by Bloods from across the border, also ammunition. Both need to be stopped. Suggest a police station and patrol on St. Mary's River. Indians are uneasy and horse stealing common.
M-320-p.1132C.E. Denny to Dewdney. -- June 15, 1882. -- Excitement over Crees stealing Blood horses; complaints about Mr. Wadsworth's activities and problems with staff.
M-320-p.1142C.E. Denny to Dewdney. -- July 10, 1883. -- Annual report from Fort Macleod. Farm activity on each reserve; seed planted; crops harvested; horse stealing; recommending Mr. McCord, and general conditions on every reserve.
M-320-p.1164W. Cotton to Denny. -- April 8, 1885. -- Re employment of McKay and hiring of Indians.
M-320-p.1165E. Dewdney to Denny. -- November 24, 1885. -- Asking Denny to accept a position in Treaty 7 to get information about Indian movements.
M-320-p.1167C.E. Denny to Dewdney. -- February 9, 1886. -- Reports no change among Blood Indians around St. Mary's River. Reports on half breeds [Metis] across border.
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Series 16

Indian Department - D.L. Macpherson correspondence. -- 1881. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 1172-1183

M-320-p.1172D.L. Macpherson to Dewdney. -- July 15, 1881. -- Telling of Council authorizing 2,000 suits of clothing for Indians; noting Government does not object to Indians following buffalo provided no depredations are committed in the U.S. Big Bear should be brought under treaty as soon as possible.
M-320-p.1176D.L. Macpherson to Dewdney. -- August 22, 1881. -- Noting that the Indians near Fort Walsh are pursuing buffalo hence rations could be cut.
M-320-p.1178D.L. Macpherson to Dewdney. -- August 30, 1881. -- Discussion of the problem at the Agency at Fort Walsh and the poor management under Mr. Allen.
M-320-p.1180D.L. Macpherson to Dewdney. -- August 30, 1881. -- Alleged depredations of Canadian Indians in U.S. and that the government be furnished with information of depredations into Canada by U.S. Indians.
M-320-p.1182D.L. Macpherson to Dewdney. -- September 3, 1881. -- Governor-General's trip; return of buffalo to Canada; Council has dismissed Allen but fear he has done enormous mischief; asks for investigation of Allen's connections for supplies with I.G. Baker and Co.
Series 17

Indian Department - General correspondence. -- 1878-1889. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 1184-1252
Scanned Document View pages 1253-1328

M-320-p.1184Col. Dennis to Dewdney, Ottawa. -- June 23, 1879. -- Mayor Irwin writes from Fort Macleod that some refugee American Indians have gone back and hopes that Sitting Bull will follow.
M-320-p.1187Red Pheasant to Dewdney, Eagle Hills. -- August 31, 1881. -- Asking for farm implements and a blacksmith for his reserve.
M-320-p.1189L. Vankoughnet to Dewdney. -- October 11, 1881. -- Cheque for E. Dewdney, Indian Commissioner, for expenses $500.
M-320-p.1190Finance Department to Dewdney. -- February 4, 1882. -- Informing Dewdney of his salary as Lt. Governor of Territories.
M-320-p.1191N. Macleod to Dewdney. -- February 15, 1882. -- Mr. Denny's appointment will relieve me of much work. Books ordered from Fort Benton arrived and then distributed to reserves. The instructors are collecting the census on the reserves.
M-320-p.1193Col. A.J. Irvine to Dewdney. -- June 24, 1882. -- Pie-a-Pot [Piapot] left for Qu'Appelle with 480 followers. Lucky Man, Big Bear and Little Pine are on the plains and I fear they will cross the border. Police are escorting Pie-a- Pot's group. Horse stealing at Fort Macleod and general Indian news. 187 new recruits arrived at Fort Walsh and transfer of B troops to Qu'Appelle. Fort Walsh is an unhealthy place and should soon be abandoned.
M-320-p.1201A.G. Irvine to White. -- August 29, 1882. -- Telegram and Reply. -- Abandonment of Fort Walsh.
M-320-p.1203A.G. Irvine to Dewdney. -- September 25, 1882. -- Indians anxious to know what is going to be done about them. Great pity if we have trouble with them as the country is only years from being settled.
M-320-p.1207E. Galt to Dewdney, Winnipeg. -- February 21, 1883. -- Reed is making out very well. Leaving Winnipeg as Coal Co. operation needs personal attention. Note from Sir John on back re appointment of Hayter Reed.
M-320-p.1211Lord Lorne to Dewdney, Ottawa. -- February 28, 1883. -- Need of assurance that any Indians committing depredations south of the line will be punished.
M-320-p.1213Department of Finance to Dewdney. -- September 6, 1883. -- Confirming salary placed with the Bank of Montreal, Regina.
M-320-p.1214North West Territories. -- August 1883. -- Statements of receipts and expenditure by Lt. Governor Dewdney.
M-320-p.1218I.A. McRae to Dewdney, Carleton. -- January 13, 1885. -- Defending his actions and work as Indian Agent. Believes a crucial period is at hand.
M-320-p.1222W. Crozier to Dewdney. -- January 15, 1885. -- Suggests taking Chiefs to Winnipeg in early spring. Big Bear's Indians working at last. Poundmaker is an exemplary individual.
M-320-p.1224W. Crozier to Dewdney. -- January 30, 1885. -- Good deal of dissatisfaction among the Indians over Instructors Craig and Jefferson. Suggest Reed be sent out soon.
M-320-p.1226E. Richard to Royal. -- April 8, 1885. -- Settlers at Battleford have no stock or seed. Government should supply the seed immediately. The best way is to buy at Edmonton and float it down to Battleford.
M-320-p.1232Hayter Reed to Dewdney. -- August 29, 1885. -- Indians of this district are not likely to rise. Am placing another instructor on Little Pine's reserve. Louis Sayers and half breeds [Metis] are trying to influence the Peace Hills Indians. Should we place a spy among the half breeds [Metis]? I have just taken away all of the ponies from the Indians - not allowed to take them off the reserve without a pass to check roaming around. Western Indians who took part ion the Rebellion will not be paid. New rules for farm instructors.
M-320-p.1240Hayter Reed to Dewdney. -- September 6, 1885. -- Things are going well under Instructor Mann at Fort Pitt; plans for building of Indian school; receiving of scrip; request murderers at Regina be sent back for trial and for public executions so as to influence Indians.
M-320-p.1250Hayter Reed to Dewdney. -- September 15, 1885. -- The Instructor Mann has been doing well; recommends raise; advises abandoning Frog Lake and making Onion Lake the Headquarters.
M-320-p.1255W. Girr to Dewdney. -- October 13, 1885. -- Liquor being sold by a half breed trader at Fort Qu'Appelle to Indians. Enclosed a letter sent by Colonel Irvine.
M-320-p.1259W. Girr to Dewdney. -- November 21, 1885. -- Re: letter sent previously.
M-320-p.1260Henderson to Dewdney. -- November 26, 1885. -- Lander and his partner do not have the qualifications to vaccinate Indians.
M-320-p.1261McKay to Dewdney. -- January 8, 1886. -- Report of tour made by McKay. Informed people at Turtle Mountain said Michel Dumak had all Sioux to join him, and was telling them he was Gabriel Dumont.
M-320-p.1261McKay to Dewdney. -- January 9, 1886. -- Went up to St. Vincent and visited mother-in-law. I was told to leave North, as there would be "row" in Spring. Half breeds [Metis] bitter over the hanging of Riel.
M-320-p.1262McKay to Dewdney. -- January 13, 1886. -- Went to Olga and Bay Centre. Same warning at those places.
M-320-p.1263McKay to Dewdney. -- January 19, 1886. -- Poplar Point - relations there are sympathetic to Riel.
M-320-p.1263McKay to Dewdney. -- January 20, 1886. -- Camped with Sioux - they say they will never fight with white men again.
M-320-p.1263McKay to Dewdney. -- January 25, 1886. -- Proceeded to Turtle Mountain - report on half breeds [Metis] of that area.
M-320-p.1264McKay to Dewdney. -- February 24, 1886. -- Returned to St. John - Rumour he (McKay) was a spy.
M-320-p.1266Dewdney, Indian Office, Winnipeg, to J.A. Macdonald. -- January 26, 1886. -- A force under General Middleton would be good, but both Indians and settlers to be told in advance. Doesn't think Indians will leave the Reserve. News that Wright was gambling with government funds.
M-320-p.1274O. Richette, Lewistown, to I.G. Baker Co., Benton. -- February 1, 1886. -- Half breeds [Metis] have been congregating at Dumont's place lately. Secret meetings with Cree Indians.
M-320-p.1280O. Richette, Lewistown, to I.G. Baker Co., Benton. -- February 3, 1886. -- Half breeds [Metis] informed me they may have to see their Chief, Gabriel Dumont.
M-320-p.1282Hayter Reed, Fort Macleod, to Dewdney. -- March 1, 1886. -- Reference to Reverend John McDougall's method of supplying and trading with Indians and missionaries in general; unlikely Indians will be awed by soldiers of "Flying Column"; no trouble need be feared from Indians here.
M-320-p.1286J.N. Illise, Maple Creek, to Dewdney. -- March 27, 1886. -- Informing that Big Bear's son-in-law visited Blackfoot Crossing and the Blood Camp; general feelings towards the half breeds [Metis].
M-320-p.1288Jean L'Heureux, Blackfoot Crossing, to Dewdney. -- April 17, 1886. -- Communicated message to Crowfoot, who will postpone visit to Regina. Thanks for warning of Cree horse thieves.
M-320-p.1290Nichol, Wapaka, to Dewdney. -- May 7 -May 30, 1886. -- Report on half breeds in Montana and Dakota.
M-320-p.1298W. Fraser, Victoria, to T. White. -- July 1886. -- Lists of needs for British Columbia Indians.
M-320-p.1300A. Lascombe to Mrs. Dewdney. -- January 9, 1887. -- Where is Mr. Dewdney? Is it true he is going to run for Assiniboia? I wish he was a member of Parliament, but I was looking for him to be a governor of an Indian territory.
M-320-p.1301Hayter Reed, Regina, to Dewdney. -- April 12, 1888. -- Enclosing letters from Lucas and Begg. Glad to hear Wadsworth has been squelched. If I get Commissioner, suggest Forget for Assistant's place.
M-320-p.1305C.E. Conrad, Fort Benton, to Dewdney. -- December 17, 1888. -- No foundation to report that Crowfoot was visiting the American Peigan Indians in order to move south. Enclosing a letter from Agent Baldwin.
M-320-p.1309Bishop Grandin, St. Albert, to Dewdney. -- October 17, 1889. -- Asking for the establishment of a Catholic Church and school at the Saddle Lake reserve.
M-320-p.1313Dewdney to ____________. -- nd. -- Objecting to Wadsworth's reporting on Indian matters directly to Vankoughnet, and the manner Wadsworth has conducted his affairs.
M-320-p.1315Supt. General of Indian Affairs, from Acting Assistant Commissioner, Regina, to Dewdney. -- February 27, nd. -- Report on outbreak at Crooked Lakes reserves and action taken by the Mounted Police.
Series 18

Indian Department - General papers. -- 1877-1888. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 1329-1396

M-320-p.1329Articles of a Treaty between the government (Dewdney) and the Sarcee Indians. -- September 23, 1877.
M-320-p.1331Address of welcome to Dewdney from Blackfoot chiefs. -- July 19, 1879.
M-320-p.1334Sworn statement of cattle killed by Blackfoot Indians, by J.H. Christie and J.E. Allen of the Military Colonization Ranch, Gleichen. -- 1885.
M-4429 Notice from Dewdney to the western Indians that soldiers may be coming. -- February 1886. -- Consists of photocopy of notice stating that Indians should keep working, that soldiers were coming, that they will not disarm the Indians but permits will be needed to have guns off their reserves, and that the soldiers would keep the peace. Note: this is not part of the M-320 pages and has not been digitized.
M-320-p.1337Report to the Commissioner of the NWMP on the activities of the half breeds [Metis] in Dakota and Montana, and the influence of Gabriel Dumont. G.H.L. Bossange. -- April-May 1888.
M-320-p.1356Report of meetings with Reserve Commissioners and Kincolith Indians, Echo Bay, Nass River. -- August 27, 1888.
M-320-p.1396Crowfoot's message to the governor relating to the Indian Council to be held at Fort Macleod re amount of land for reserves. -- nd.
Series 19

Riel Rebellion - Correspondence. -- 1884-1885. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 1398-1427

M-320-p.1397Slater's Telegraphic Code - not from papers but used in the decoding of telegrams.
M-320-p.1398Hayter Reed to Dewdney, Battleford. -- September 4, 1884. -- Riel whilst in the U.S. was inciting Indians to rebellion especially Big Bear. Fears over Poundmaker becoming a trouble maker, and problems with half breeds [Metis]. Complaints against Rouleau.
M-320-p.1402C.H. Rouleau to Dewdney, Battleford. -- September 5, 1884. -- Results of an enquiry concerning half breed [Metis] agitation and the serious nature of it. Comments that Riel can harm the country and that the government must come to the assistance of the Indians or misery and starvation will result.
M-320-p.1406D.H. Macdowall to Dewdney, Prince Albert. -- January 14, 1885. -- Riel's claims should be settled at once; all precautions taken in the case of Indian uprising; a large police force would be good.
M-320-p.1410A.C. Lacombe to Dewdney. -- March 20, 1885. -- Willingness to try to pacify the half breeds [Metis].
M-320-p.1412F. Middleton to Dewdney, Fish Creek. -- May 3, 1885. -- Discussing recent skirmishes against rebels; comments of Strange's and Otter's reactions.
M-320-p.1414Hayter Reed to Dewdney, Regina. -- July 1885. -- Suggestions relative to future management of Indians.
M-320-p.1421H. Langevin to Dewdney, Ottawa. -- October 20, 1885. -- Rumours of an Indian uprising next spring.
M-320-p.1423J. Royal to Dewdney, Winnipeg. -- December 16, 1885. -- Feelings towards Riel's execution.
M-320-p.1424J. Royal to Dewdney, Winnipeg. -- December 22, 1885. -- Compliments of season.
M-320-p.1425H.H. Smithe to Dewdney, Winnipeg. -- December 16, 1885. -- Fears of an Indian uprising in the following spring.
M-320-p.1427Robert Clapp to Dewdney. -- nd. -- Sympathy over current rebellion.
Series 20

Riel Rebellion - Telegrams. -- 1885. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 1428-1496

M-320-p.1428L.N.F. Crozier to Dewdney. -- March 18, 1885. -- Indians being tampered with, large force necessary to prevent further trouble from Riel.
M-320-p.1429L. Clarke to Dewdney, Carlton. -- March 18, 1885. -- Indians being tampered with. Essential reinforcements needed (Telegram in Code).
M-320-p.1430A.G. Irvine to Dewdney, Fort Qu'Appelle. -- March 19, 1885. -- Asking about Lawrence Clark and whether Dewdney has heard from him.
M-320-p.1431F. White to Dewdney, Ottawa. -- March 19, 1885. -- Securing more mountain guns (Telegram in Code).
M-320-p.1432F. White to Dewdney, Ottawa. -- March 19, 1885. -- Police now on way to Carlton and remain north (Telegram in Code).
M-320-p.1433A.G. Irvine to Dewdney, Fort Qu'Appelle. -- March 19, 1885. -- Arriving at 9:30 am.
M-320-p.1433Dewdney to F. White, Ottawa. -- March 20, 1885. -- Force got off and progressing well. No suggestions.
M-320-p.1434Dewdney to L. Clarke, Duck Lake. -- 1885. -- Heard nothing from Ottawa. 100 men tomorrow. Irvine will arrange about arms for settlers if necessary.
M-320-p.1434Dewdney to Colonel Irvine. -- March 20, 1885. -- Indians being tampered with. Forces should come. Arrive at Battleford.
M-320-p.1435F. White to Hayter Reed, Humboldt. -- March 22, 1885. -- Please send telegrams to Crozier on.
M-320-p.1436F. White to Colonel Irvine, Humboldt. -- March 22, 1885. -- Norman to send men to Regina, also officers Macleod and all available men at once.
M-320-p.1437McDougall, Edmonton, to Dewdney, Winnipeg. -- March 22, 1885. -- Magistrates can swear in special constables and arm them if necessary.
M-320-p.1438J.M. Rae, Battleford, to Dewdney. -- March 22, 1885. -- No powder here or Carlton. 500 lbs. for Pitt and here needed.
M-320-p.1439John Stewart, Prince Albert, to Dewdney. -- March 22, 1885. -- 40 men left to assist at Carlton, wire cut. Two bands have joined Crozier. Rebels reported 400-500 strong. Should Carlton be taken, Prince Albert would be in danger; 300 arms needed.
M-320-p.1441Hayter Reed, Humboldt, to Dewdney. -- March 22, 1885. -- Desire to know intention of government and convey same to Prince Albert.
M-320-p.1442A.G. Irvine, Humboldt, to Captain Deane. -- March 23, 1885. -- Officer commanding at Macleod to engage for one month any reliable ex- policemen.
M-320-p.1443Hayter Reed, Humboldt, to A.E. Forget. -- March 23, 1885. -- Leave this morning, no further news.
M-320-p.1444A.G. Irvine, Humboldt, to Captain Deane. -- March 23, 1885. -- Order Herchmer to leave Dowling and six men at Calgary and come with rest to Regina.
M-320-p.1445F. White to Dewdney. -- March 23, 1885. -- G.G. Cochrane, squatter, on Blood reserve is annoying Indians. Report Indians unsettled, should remove squatter.
M-320-p.1445A. E. Forget to Dewdney, Winnipeg. -- March 23, 1885. -- No cause for alarm, will try to get spare arms sent to barracks.
M-320-p.1445J.M. Anderson, Humboldt, to A.E. Forget. -- March 23, 1885. -- No instructions except to reach Prince Albert.
M-320-p.1446T. C. Down, Broadview, to A. E. Forget. -- March 24, 1885. -- Reports Indians holding war dances.
M-320-p.1446Dewdney, Winnipeg, to A.E. forget. -- March 24, 1885. -- Detained here send dispatches to Winnipeg.
M-320-p.1447John Cotton, Fort Macleod, to Dewdney. -- April 6, 1885. -- Safety in jeopardy if Cree Indians get in Blackfoot Camp. Fear Riel will join them in Cyprus Hills. News that Gros Ventres, Crows, Kootneys will send a large fighter party via Bear Paw Mountain to Cypress Hills. Fort Assiniboine ought to confirm this report. (Repeated April 8 from Sharp) (Telegram in Code).
M-320-p.1454Hayter Reed, Prince Albert, to Dewdney. -- April 7, 1885. -- Need of seed for spring planting as none available, rebels have captured dome Indian seed wheat.
M-320-p.1456A.G. Irvine, Prince Albert, to dewdney. -- April 7, 1885. -- Oats to be sent here by boat from Medicine Hat.
M-320-p.1457Dewdney to W. Prescott Sharpe, Regina. -- April 8, 1885. -- Messages sent to General Middleton. Everything is all right at Calgary. Cotton wires satisfactory interview with Bloods and Peigans.
M-320-p.1459W.P. Sharpe, Regina, to Dewdney, Medicine Hat. -- April 8, 1885. -- Caron wires must have fifty horses for surveyors corps.
M-320-p.1459to Dewdney. -- April 8, 1885. -- Message received and wishes complied with.
M-320-p.1460W.P. Sharpe, Regina, to Dewdney. -- April 9, 1885. -- Irvine wires measures should be made to prevent Riel's escape. Border posts should be notified. Thomas McKay to be placed on commission. Battleford settler families to be removed, provisions won't last. List of persons killed at Frog Lake. Pitt attacked (Telegram in Code).
M-320-p.1467W.P. Sharpe, Regina, to Dewdney. -- April 9, 1885. -- Message just received. Ordered Colonel Ouimet to proceed to Calgary and report to General Strange.
M-320-p.1469W.P. Sharpe to Dewdney. --April 10, 1885. -- Have commission made of justice place for Major General Thomas and Strange.
M-320-p.1469T.G. Lyons, Whitewood, to Dewdney. -- April 10, 1885. -- No further trouble, Indians gone to Reserve in Broadview.
M-320-p.1470W.P. Sharpe to Dewdney. -- April 10, 1885. -- Arranged for ponies. Jackson wants payment from you.
M-320-p.1471W.P. Sharpe, Regina, to Dewdney. -- April 10, 1885. -- Prince Albert short of provisions. Anxious to hear news from Edmonton and West (Telegram in Code).
M-320-p.1473W.P.Sharpe, Regina, to Dewdney. -- April 10, 1885. -- Rae wires from Battleford, ravaged and 150 reported Saskatoon tonight. Expected here shortly by Indians and breed troops will not reach in time by boat (Telegram in Code).
M-320-p.1474Dewdney to Supt. Cotton, Fort Macleod. -- April 11, 1885. -- I telegraphed Benton. Conrad replies rumour without foundation. Gros Ventres are at their agencies on the Milk River. Crows or Kootenays on Milk River or Bear Paw. Please advise Cotton.
M-320-p.1475W.P. Sharpe, Regina, to Dewdney. -- April 11, 1885. -- Ready to send provisions and oats to Prince Albert and Battleford.
M-320-p.1476W.P. Sharpe, Regina, to Dewdney. -- April 11, 1885. -- Had Reed's message partly repeated. Payne, Applegarth, Cunnigham and Freeman killed at Frog Lake (Telegram in Code).
M-320-p.1479W.P. Sharpe, Regina, to Dewdney. -- April 12, 1885. -- Several messages from Reed and Irvine. All well the latter wires.
M-320-p.1480A. F. Eden, Indian Head, to Dewdney. -- June 11, 1885. -- Count Esterhasey would like to call on you tomorrow.
M-320-p.1481Dewdney, Regina, to J.A. Macdonald. -- November, 1885. -- Telegram from frenchman who defended Riel (Telegram in Code).
M-320-p.1482Dewdney, Regina, to J.A. Macdonald. -- November 7, 1885. -- Laval arrived this morning. Jukes report Riel accountable for actions (Telegram in Code).
M-320-p.1483November, 1885. -- After examining Riel and testimony of those who take care of him that he is not accountable and unable to distinguish between right and wrong in political and religious subjects. I consider this a type of insanity. Other points he is quite sensible and able to distinguish right from wrong (Telegram in Code).
M-320-p.1485Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- November 8, 1885. -- Have complied with instructions. Hope to report this evening magistrate postpones until 17th (Telegram in Code).
M-320-p.1486Dewdney to . -- November, 1885. -- Penitentiary doctor reports.
M-320-p.1487to J.A. Macdonald. -- November 8, 1885. -- Penitentiary reports I am of opinion Riel, although holding foolish and peculiar views concerning visions and government, is an accountable being and knows right from wrong (Telegram in Code).
M-320-p.1489Dewdney, Regina, to Secretary of State. -- November 19, 1885. -- Declaration received and order given before receipt of your telegram.
M-320-p.1493William Crozier to Fred White, Battleford. -- July 27, 1884. -- Reports of meetings that Riel held with Indians and half breeds [Metis] at Prince Albert and Duck Lake. Warning about possible future trouble.
Series 21

Riel Rebellion - Correspondence re Riel's execution. -- 1885. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 1497-1522

M-320-p.1497Fred White. -- November 14, 1885. -- Telegram. Train carrying special messenger arriving.
M-320-p.1498November 15, 1885. -- Sentence will be carried out according to dispatch of November 12th.
M-320-p.1499A.J. Irvine. -- November 17, 1885. -- Burial of Riel and enclosed copy of telegram pertaining to this from J.A. Chapleau.
M-320-p.1501Crozier to Fred White. -- 1885. -- Telegram. Fears of taking body of Riel.
M-320-p.1502Sir J.A. Macdonald. -- November 17, 1885. -- Telegram. To carry out Secretary of State orders on burial.
M-320-p.1502November 18, 1885. -- Telegram. Delivery of body of Riel.
M-320-p.1502S.E. Chapleau. -- November 18, 1885. -- Telegram. Allowing Sheriff's order to be complied with.
M-320-p.1503Dewdney to J.A. Macdonald. -- November 18, 1885. -- Trouble arising over deaths.
M-320-p.1503Pere Andre. -- 1885. -- Telegram. Applying for Riel's body.
M-320-p.15041885. -- Letter requesting instructions for the disposal of Riel's body.
M-320-p.15051885. -- Letter awaiting instructions from Crown about Riel's body.
M-320-p.1507Chapleau, S.E. [Samuel Edmour Sainte Onge Chapleau] -- November 18, 1885. -- Confirming that all conditions regarding Riel's remains have been met.
M-320-p.1508Dewdney to Father Andre, Regina. -- November 18, 1885. -- Transfer of body and reasons for the delay.
M-320-p.1510Dewdney to Sheriff. -- November 18, 1885. -- Removed Riel's body from jail to be buried. Noting Pere Andre will keep the body safely.
M-320-p.1512Pere Andre, Catholic Mission. -- November 18, 1885. -- Complaining that Riel's body has not been delivered to him for burial.
M-320-p.1516November 18, 1885. -- Deliverance of Riel's body.
M-320-p.1518A.J. Irvine, Regina. -- November 18, 1885. -- Requiring an order from Lt. Governor before delivering body.
M-320-p.1519Dewdney to Sheriff. -- 1885. -- Preparations for burial of body.
M-320-p.1521Pere Andre Declaration. -- 1885. -- To insure that motive was only to give a Christian burial, and will allow no demonstration at the funeral.
M-320-p.1522Motion by Council. -- Affirming the action of Dominion Government in carrying out sentence of Riel.
Series 22

Riel Rebellion - James Anderson's reports. -- 1885. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 1523-1536

M-320-p.1523November 25, 1885. -- Billings, Montana. -- States that the general feeling is satisfactory towards fate of Riel.
M-320-p.1524November 29, 1885. -- Lewiston, Montana. -- Reports on half breeds in area with reference to Gabriel Dumont and family; Indians in area; report on activities of Dumas.
M-320-p.1526December 3, 1885. -- Benton, Montana. -- Feeling of the countryside favours government policy. Reports on both Dumont and Dumas.
M-320-p.1528December 8, 1885. -- Lewistown, Montana. -- Copy of letter from H.G. Webb to James Anderson telling of Dumont's activities.
M-320-p.1529December 8, 1885. -- Fort Assiniboine. -- Inquires as to Indians - Little Poplar and refugees who were on reserve near Fort Belknap. State of these Indians.
M-320-p.1532December 14, 1885. -- Blackfoot Agency. -- Strong feelings favouring Government around Fort Kipp area; no half breeds [Metis] in this area; whiskey trading is still active, also horse stealing.
M-320-p.1534December 16, 1885. -- Eagle Rock. -- Country is against Riel; reports on half breeds [Metis] in the area that they are peaceable.
M-320-p.1535December 18, 1885. -- Helena, Montana. -- Country generally favourable to Government.
M-320-p.1536December 20, 1885. -- Billings, Montana. -- Feeling in country is very much against the late Riel and very favourable to Government. Any danger will be from Blackfoot Agency.
Series 23

Riel Rebellion - Extracts from Evidence, Commission on Rebellion Losses. -- 1886. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 1537-1552

M-320-p.1537May 1, 1886. -- Pierre Parenteau statement. -- April 2, 1886. -- Madame Josephete Tourond. -- April 2, 1886. -- Patrice Tourond. -- May 1, 1886. -- Madame Virginie Vandal. -- May 14, 1886. -- Maxime Lepine. -- May 19, 1886. -- Gilbert Breland. -- April 2, 1886. -- Roger Goulet. -- April 2, 1886. -- Pierre Tourond. -- April 24, 1886. -- Octave Reginer. -- April 30, 1886. -- Norbert Turcotte. -- April 24, 1886. -- William Boyer.
Series 24

Riel Rebellion - Gabriel Dumont's amnesty. -- 1887-1888. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 1553-1609

M-320-p.1553Fred White, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- May 12, 1888. -- Enclosed copies of communications sent by Gabriel Dumont to Maxime Lepine.
M-320-p.1554February 10, 1888. -- Maxime Lepine. -- Enclosing instructions to half breeds [Metis] and Indians which state: Rights of Groups; necessity of meeting to press for - (1) indemnity of losses during and after outbreak of 1885, (2) scrip for those who have petitioned. If we don't obtain these we will lecture in Canada and go to France so that everyone will know the justness of demands. Notes of meetings with Cardinal Taschereau, Bishop Grandin and Father Lacombe. Says that he has now more power than 1885 and would again take up arms but will try peaceable means. Had meeting with Mr. Prefontaine who is sympathetic to cause. Saw Honourable Honore Mercier, Premier of Quebec, who said he was a sincere friend. During travels along border in Montana and Dakota all were sympathetic to us. -- Signed Gabriel Dumont, and M.E. Riboulet.
M-320-p.1554My Dear Friends and Relatives. -- Sending greetings to all and telling them of their good friend Mr. Riboulet. -- Signed Gabriel Dumont.
M-320-p.1554Enclosure. -- Letter from M. Riboulet telling of three people who offered money if he could persuade Dumont to return to the North West.
M-320-p.1570Gabriel Dumont to R. Prefontaine. -- November 25, 1887. -- Asking information on: (1) how to gain and use papers that grant us amnesty? (2) do I (Dumont) have right to sell my land in the North West?.
M-320-p.1572R. Prefontaine to Gabriel Dumont. -- December 1, 1887. -- Having made an authentic copy of the Order in Council granting a full amnesty. Your safety will be insured. No difficulty in sale of land and in fast claims indemnity for any losses suffered.
M-320-p.1575R. Prefontaine to Dumont. -- December 21, 1887. -- Enclosing a copy of the Order in Council and asking for more information as to his land.
M-320-p.1579Gabriel Dumont to Prefontaine. -- December 31, 1887. -- Thanking for himself and half breeds [Metis] for copy. Defending half breed [Metis] position during the Rebellion and asking an indemnity claim. Informing Prefontaine that he is writing his (Dumont's) life history.
M-320-p.1583Gabriel Dumont to Cardinal Taschereau. -- November 25, 1887. -- Telling Taschereau of writing book and truth about Louis David Riel and the North West Rebellion.
M-320-p.1586Cardinal Taschereau to Gabriel Dumont. -- nd. -- Pointing out difficulties of writing such a book in separating fact from passion.
M-320-p.1588Letter to George Demanche, Editor of "La Revue Francaise". -- December 1, 1887. -- Thanks for the articles on the French half breed [Metis] rising. Asking for advice for setting up a display of Indian life in Paris. -- Signed Gabriel Dumont and N.E. Riboulet.
M-320-p.1591George Demanche to Dumont and Riboulet. -- December 28, 1887. -- Confirming that he still holds idea that it was a crime to hang Riel and that it was a result of hatred and fear of the English. Thinks that exhibition would be of greatest interest.
M-320-p.1594Dumont to L.O. David. -- January 18, 1888. -- Asking advice as to the danger of returning to Canada.
M-320-p.1595L.O. David to Gabriel Dumont. -- January 28, 1888. -- Assures Dumont there is no danger in returning.
M-320-p.1597Dumont to L.O. David. -- February 6, 1888. -- Telling that Dumont will arrive in Canada shortly. Desire half breed [Metis] rights to be obtained.
M-320-p.1601F. Vanasse to Gabriel Dumont. -- January 21, 1888. -- Hopes Dumont will soon return to relations and friends at Batoche. Hopes he will use influence in interest of peace and justice in the North West.
M-320-p.1602F. Vanasse to Gabriel Dumont. -- January 30, 1888. -- Sends copy of Amnesty Proclamation, and states that it covers Dumont.
M-320-p.1604Gabriel Dumont to F. Vanasse. -- February 8, 1888. -- Regrets but says his place is not in the North West but in Montreal and Quebec to give lectures in order to obtain justice from the government.
M-320-p.1607Gabriel Dumont to the Honourable Honore Mercier. -- January 25, 1888. -- Asking about indemnity for destroyed property during the rebellion.
Series 25

Riel Rebellion - North-West Rebellion booklet. -- [ca. 1886]. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 1610-1619

M-320-p.1610Booklet defending the government's actions regarding the half breeds [Metis], and producing facts that excuse government of responsibility for the outbreak.
Series 26

Riel Rebellion - Newspaper clippings. -- 1885. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 1620-1622

M-320-p.1620The Regina Leader. -- September 10, 1885. -- Half breed [Metis] claims; North West news; Riel's comments. -- The Regina Leader. -- April 14, 1885. -- News of Rebellion. -- The Regina Leader. -- May 16, 1885. -- Capture of Riel.
Series 27

General correspondence. -- 1882-1888. -- The entire series has been digitized.

Scanned Document View pages 1623-1682
Scanned Document View pages 1683-1742
Scanned Document View pages 1743-1798

M-320-p.1623Lord Lorne to Dewdney. -- January 25, 1882 and March 21, 1882. -- Thank you for addition to Indian collection.
M-320-p.1626William Pearce to Dewdney. -- October 17, 1882. -- Please send me a copy of notice that you posted at Moose Jaw and Bone Creek.
M-320-p.1627S. Steele to Dewdney. -- November 8, 1882. -- Re-examining a court case.
M-320-p.1629T. Robuteulle to Dewdney. -- December 2, 1882. -- Wish to secure Fish Creek farm.
M-320-p.1631W.G. Conrad, Fort Benton, to Dewdney . -- January 1, 1883. -- Happy to hear Regina developing well; feels Calgary will boom; news of the mine.
M-320-p.1633G.B. Wright, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- June 10, 1883. -- Discusses meeting with Sir John and discussing the Kootenay Bill, and possibility of construction of a railway from Kootenay Lake to the Columbia River.
M-320-p.1637W.G. Conrad, Fort Benton, to Dewdney. -- August 7, 1883. -- General news and news about the Barker mines.
M-320-p.1638I.M.Dawson, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- August 11, 1883. -- Noting that many things interested Dawson while in the west.
M-320-p.1640W. Anderson, Calgary, to Dewdney. -- August 24, 1883. -- Asking that Gagnon be retained at Edmonton to help out with the Indians there.
M-320-p.1642Letter to J. A. Macdonald. -- October 18, 1883. -- CPR terminus at Burrard Inlet and lands questions.
M-320-p.1646William Pearce, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- November 5, 1883. -- Telling of a recent cattle shooting and arrest of William Adihead at Fort Macleod and asking that sentence be reduced.
M-320-p.1648Woods and Co., Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- November 12, 1883. -- Walnut seeds and their planting.
M-320-p.1650S. E. Clarke to Dewdney. -- December 17, 1883. -- Lawlessness in Prince Albert; liquor being sold openly.
M-320-p.1652Herchmer to Dewdney. -- December 28, 1883. -- Leaving Regina for Prince Albert, please telegraph me on what date to leave.
M-320-p.1654J.B. Plumb, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- April 17, 1884. -- Comments on a recent Government speech about North Western representation, defending it against the Opposition. Notes problems with Grit leader.
M 320. p. 1657D.C. Macpherson to Dewdney. -- September 5, 1884. -- "Saskatchewan Herald" will now receive government patronage. An Agricultural College near Regina would be very desirable. Disquieting reports reaching Ottawa about half breeds [Metis] and Indians. The half breed question will be considered as soon as Cabinet members reassemble at Ottawa.
M-320-p.1659Frank Oliver, Edmonton, to W. Jackson. -- October 22, 1884. -- You are to forward with preparations for coming election. Riel may have great influence, but he is political dynamite and your enemies would have the best possible weapon against you. Don't forget to agitate for additional representation in the North West for your district.
M-320-p.1662A. Lacombe to Dewdney. -- November 28, 1884. -- Sending best wishes on recent reception at St. Albert.
M-320-p.1663Adelbert Anson, Bishop, Regina, to Dewdney. -- December 11, 1884. -- Enclosing a letter from the Clergyman, W.W. Bolton, at Moosomin, which asked that Mr. Carmen be in charge of liquor dispensing.
M-320-p.1665Sister St. Roch, St. Albert, to Dewdney. -- December 18, 1884. -- Thanking Dewdney for Christmas hampers sent.
M-320-p.1667Berton Deane to Dewdney. -- December 20, 1884. -- Protesting a recent trial re: liquor trade with Indians.
M-320-p.1670Dewdney to Lawrence Clarke, Prince Albert. -- March 17, 1885. -- Copy of telegram to put in Prince Albert Times that an additional force is being sent to the North West.
M-320-p.1671Dewdney to Wryley. -- March 18, 1885. -- Asked Mr. Clarke to see me as I had at the time information of a like-hood of trouble. Disquieting telegram reached me from Carlton, 100 men left this morning for the North.
M-320-p.1673W.D. Penly to Dewdney. -- April 8, 1885. -- Public motions at Wolsely, NWT.
M-320-p.1675G.B. Elliott, Calgary, to Dewdney. -- August 3, 1885. -- Referring to a report that General Middleton and Dewdney were hissed at a banquet. States that Murdoch and his followers control Calgary.
M-320-p.1679G.B. Elliott, Calgary, to Dewdney. -- August 15, 1885. -- J.P.'s losing commission. Complaints about Murdoch.
M-320-p.1681E.T. Galt, Lethbridge, to Dewdney. -- August 17, 1885. -- Expecting the Dewdney's in September. Railway coming to the area; cattle and freight cars not yet arrived from the east.
M-320-p.1683S. Clarke, Prince Albert, to Dewdney. -- August 25, 1885. -- Defending himself from public press attacks in the east.
M-320-p.1685I. Herchmer, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- September 2, 1885. -- Recommendation of Markle for Indian affairs in the area.
M-320-p.1687J. Travis, Calgary, to Dewdney. -- September 11, 1885. -- Establishing judge chambers, and being presented with scroll.
M-320-p.1688N.D. Perly to Dewdney. -- September 18, 1885. -- Thanking Dewdney for a letter of congratulations. Defending his manner of being elected.
M-320-p.1691J. Travis, Calgary, to Dewdney. -- September 19, 1885. -- Telling of settling in law offices.
M-320-p.1692R,J. Molloy to Dewdney, Clarks Crossing. -- September 21, 1885. -- Explaining a letter he had written to the "Toronto Mail" about conditions in the west, re: poor seed given to the Indians at Duck Lake and starvation conditions there in winter 1884-85.
M-320-p.1694J.D. Molson, Muscowpituup Agency, to Dewdney. -- September 26, 1885. -- informing that thirty of the White Cap Sioux Indians are still on Standing Buffalo's reserve.
M-320-p.1695Thomas White, Yorkton, to Dewdney. -- October 5, 1885. -- Telling of latest activities and noting he will be in Fort Qu'Appelle and Regina soon.
M-320-p.1697W. Crozier to Dewdney. -- October 11, 1885. -- Suggesting Brooks for a commission.
M-320-p.1699W.H. Adams, Winnipeg, to A.E. Forget, Regina. -- October 12, 1885. -- Curtains for the North West Council room.
M-320-p.1700George H. Harve, St. Boniface, to Dewdney. -- October 12, 1885. -- Dewdney's writing about the permit system, and asking Dewdney to explain to Sir John the reasons for trying to obtain the rebel document.
M-320-p.1702William Girr to Dewdney. -- October 13, 1885. -- Enclosing copies of letters from department.
M-320-p.1703A.E. Forget, Regina, to Dewdney. -- October 14, 1885. -- Department of Interior sends letter that Mr. Francis should not claim his seat at next North West Council.
M-320-p.1705J. Travis, Calgary, to Dewdney. -- December 3, 1885. -- Reaction has set in against Travis in Calgary. Defending his position. Clark's fine, instead of sentence and the reason for the action. Murdoch's mission to Ottawa ended in a fiasco. Possibility Murdoch may be disqualified. Situation in Calgary. Liquor dealers in Calgary.
M-320-p.1711December 5, 1885. -- Extract from letter of Honourable Thomas White re appointment of fisheries inspector.
M-320-p.1713C.E. Conrad, Fort Benton, to Dewdney. -- December 14, 1885. -- Notes Alberta is destined to be a prosperous province. Been working with Sir Alexander Galt, trying to get a rail connection from Fort Benton to Dunmore. Talk of a Northern (Montana) road. Mentions talking with Anderson and discussing half breed [Metis] problem.
M-320-p.1716A. Lacombe, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- December 15, 1885. -- Satisfactory negotiations with Department. Sir Hector Langevin is giving $1000 for Elbow River bridge. Petition is needed by Government for a bridge across the Bow.
M-320-p.1718M. Pierce, Moose Mountain, to Dewdney. -- December 15, 1885. -- Going to run Duncan for Moose Mountain District. Complaints about manner survey was done in area.
M-320-p.1722Joseph Pope to Dewdney. -- December 16, 1885. -- Asking about any correspondence that may have occurred between Riel and Crowfoot.
M-320-p.1724M. Pierce, Moose Mountain, to Dewdney. -- December 18, 1885. -- Telling of a petition for re-survey of Moose Mountain Trail.
M-320-p.1726J. Hewgill, Moosomin, to Dewdney. -- December 18, 1885. -- Notice of formation of the Liberal - Conservative Association of Eastern Assiniboia.
M-320-p.1727Hamilton to Dewdney. -- December 23, 1885. -- Applying for work building bridges or roads. Qualification - voyageur with Colonel Wolseley; mail courier CPR; Conservative supporter.
M-320-p.1730Edelbert, Bishop of Qu'Appelle, to Dewdney. -- December 26, 1885. -- Asking for school materials for Touchwood schools.
M-320-p.1732R.S. Reynolds, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- December 26, 1885. -- Declining appointment that was offered of Indian Agent at Prince Albert.
M-320-p.1733G.B. Spencer, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- December 27, 1885. -- Exchange of clerks, because of Reynold's inability to fulfil position.
M-320-p.1735Letter from -?, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- December 27, 1885. -- Re: Reynolds and exchange.
M-320-p.1737H.H. Smith, Regina, to Dewdney. -- December 26, 1885. -- Asking to check on man Robert T. Duke and his ancestry in order to claim inheritance.
M 320., p. 1739C. Scollen, Montreal, to Dewdney. -- January 5, 1885. -- Acknowledging letter of government recognition of services during rebellion; informing that a deep impression was made on Cree chiefs on their visit to Regina; asking opinion of statements Scollen made about North West affairs in "Winnipeg Free Press".
M 4429Consists of notice to the Indians of the North West Territories regarding the arrival of soldiers. - February 16, 1886
M-320-p.1741M.R. Bell, Indian Head, to Dewdney. -- February 25, 1886. -- Re: affairs of the Qu'Appelle Valley Farming Co. Ltd. and shares.
M-320-p.1744Dewdney to J. Boyle, Indian Head. -- March 1, 1886. -- Resigning from the Directors of the Qu'Appelle Valley Farming Co. Ltd.
M-320-p.1745William Scarth, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- March 5, 1886. -- Davin's activities.
M-320-p.1746Letter from -?, Prince Albert, to Dewdney. -- August 11, 1886. -- Re: fire guardians for Prince Albert district; re-establishment of post offices; half breeds [Metis] have lost faith in their priests.
M-320-p.1750W.C. Van Horne to Dewdney. -- August 27, 1886 and September 1886. -- Two Telegrams passing Mrs. Dewdney from Regina to Port Moody and return.
M-320-p.1751A. Lacombe, Montreal, to Dewdney. -- September 4, 1886. -- Need help so Dominion Government will help with bridge across Bow river.
M-320-p.1753W.D. Perly to Dewdney. -- 1886. -- Election prospects and Perly stating that he would rather have a Senate seat.
M-320-p.1755Landsdale to Dewdney. -- November 8, 1886. -- Thanking for copy of speech for opening of 8th session of Council of NWT of Canada.
M-320-p.1756Edward Ponsonby, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- November 9, 1886. -- Thanking for speech to NWT Council on behalf of the speaker of the House of Commons.
M-320-p.1758A. Lacombe, Calgary, to Dewdney. --December 13, 1886. -- Hardisty, I am sure, will win the election over the others.
M-320-p.1761James Sharpe, Armstrong's Lake, to N.F. Davin. -- January 4, 1887. -- Re: Perly's position in the coming election. Strong support for Sir John and conservative party.
M-320-p.1763John G. Turriff, Carlyle, to Dewdney. -- February 21, 1887. -- Stating his voting intentions, and the fact he is not taking any active part in the campaign.
M-320-p.1765Dewdney, Regina, to Joseph Pope. -- February 28, 1887. -- Enclosing North West papers on behalf of Dewdney for a second term.
M-320-p.1766Joseph Pope, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- May 26, 1887. -- Enclosing a list of petitions for re-appointment.
M-320-p.1767Herchmer, Regina, to Dewdney. -- September 6, 1887. -- Police matters at Macleod - drunkenness among the men. Promise of investigation.
M-320-p.1769Eden, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- November 30, 1887. -- Coal seams at Canmore and possibility of obtaining the land.
M-320-p.1771Letter from -?, Victoria, to Dewdney. -- December 31, 1887. -- Purchasing shares.
M-320-p.1772D.C. Macpherson to Dewdney. -- March 18, 1888. -- Telegram requesting Mr. Forget be member of commission for half breed [Metis] claims.
M-320-p.1773F.F. Tims, Swift Current, to Dewdney. -- April 10, 1888. -- Freighting business.
M-320-p.1775Joseph Pope to Dewdney. -- May 9, 1888. -- Asking Dewdney to give J.C. Pope a hand when he is in the North West.
M-320-p.1777Alfred Brealey, Calgary, to Dewdney. -- June 9, 1888. -- Telling of running for election in the Red Deer District and campaign problems.
M-320-p.1784Dewdney to Judge Richardson. -- June 11, 1888. -- Thanking the Judge for an address.
M-320-p.1785James A. Lougheed, Calgary, to Dewdney. -- June 21, 1888. -- Calgary Conservative Association endorses resolutions for Dewdney's re-appointment.
M-320-p.1787George J. Young, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- June 27, 1888. -- Offering extracts from evidence of Rebels if Opposition should try and use '85 rebellion as an election issue.
M-320-p.1789W. Perly to Dewdney. -- July 3, 1888. -- Farewell letter as Lt. Governor.
M-320-p.1791Reverend John Maclean to Dewdney. -- July 20, 1888. -- Asking for assistance for publishing an immigration pamphlet "The Range Country or Life in the Canadian West".
M-320-p.1796James Groner, Hamilton, to Dewdney. -- July 21, 1888. -- Calling attention to Frank Oliver's article "Present Duty". Suggesting Dewdney capture Oliver's support.
M-320-p.1798Justice McGuire, Prince Albert, to Dewdney. -- September 18, 1888. -- Congratulations on appointment as Minister of Interior.
Series 28 Letters and petitions for re-appointment. -- 1887-1888
M-320-p.1803Residents of East Moose Mountain. -- February 10, 1887.
M-320-p.1805Residents of Qu'Appelle. -- February 17, 1887.
M-320-p.1809Residents of Broadview. -- February 17, 1887.
M-320-p.1812Treaty Indians of Crooked Lake Reserve. -- February 1887.
M-320-p.1814Residents of Qu'Appelle and district. -- February 25, 1887.
M-320-p.1818Chiefs and minor chiefs of the Blackfoot. -- February 26, 1887.
M-320-p.1822Residents of Yorkton. -- March 1, 1887.
M-320-p.1825Residents of Mooseomin. -- March 1, 1887.
M-320-p.1829Residents of Sumner. -- March 12, 1887.
M-320-p.1832Residents of Wallace. -- March 1887.
M-320-p.1833Conservative Association of Calgary. -- March 17, 1887.
M-320-p.1834Citizens of Regina. -- March 26, 1887.
M-320-p.1841Residents of Eastern Assiniboia. -- March 28, 1887.
M-320-p.1846Residents of Fort Qu'Appelle. -- March 30, 1887.
M-320-p.1849Residents of Crescent Lake. -- March 1887.
M-320-p.1853Residents of Banff. -- April 2, 1887.
M-320-p.1856German citizens of Regina. -- April 4, 1887.
M-320-p.1859Citizens of Grenfell. -- 1887.
M-320-p.1863Residents of Regina. -- February 1, 1888.
Series 28-aNewspaper Clippings - Re-appointment. -- 1887
M-320-p.1868Saskatchewan Herald. -- February 26, 1887.
M-320-p.1868Prince Albert Times. -- January 28, 1887.
M-320-p.1869Calgary Herald. -- February 18, 1887.
M-320-p.1870Qu'Appelle Progress. -- January 27, 1887.
M-320-p.1871The Mooseomin Courier. -- February 10, 1887.
Series 29 Addresses of welcome and congratulations. -- 1886-1891 and n.d.
M-320-p.1872October 16, 1884. -- The pupils of St. Albert's School. -- Address of welcome.
M-320-p.1875October 16, 1884. -- The Orphans of St. Albert. -- Address of welcome.
M-320-p.1877December 17, 1884. -- The pupils of St. Albert's School. -- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
M-320-p.18791884. -- Bishop Grandin on behalf of clergy of diocese of St. Albert. -- Address of welcome.
M-320-p.1883January 18, 1886. -- Citizens of Whitewood. -- Address of welcome.
M-320-p.1884January 18, 1886. -- Citizens of Broadview. -- Address of welcome.
M-320-p.1885February 4, 1886. -- Half breeds [Metis] of Qu'Appelle. -- Address of welcome.
M-320-p.1886April 15, 1887. -- Children of St. Andrew's School, Fort Pelly. -- Gift of appreciation.
M-320-p.1887February 1, 1888. -- Citizens of Regina. -- Departure for Ottawa.
M-320-p.1890June 8, 1888. -- Justices of Supreme Court of Regina, NWT. -- Appreciation of service.
M-320-p.1893June 12, 1888. -- Board of Education, Regina, NWT. -- Regret.
M-320-p.1895June 14, 1888. -- Citizens of Whitewood. -- Support as Minister of Interior.
M-320-p.1896June 30, 1888. -- Agents of employees on Reserve. -- Regret.
M-320-p.1900July 18, 1888. -- Wm. Pearce. -- Congratulations.
M-320-p.1901August 2, 1888. -- James F. Macleod. -- telegram, congratulations on re-appointment.
M-320-p.1902August 2, 1888. -- A.M. Burgess; H.H. Smith. -- telegram, congratulations on re-appointment.
M-320-p.1903August 3, 1888. -- R.B. Gordon. -- telegram, congratulations on re- appointment.
M-320-p.1904August 4, 1888. -- P.G. Laing. -- telegram, congratulations on re- appointment.
M-320-p.1905August 4, 1888. -- F.F. Tims. -- telegram, congratulations from settlers at Fort Saskatchewan.
M-320-p.1906August 6, 1888. -- R.J. Wooloy. -- telegram, congratulations on re- appointment.
M-320-p.1907August 6, 1888. -- Hugh Bain, Liberal Conservative Association. -- telegram, congratulations on re-appointment.
M-320-p.1908August 8, 1888. -- Hugh Bain, Mayor, Prince ALBERT. -- Telegram, congratulations on re-appointment.
M-320-p.1909August 15, 1888. -- I.M. Gordon. -- letter of congratulations on re- appointment.
M-320-p.1910October 10, 1888. -- W.C. Van Horne. -- letter of congratulations on re-appointment.
M-320-p.1911March 1889. -- Citizens of Loon Creek. -- Address of regret.
M-320-p.1914August 20, 1889. -- Citizens of Shoal Lake. -- Address of regret.
M-320-p.1915August 21, 1889. -- Citizens of Saltcoats. -- Address of welcome.
M-320-p.1920August 23, 1889. -- Citizens of Minnedosa. -- Address of welcome.
M-320-p.1923August 23, 1889. -- Indian children school. -- Address of welcome.
M-320-p.1925August 23, 1889. -- Citizens of Birtle, Manitoba. -- Address of welcome.
M-320-p.1927August 26, 1889. -- Settlers of Qu'Appelle. -- Address of Welcome.
M-320-p.1931August 26, 1889. -- Whitewood. -- Address of welcome.
M-320-p.1935August 27, 1889. -- Citizens of Mooseomin. -- Address of Welcome.
M-320-p.1936September 28, 1889. -- Citizens of St. Jean Baptiste. -- Address of welcome.
M-320-p.1937September 2, 1889. -- Citizens of Calgary. -- Congratulations.
M-320-p.19391890. -- Citizens of Calgary. -- Turning sod of Calgary-Edmonton Railway.
M-320-p.19411891. -- Citizens of Saltcoats. -- Address of Welcome.
Series 29-aUndated Addresses
M-320-p.1942Citizens of Grenfell. -- Address of Welcome.
M-320-p.1945Citizens of Wolseley. -- Address of Welcome.
M-320-p.1947Officials of Department of Indian Affairs, Regina. -- Congratulations.
M-320-p.1948Citizens of Lethbridge. -- Address of welcome.
M-320-p.1952Citizens of Moose Jaw. -- Congratulations.
M-320-p.1953North-West Coal and Navigation Co. -- Welcome to Lethbridge.
M-320-p.1956Officials of North West Government. -- Farewell.
M-320-p.1959Citizens of Qu'Appelle. -- Address of welcome.
M-320-p.1962Welcome to Regina.
M-320-p.1965Welcome to Calgary.
M-320-p.1969Welcome to St. Albert.
M-320-p.1973Welcome to Edmonton district.
M-320-p.1975Welcome to Battleford.
Series 30 Petitions and resolutions. -- 1886-1889
M-320-p.1977November 8, 1886. -- Re-appointment of Dewdney as Lt. Governor - Robert Crawford, Qu'Appelle.
M-320-p.1979August 3, 1888. -- Approval of appointment as Minister of the Interior -settlers of Fort Saskatchewan.
M-320-p.1981August 14, 1888. -- Approval of appointment as Minister of Interior - district of Edmonton and Saint Albert.
M-320-p.1983August 23, 1889. -- Attention directed to need of road from lake Dayshin district; need to finish Immigrant House - Minnedosa.
M-320-p.1985nd. -- Resolutions - to be represented in Cabinet; Dewdney to be Minister of the Interior; Chairman R.D. McNaughton.
M-320-p.1987nd. -- Resolutions - approval of E. Dewdney as Minister of Interior, public meeting in Calgary.
Series 31 Miscellaneous papers. -- 1970-1916
M-320-p.1990Pamphlet - annual reports of the Central Pacific Railroad Company of California. -- 1870.
M-320-p.1998Papers - referring to the Sumas Dyking Act - ratification to the British Columbia Government to cease dealing with certain lands. -- April 1888.
M-320-p.2002List of supplies voted in connection with Public Works in the NWT. Session of 1888.
M-320-p.2004Confidential printed letters re: relinquished lands of railway belt exchange for a block of land. A map included. -- 1888.
M-320-p.2014Act - to incorporate Columbia and Kootenay Railway and Transportation Co..-- 1883.
M-320-p.2019North West Territories liquor permit. -- nd.
M-320-p.2021General - bank drafts - Bank of British North America; bulkhead from Gilmore and McCandless, Victoria, 1895; charges for hiring a horse; land for railway grants in Manitoba and NWT; corporation of the District of North Cowichan. -- 1916.
Series 32 Newspaper clippings. -- 1884-1888

Press opinions re: Honourable E. Dewdney's appointment to the office of Minister of the Interior. Includes comments from Qu'Appelle Progress; the Mooseomin Courier; Calgary Herald; Saskatchewan Herald; Regina Journal; Macleod Gazette; Inland Sentinel (Kamloops); Weekly Colonist (Victoria); Calgary Tribune; The Times (Medicine Hat); The Morning Call (Manitoba); Prince Albert Times. -- May-June 1888.

Scanned Document View press opinions

M-320-p.2029Edmonton Bulletin. -- November 15, 1884. -- Ordinances passed at last session of the North West Council meeting.
M-320-p.2033Newspaper Clippings. -- ca. 1888. -- North west news - immigration; government policy; interview with Mr. Cayley; article on bore wells.
Series 33 Appointment as Minister of Interior. -- 1888

Appointment as Minister of the Interior. -- August 6, 1888.

Scanned Document View appointment

Series 34 Sir John A. Macdonald papers. -- 1888-1891
M-320-p.2039John A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- August 27, 1888. -- Can't understand the opposition to you. The object in naming you was to represent the North West in the Cabinet. The CPR is disgusted with the situation in Manitoba.
M-320-p.2041E.W. Heftens to John A. Macdonald. -- May 13, 1889. -- Referring to railway situation from Brandon to Souris coalfield. -- Note to Dewdney from Sir John. -- May 14, 1889. -- You better report that the CPR will build the extension line.
M-320-p.2045Davin to John A. Macdonald. -- May 17, 1889. -- The constituency is in good shape and the prospects of the country are also good. McGirr is trying to disturb my constituency.
M-320-p.2047John A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- August 6, 1889. -- The government can't allow the CPR to take all the best land and leave the balance to the Department of the Interior.
M-320-p.2048John A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- August 12, 1889. -- Re: settlement of the railway lands question.
M-320-p.2050John A. Macdonald to Dewdney. -- June 24, 1890. -- I hope you will retain J.H. Metcalfe in the employ of your department during the summer.
M-320-p.2051H.W. Smithe to John A. Macdonald. -- April 4, 1891. -- Enclosed a clipping from the Free Press and Tribune resignation of Attorney General Martin. Note on back from Sir John: "see what can be done in way of funds."
Series 34-aLetters of Condolence re: Death of Sir John A. Macdonald. -- 1891
M-320-p.2056Thomas Cunnigham, New Westminster, to Dewdney. -- June 1, 1891.
M-320-p.2060E. Galt, Great Falls, Montana, to Dewdney. -- June 7, 1891.
M-320-p.2061 B Richardson, Grenfell to Dewdney. -- June 3, 1891. Scanned Document View now.
M-320-p.2062A. Lacombe, St. Albert, to Dewdney. -- June 9, 1891.
M-320-p.2063J.R. Tennant, Toronto, to Dewdney. -- June 10, 1891.
M-320-p.2065Judge Richardson, Regina, to Dewdney. -- June 11, 1891.
M-320-p.2067D. Oppenheimer, Vancouver, to Dewdney. -- June 11, 1891.
M-320-p.2069R.S. Park, Whitewood, to Dewdney. -- June 12, 1891.
M-320-p.2071C.E. Phipps to Dewdney. -- June 15, 1891.
M-320-p.2072P.B. Lake, Grenfell, to Dewdney. -- June 9, 1891.
M-320-p.2074Qu'Appelle Council to Dewdney. -- June 15, 1891.
M-320-p.2076Alameda Association to Dewdney. -- June 18, 1891.
M-320-p.2078D.H. Starr, Qu'Appelle, to Dewdney. -- June 18, 1891.
Series 34-bMemorials to Sir John A. Macdonald. -- 1891
M-320-p.2080Memorial card of funeral.
M-320-p.2080Broadside (both sides) in memory of Sir John.
M-320-p.2082Resolution passed at a meeting at Calgary, Alberta, June 8, 1891, for purpose of tendering sympathy.
M-320-p.2083Folio on the life of Sir John A. Macdonald (reprint). -- June 6, 1891.
Series 34-cNewsapaper Clippings on Death of Sir John A. Macdonald. -- 1891
M-320-p.2085Liverpool papers.
M-320-p.2090Regina, "The Standard". -- June 12, 1891.
Series 35 Nicholas Flood Davin correspondence. -- 1889-1892
M-320-p.2092N.F. Davin, Regina, to Dewdney. -- May 22, 1889. -- recommending Robert Doull for any position available.
M-320-p.2094N.F. Davin, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- February 17, 1890. -- Please send me a copy of Sedgewick's report on scrip, (rebellion). Note by Sedgewick: "my report was confidential to Sir John".
M-320-p.2096N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- nd. -- Please don't forget to send Sedgewick's report. I will not make it public.
M-320-p.2097N.F. Davin to Dewdney. -- February 21, 1890. -- You could send me the names of the books you have spoken of.
M-320-p.2098N.F. Davin to J.J. Abbott, Premier. -- August 26, 1891. -- Enclosing a telegram on representation in the North West.
M-320-p.2101J. Gilkison to Dewdney. -- January 7, 1892. -- A clipping enclosed (Regina townsite scandal). Is time such slanderous utterances be stopped. Perhaps a libel suit.
M-320-p.2103J. Daly to Dewdney. -- January 8, 1892. -- Davin has shown what a blackguard he really is.
M-320-p.2105W.D. Perly to Dewdney. -- January 14, 1892. -- The impression here is that Davin has gone mad.
M-320-p.2107L. Watson to Dewdney. -- January 19, 1892. -- Eastern Assiniboia will stay by you even though Davin and "The Leader" make fools of themselves re: Regina townsite.
M-320-p.2109D.H. Macdowall, Prince Albert, to Dewdney. -- January 21, 1892. -- It was a mistake of Carson's letting Davin take credit for obtaining the Battleford Home Guard Scrip.
M-320-p.2110Royal to Macdowall. -- January 8, 1892. -- I am sending Dewdney the pay lists of the Battleford Home Guard.
Series 35-aCorrespondence re: Davin's Mortgage on Lots in Regina. -- 1888-1891, 1900
M-320-p.2112H.E. Hume to L. Periera. -- September 19, 1888. -- No decision has been arrived at in regard to joint townsite matter, Regina.
M-320-p.2113W.B. Scarth to Dewdney. -- April 8, 1889. -- Enclosing a letter from Davin . It would be well to come to a decision. No doubt there is a great deal in what Davin says. Letter enclosed re: valuation of my lots at Regina.
M-320-p.2116W.B. Scarth to Dewdney. -- April 11, 1889. -- Enclosing a letter from G.T. Marsh of Regina re Davin lots. Marsh puts buildings and lots at $3000. Our claim against Davin is $2400. Letter enclosed.
M-320-p.2118Letter to Dewdney. -- May 8, 1889. -- Sending information re: Davin's lots - notes Sir John will probably remember the arrangement for giving Davin the lots, as he was then Minister of the Interior.
M-320-p.2120W. B. Scarth, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- May 23, 1889. -- Davin got as a subsidy for starting the "Regina Leader" lots which were at the time considered to be worth $5000. Today he would not sell them for more than $1500.
M-320-p.2121Dewdney to W.B. Scarth. -- May 27, 1889. -- I can find no record in the department to any arrangement having been made with Mr. Davin in regard to town lots.
M-320-p.2122W.B. Scarth to Dewdney. -- May 31, 1889. -- If you apply to Sir John he will remember the arrangement.
M-320-p.2123Henry to Chisholm. -- June 5, 1889. -- I cannot find any reference to the sale of lots in Regina to Mr. Davin.
M-320-p.2124A. Chisholm to Henry. -- July 6, 1889. -- Do you still say "no papers?"
M-320-p.2125W.B. Scarth, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- September 13, 1889. -- Enclosing copies of correspondence re: Davin's mortgage. Letters - copies enclosed to Mr. Van Horne; Mr. Drinkwater.
M-320-p.2133Ottawa. -- October 1889. -- Memo - the Minister would like Mr. Checkly to get all facts in regard to the mortgage of Davin and prepare a statement. Signed John Hall.
M-320-p.2134F. Checkly to John Hall. -- October 16, 1889. -- Reviewing Davin's mortgage situation.
M-320-p.2139W.B. Scarth, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- October 29, 1889. -- Davin is continually writing me wishing some settlement. Please let me know your views.
M-320-p.2140G.T. Marsh to W.B. Scarth, Regina. -- July 20, 1891. -- Dewdney's property in Regina was taxed within town limits. His property will be sold for taxes next year unless paid.
M-320-p.2141I. Baeford to Messrs. Hamilton and Jones. -- April 30, 1900. -- Amount of taxes on property in Regina.
M-320-p.2142Hamilton and Jones to Dewdney. -- May 1, 1900. -- Receiving letter transferring Regina property to Mrs. Dewdney. Enclosing above letter on taxes.
M-320-p.2143Plan of Township No. 24, Range 10. -- nd.
M-320-p.2144Plan of Township No. 24, and 25, Range 9 and 10. -- nd.
Series 36 J.W. Powers correspondence. -- 1888
M-320-p.2145Regina. -- October 7, 1888. -- Assigning two lots and house over to you. Burbank, Davin's foreman is to work for Mr. Atkinson.
M-320-p.2147December 16, 1888. -- The Macleod Gazette is after Dr. McEachean charging he refused settlers permission to locate on the Walrond Ranche lease. Superintendent Steele will be a good acquisition for the West.
M-320-p.2151December 21, 1888. -- The enclosed cutting echoes the opinion of the North West re: fees under the Torrens system of land transfer.
Series 37 North-West Territories dispatches. -- 1889
M-320-p.2153January 14, 1889. -- Comments on the views from Macleod Gazette; Lethbridge News; Prince Albert Times; Medicine Hat Times.
M-320-p.2156January 23, 1889. -- Comments on news from various newspapers.
M-320-p.2157January 25, 1889. -- Comments, some clippings glued on.
M-320-p.2158January 26, 1889. -- Comments on papers.
M-320-p.2161Comments on paper.
M-320-p.2165January 23, 1889. -- Complaining about a letter from Mr. McGirr, who wants me (Powers) to take an oath not to drink.
M-320-p.2167October 21, 1889. -- Most of the members in the Council feel there is no need for separate schools or dual language.
M-320-p.2169October 24, 1889. -- The Assembly is pegging away at prairie fires; charities; water-works, etc. General news.
M-320-p.2173November 23, 1889. -- Business discussed and affairs of the North West Council. Regina is looking good. The Leader Journal libel suit is at hand.
M-320-p.2177November 29, 1889. -- General comments; comments on idea of Indian police force; if Cayley could keep sober he would cause confusion to a good government as he has all elements of an unscrupulous Socialist; clipping from The Leader entitled "Herchmer must go."
M-320-p.2182Fragment - "Premier" Haultain is still here - his own importance far exceed's that of Sir John's.
M-320-p.2184North West Territories dispatch. -- September 24, ?. -- Macleod Gazette satisfied with Dewdney election by acclamation with much satisfaction.
Series 38 Indian affairs. -- 1889-1892
M-320-p.2185Magnus Begg, Blackfoot Agency, to Dewdney. -- April 7, 1889. -- Report that Deerfoot gave himself up for trial. Deerfoot has made payment according to Indian law.
M-320-p.2186A. Lacombe, Fort Macleod, to Dewdney. -- November 25, 1889. -- Suggestions of things to improve lot of the Indians: 1. some kind of industry on reserves, 2. abolish the Sundance, 3. prevention of Indians hanging about towns, 4. have Indians learn useful trades, eg. bakery, 5. establishment of a store for Indians to deal at, 6. Indians in NWMP as auxiliaries, 7. compulsory education, 8. another industrial school for the Bloods.
M-320-p.2193Vankoughnet, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- December 4, 1889. -- Comments on above report. Agrees with 1, 2, 3, 4, but a store (5) would be too expensive, also agrees with 6, 7, 8, generally agrees to Lacombe's suggestions.
M-320-p.2198Statement showing the birth and death rates among the treaty Indians in Treaties 4, 6, 7, during 1890.
M-320-p.2199Magnus Begg, Blackfoot Agency, to Dewdney. -- January 13, 1891. -- Three Bulls is to take the place of his brother, Crowfoot, and assures me of continued loyalty.
M-320-p.2200Vankoughnet, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- June 23, 1891. -- Dead Man's Island opposite City of Vancouver does not form any part of an Indian reserve.
M-320-p.2202W. Ogilvie, Dominion Lands Surveyor, to A.M. Burgess, Deputy Minister of the Interior. -- February 8, 1892. -- Report on the condition of Indians along the Athabasca; Great Slave; MacKenzie; Liard; Nelson and Peace, and advisability of furnishing them aid in the way of food. The distance is too great to provide dispersal points perhaps twine or powder and shot instead. This year looks quite good. Impossible to provide relief even if starvation sets in.
M-320-p.2209A. Dingham, Brantford, Ontario, to Dewdney. -- March 9, 1892. -- Objecting to the fact that an official will be down to watch payments by Agent Cameron at Six Nations reserve. This will undermine his influence.
Series 39 Calgary Public Building papers. -- 1891-1892
M-320-p.2211George Alexander to Dewdney. -- July 27, 1891. -- We would welcome a new public building. Lougheed agrees with the plan which would be acceptable in the interests of solidity in the town.
M-320-p.2213James A. Lougheed to Dewdney. -- October 8, 1891. -- Telegram. -- Site for public offices should be fixed now to avoid rival jealousies now being agitated.
M-320-p.2214James A. Lougheed to Dewdney. -- October 12, 1891. -- The post office site chosen by myself and Davis is being opposed by east-end businessmen. The site chosen is very suitable. Please let us know the government's final recommendation.
M-320-p.2216I.S. Freeze to G.E. Foster, Minister of Finance. -- October 13, 1891. -- post office property scheme is engineered by Lougheed for his own gain. Includes diagram of business area and lots proposed. The present post office is ample.
M-320-p.2221George Alexander to Dewdney. -- October 17, 1891. -- Sending a memorial in favour of the proposed site, which received signatures of property owners amounting to half the assessment of the town. Memorial included.
M-320-p.2226Hon. J.J.C. Abbott to George Alexander. -- December 24, 1891. -- Circumstances surrounding the selection of the site for proposed new post office and public buildings. Reviewing the assessment of the town and the reasons for the agitation from businessmen in east- end.
M-320-p.2230George Alexander to Dewdney. -- December 24, 1891. -- The question of the post office is dragging on. This matter is of great importance to the future growth, so please use your influence.
M-320-p.2231George Alexander to Dewdney. -- nd. -- The strain between the two factors over the post office is very tense. Perhaps a compromise site would be better.
M-320-p.2233William Pearce to Dewdney. -- February 6, 1892. -- Reviewing situation and suggesting post office be located east if best interest are served.
M-320-p.2239James Walker to Dewdney. -- June 17, 1892. -- A General Hospital should be built. The Catholic Hospital is part of their church. Both Winnipeg and even Medicine Hat have received grants. D.W. Davis promised the government would match us dollar for dollar.
M-320-p.2242James Walker to Dewdney. -- June 30, 1892. -- A new hospital building is needed here at once. Aid is needed from the government.
Series 40 Immigration papers. -- 1892
M-320-p.2244W. Orr, A. Allan, and J. Bannerman, Committee on Immigration of Calgary Board of Trade, to D.W. Davis. -- nd. -- We recommend sending agents to prairie States to induce settlers to move here.
M-320-p.2246D.W. Davis, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- nd. -- Sending copy of above letter.
M-320-p.2247J.B. Ashby, Battleford, to Dewdney. -- April 4, 1892. -- Request that grant given to Emigration Sheds, Battleford, be handed to Battle River Agricultural Society for sheds.
M-320-p.2250E.B. Osler, Toronto, to Dewdney. -- April 7, 1892. -- Dissatisfied with the division of government buildings - emigrant shed on South, land registry on North side of river at Edmonton.
M-320-p.2251William McGirr to Dewdney. -- April 11, 1892. -- Could not the poster in CPR trains advertising settlement in USA be stopped?
M-320-p.2252D.H. MacDowall to Dewdney. -- April 11, 1892. -- I hope the Battle River Agricultural Society gets favourable consideration.
M-320-p.2253Dewdney to D.H. MacDowall. -- April 13, 1892. -- I will have to ask the Auditor-General about the Battleford request.
M-320-p.2254Dewdney to Lowe. -- April 25, 1892. -- I have looked over the correspondence. The joint use of an immigrant and agricultural building has many practical difficulties. I do not think one building could be used for two purposes.
M-320-p.2256A. Chisholm to Dewdney. -- April 26, 1892. -- I do not think it wise to fulfil request of Battleford Agricultural Society, after Mr. Lowe's letter.
M-320-p.2257A.G. Smyth, Immigration Agent, to John Carling, Minister of Agriculture. -- June 13, 1892. -- Feel I ought to have a super annulation on basis of civil and military record.
M-320-p.2259A.G. Smyth to John Carling. -- June 14, 1892. -- I desire a six month leave of absence as my job has been closed down.
M-320-p.2260John Carling to Dewdney. -- June 17, 1892. -- Sending above two letters, please do what you can for him.
M-320-p.2262A.M. Burgess, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- June 22, 1892. -- We cannot give him a leave of absence, but will give him a superannuation allowance of $700.
M-320-p.2263List of signatures from Calgary to Dewdney. -- August 13, 1892. -- Desire appointment of John Livingston to position of Emigration Agent.
M-320-p.2266John Livingston to Dewdney. -- October 19, 1892. -- As you have resigned as Minister of the Interior, would you please speak to your successor about my job.
Series 41 Geological Survey papers. -- 1891-1892
M-320-p.2270George Dawson to Dewdney. -- February 14, 1891. -- Enclosing the answers to questions asked Mr. Crickley re: occurrence of materials for paint manufacture, etc. in British Columbia.
M-320-p.2273Alfred R. C. Selwyn to Dewdney. -- March 20, 1891. -- Unable to express any opinion as to the Newfoundland coal field referred to in Sir W. Dawson's letter to Sir Charles Tupper.
M-320-p.2275Chisholm to E. Deville. -- May 20, 1891. -- Application from Dominion Lands surveyors.
M-320-p.2283Hughes to G. R. Cockburn. -- April 1, 1892. -- Please obtain field notes of townships noted.
M-320-p.2283AG.R. Cockburn to Dewdney. -- April 1, 1892. -- Enclosed field notes following.
M-320-p.2292F. Fraser Tims, Fort Saskatchewan, to Dewdney. -- March 22, 1892. -- Pointing out the disadvantages of erecting immigrant sheds on the North Saskatchewan River; and pointing out the survey of the area is in a wretched state of affairs. Please remedy.
M-320-p.2295E. Deville to F.F. Tims. -- April 12, 1892. -- It is the intention of the Department to correct old surveys and meet present needs. Also memorandum -re: removal of the boundary marks at Prince Albert and Edmonton.
M-320-p.2299I.S. Freeze, Calgary, to D.W. Davis. -- May 5, 1892. -- Forwarding letter written to the Geological Survey Department. Please use your influence in obtaining request. Enclosed copy of letter: requesting grant for Calgary Natural Gas Company.
M-320-p.2303Dewdney to Sir Hector Langevin. -- July 2, 1892. -- An officer of the Geological Survey which will bring in more information about the Northern Boundary of Quebec.
M-320-p.2304Alfred R.C. Selwyn to Dewdney. -- September 1, 1892. -- Copy of Mr. Dawson's memorandum on lands to be granted to the Commercial Company to be formed in connection with the settlement of the Scottish crofter fishermen.
Series 42 Walrond Ranche correspondence. -- 1891-1892
M-320-p.2311J. Lamer to Dr. McEacheran. -- August 4, 1891. -- Extract from letter - trouble is arising over cattle leases. Bailey is going around with a petition for the purpose of getting the Hollis lease opened for settlement.
M-320-p.2312Dr. McEacheran to Dewdney. -- August 13, 1891. -- Request police to prevent what could be a serious breach of peace over leases.
M-320-p.2314Dr. McEacheran to Dewdney. -- March 29, 1892. -- I fear Haultain has wilfully misstated the facts on the Dunbar case. I did everything in my power to prevent trouble with the Dunbar, and kept the Department informed.
M-320-p.2318Dewdney to A.M. Burgess. -- March 30, 1892. -- Memorandum - we must give the two year notice of the western portion of Walrond Ranche.
M-320-p.2319A. M. Burgess to Dewdney. -- April 6, 1892. -- It is hard to discover what the facts are, as Haultain's statements contradict McEacheran's.
Series 43 General correspondence. -- 1889-1892
M-320-p.2320H.J. Eberts, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- February 28, 1889. -- The attacks in the Times were commenced by Mr. T.W. Jackson over bar of sales of lots at Fort Qu'Appelle and Mr. Farran.
M-320-p.2324Robert Doull, Montreal, to Dewdney. -- May 28, 1889. -- I now have a letter of recommendation from Mr. Davin and desire a position in the North West.
M-320-p.2326G.C. Marsh, Calgary, to Dewdney. -- August 19, 1889. -- I have left with Mr. Lougheed $100, a portion of the proceeds of the rent of your property.
M-320-p.2328George Murdock, New Westminster, to Dewdney. -- September 7, 1889. -- Question of land title within Railway Land belt.
M-320-p.2331T.S. Higginson to Dewdney. -- september 20, 1889. -- Boundary of belt line has never been legally defined - North arm of Burrard Inlet.
M-320-p.2333Hon. Edward Blake to Dewdney. -- March 12, 1890. -- Re: Indians of Robinson Treaty.
M-320-p.2335William Van Horne to Dewdney. -- March 25, 1890. -- Now that the land matters are cleared up the south branch of the railway.
M-320-p.2337 J. Robson to Dewdney. -- June 19, 1890. -- You may use my confidential letter re: Higginson matter, but do not involve me.
M-320-p.2341A.W. Nowell, Clinton, to Dewdney. -- October 17, 1890. -- Describing the conditions up as far as Quenelle and Chilcoten.
M-320-p.2345Solicitors, Toronto, to Dewdney. -- November 10, 1890. -- Memorandum prepared re: The Qu'Appelle, Long Lake and Saskatchewan Railway and Steamboat Co. and the Land Corporation of Canada.
M-320-p.2348-?, Regina, to Dewdney. -- December 4, 1890. -- Rumours that a new Conservative paper be started. Unfinished.
M-320-p.2352Sir John Thompson, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- December 23, 1890. -- I think the best thing would be to abolish the North West Council and leave to the vote of the Assembly the appropriation of all Territorial funds.
M-320-p.2354C.E. Gregory to Dewdney. -- 1890. -- Submitting that Mr. O.R. Jarvis's salary is inadequate to provide for himself, finding after five years service at still the same salary.
M-320-p.2355N.D. Perley to Dewdney. -- January 4, 1891. -- Recommending Mr. Love for immigration position when he returns from England.
M-320-p.2359W.C. Hamilton to Dewdney. -- January 7, 1891. -- Davin is a scoundrel and known as a drinker.
M-320-p.2361Dewdney to Governor General in Council. -- February 18, 1892. -- Mr. George H. Livingston homestead and the question of his placing his half breed [Metis] scrip on the adjoining quarter of the same section.
M-320-p.2364William Pearce, Calgary, to A.M. Burgess. -- February 26, 1891. -- Recommending settling the Livingston matter that the entry be cancelled and sold to his nominee at $1.00 per acre.
M-320-p.2366A.M. Burgess to Dewdney. -- March 5, 1891. -- I think we have gone as far in trying to satisfy Mr. Livingston as we are justified.
M-320-p.2367Dewdney to Robert Sedgewick. -- March 19, 1891. -- Enclosing a memorandum of points in Bill, from Mr. Archibald McDonald of Fort Qu'Appelle.
M-320-p.2370Reverend Leonard Gaetz to Dewdney. -- October 23, 1891. -- Question of renting the Land Office at Red Deer.
M-320-p.2372James Sharpe, Armstrong Lake, to Dewdney. -- November 17, 1891. -- We have just finished a hard fought general election here. Also a Mr. J.P. Campbell has been nine years on his homestead and unable to get his patent. Kindly let me know what is the matter.
M-320-p.2375J.W. Connell to Dewdney. -- November 20, 1891. -- My reason for writing is that certain persons listed should not be appointed J.P.'s as they have caused a good deal of trouble in the election here.
M-320-p.2377Fred White to Dewdney. -- December 3, 1891. -- Crops are excellent, going to Macleod and Edmonton in a few days.
M-320-p.2380Richard Turner, President of the Quebec Board of Trade, to Dewdney. -- November 23, 1891. -- Sending a copy of the resolutions which were adopted re: question of fast Atlantic service between Europe and Canada.
M-320-p.2385Percy Lake, Grenfell, to Dewdney. -- December 23, 1891. -- Great pleasure to know you have been well received in Regina.
M-320-p.2387T. H. Cross, Moosomin, to Dewdney. -- January 1, 1892. -- Please claiming my land patent.
M-320-p.2388A. Chisholm to Mr. Bell. -- January 2, 1892. -- Do you have anything in your file about rent of Red Deer office. Enclosed letter - Gaetz to Dewdney - I will proceed to erect an office. Obliged for a small rental to cover costs.
M-320-p.2391Adolphe Caren to Dewdney. -- January 15, 1892. -- The warrant for the Battleford Horse Guard Scrip was issued to your Department and Mr. Macdowall was informed.
M-320-p.2392L.C. Dupont, Vancouver, to Dewdney. -- January 17, 1892. -- Offering space in my new building at New Westminster for Dominion Land Office. Also we are becoming disgusted with the Colonist and set up capital for a newspaper.
M-320-p.2396T.M. Daly, Brandon, to Dewdney. -- January 21, 1892. -- The lot of lands advertised to be sold at Deloraine should have been sold at Brandon.
M-320-p.2399J.D. Sibbald, Regina, to Dewdney. -- January 26, 1892. -- what is the position for the receipt of a land warrant for services during the Rebellion of 1885.
M-320-p.2401T.C. Down, London, to Dewdney. -- February 4, 1892. -- I am writing articles on "The Failure of the Prohibition" for one of the London daily papers (articles enclosed). Perhaps these might be useful in Canada in pamphlet form.
M-320-p.2406J. Royal, Regina, To Dewdney. -- February 8, 1892. -- Objecting the fact that a Lt. Governor of NWT should have to discuss his travelling expenses account with the Executive Committee.
M-320-p.2408William Eakin, Crescent Lake, to Dewdney. -- February 10, 1892. -- There is considerable amount to be learned in regard to farming in the NWT. I think the Minister of the Interior should represent the NWT - every confidence in your ability.
M-320-p.2412McGolrich to Sir John Thompson. -- February 22, 1892. -- Is there any chance of my company getting charter to build proposed railway along the Niagara River.
M-320-p.2417G.S. Davidson, Qu'Appelle Station, to Dewdney. -- February 23, 1892. -- I am anxious to see Dundas reinstated. Davin is not so important this session. By-elections are going well.
M-320-p.2419Mrs. Helen Gregory Flesher, San Francisco, to Dewdney. -- February 24, 1892. -- As I am writing a magazine article on Canadian politics, please send me your opinions and predictions for the future.
M-320-p.2422W.C. Van Horne to Dewdney. -- March 1, 1892. -- The CPR had nothing to do with the absorption of the Times by the Free Press.
M-320-p.2424H. Cayley, Calgary, to Dewdney. -- March 2, 1892. -- Have heard of an abuse whereby MacPherson of the High River Horse Ranch Company offered to let land for his Hamilton friends at government price so they could "buy cheap and hold for a raise". This should be corrected.
M-320-p.2425A. Chisholm to Dewdney. -- March 3, 1892. -- Memorandum to see Finance Minister.
M-320-p.2426J.F. Betlo, Prince Albert, to Dewdney. -- March 5, 1892. -- Thank you for photograph of yourself.
M-320-p.2427Dewdney to H. Cayley. -- March 8, 1892. -- Thank you for letter of March 2. Our policy has been that the area of land granted to Ranche Co. shall be in proportion to extend and value of operation.
M-320-p.2428D. Campbell, Whitewood, to Dewdney. -- March 8, 1892. -- Please help us obtain a grant for a bridge across the Pipestone.
M-320-p.2429Hugh Macdougall, Fort Qu'Appelle, to Dewdney. -- March 9, 1892. -- Glad to hear there is a possibility of Immigration Policy put under your Department. Quebec has had a change of opinion as De Bourcherville's party gained 53 seats.
M-320-p.2432Thomas Stroke, to Dewdney. -- March 10, 1892. -- Sending a report on bore holes and a rough sketch.
M-320-p.2433Richard Skrine, England, to Dewdney. -- March 14, 1892. -- Please see what you can do and speak to Patterson.
M-320-p.2435T. M. Daly, Brandon, to Dewdney. -- March 17, 1892. -- Please see what you can do and speak to Patterson.
M-320-p.2437Adolphe Caron, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- March 17, 1892. -- Recommending more pay to Miss Adamson, the Assistant at post office at Moosomin.
M-320-p.2440C. Pooley, Victoria, to Dewdney. -- March 23, 1892. -- What is your position on the Lieutenant-Governorship of British Columbia?
M-320-p.2442D. Oppenheimer, Victoria, to Dewdney. -- March 23, 1892. -- If you are going to remain in the government then John Robson should get the Lieutenant-Governorship.
M-320-p.2445C. N. McGolrich to Dewdney. -- March 24, 1892. -- Our firm is ready to go ahead with the Niagara Falls and Queenston Railway bridge just as soon as you give the right of way.
M-320-p.2448A. Chisholm from E. Deville. -- March 26, 1892. -- The services of Messrs. Pilon and Bourk cannot be utilized unless we send an explorer - enclosed letter.
M-320-p.2456James Sharp, Armstrong Lake, to Dewdney, March 29, 1892. -- There is a great necessity for the government to establish an experimental farm in the vicinity of Yorkton.
M-320-p.2458Hugh A. Macdougall, Ft. Qu'Appelle, to Dewdney. -- March 30, 1892. -- Still would like a position if one opens. C.P.R. is reported to be about to build through the Crows Nest Pass.
M-320-p.2460E. B. Osler, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- March 31, 1892. -- It would not be in the interests of the District to have public buildings in Edmonton on the south side.
M-320-p.2462Supt. Deane, Lethbridge, to Dewdney. -- March, 1892. -- Monthly report extract - worst blizzard of the season has caused heavy losses of both cattle and horses.
M-320-p.2464Frederick Bell, Qu'Appelle, to Dewdney. -- April 5, 1892. -- You have been elected Patron of the District Cricket Club.
M-320-p.2465L. W. Coultee to Dewdney. -- April 10, 1892. -- Comment on the Indian toothache relief question.
M-320-p.2466William Ogilvie to Dewdney. -- April 11, 1892. -- Received a letter from Dr. McKay, HBC officer who said conditions are good in the Athabasca district.
M-320-p.2470J. McMullen to Dewdney. -- April 12, 1892. -- Your letter re the Dunbar matter has been duly read and I hope the proposition made will be satisfactory.
M-320-p.2471J. A. Donaldson to Dewdney. -- April 13, 1892. -- Invitation to visit Toronto.
M-320-p.2473A. L. Paterson, Qu'Appelle Station, to Dewdney. -- April 18, 1892. -- We have heard that you may accept the Governorship of British Columbia.
M-320-p.2474R. S. Stevenson, Moosomin, to Dewdney. -- April 18, 1892. -- Applying for appointment of Stipendiary Magistrate.
M-320-p.2476J. F. Betts to Dewdney. -- April 27, 1892. -- Please send a photograph of yourself.
M-320-p.2477C. M. Macintosh to Dewdney. -- April 27, 1892. -- Would like you to help Mrs. Edge to get a position at Geological Museum.
M-320-p.2478Dewdney to F. White. -- May 2, 1892. -- Mr. Guernsey's request for more troops at Ft. Qu'Appelle - liquor problem with Indians - correspondence included.
M-320-p.2483D. Campbell, Ft. Macleod, to D. W. Davis. -- May 6, 1892. -- Please send us a man to inspect shipping and driving of cattle in Alberta and enforce Hide Ordinance.
M-320-p.2486J. P. Kerby, Washington, D. C., to Dewdney. -- May 18, 1892. -- Enquiring about the activities in the North West of a certain Honore J. Jaxon who says he was Riel's Secretary and is passing himself off as Secretary of the Metis Council.
M-320-p.2488Emma C. Sickels, Washington, D. C., to Dewdney. -- May 18, 1892. -- Asking for information about Honore J. Jaxon.
M-320-p.2489Dewdney to W. D. Perley. -- May 19, 1892. -- Please assure Mr. Webster that the Government has not lost sight of the great importance of opening up land re Manitoba and North West Railway.
M-320-p.2491A. M. Burgess to Dewdney. -- May 13, 1892. -- A land subsidy of 6,400 acres per mile for construction of Manitoba and North West Railway has provided by an Order-in- Council, June 4, 1884.
M-320-p.2493W. D. Perley to Dewdney. -- May 20, 1892. -- I have always thought that as Regina is the capital all branches of public services should be located there.
M-320-p.2495B. P. Richardson, Grenfell, to Dewdney. -- May 23, 1892. -- A land guide here at Grenfell would be very useful. Recommend R. W. Francis. View now.
M-320-p.2497Henry Le Jeune, Regina to Dewdney. -- May 30, 1892. -- Re memorial advocating Regina terminus for C.P.R.
M-320-p.2502E. A. Watson, Illecillewaett, to Dewdney. -- June 1, 1892. -- There will probably be many important discoveries in the Fish River Valley this summer.
M-320-p.2503A. Rogers, Clearwater, to Abbott. -- June 3, 1892. -- Boyd will be elected without doubt in this area.
M-320-p.2505Sir D. Smith to Dewdney. -- June 3, 1892. -- Received your last letter.
M-320-p.2506Jos. Taillefe, Bound Lake, to Dewdney. -- June 9, 1892. -- Renewing kind thanks for offers.
M-320-p.2507Dickson, Qu'Appelle, to Dewdney. -- June 17, 1892. -- Enclosing a resolution passed at the last meeting of the South Qu'Appelle Liberal-Conservative Association. Re approval of tariff reform between Britain and Colonies.
M-320-p.2509R. S. Lake, Grenfell, to Dewdney. -- June 20, 1892. -- Central Liberal-Conservative Association resolution appreciation of services of Hon. E. Dewdney and confidence in him.
M-320-p.2513Adolphe Caron, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- June 22, 1892. -- Would appreciate it if you would oblige Mr. Chateauvert by buying his map.
M-320-p.2514J. A. Chapleau, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- June 22, 1892. -- Mr. Justice Gill recommendation of Mr. Courchesne is endorsed by me.
M-320-p.2515Strang, Edmonton, to Dewdney. -- June 23, 1892. -- I am sure the majority of Edmonton citizens are disgusted with the evenings "Bulletin".
M-320-p.2516Sir Hector Langevin, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- June 24, 1892. -- Please do not forget the matter of the Northern boundary of Quebec as it is very important for the province.
M-320-p.2517Helen F. Flesher, California, to Dewdney. -- June 23, 1892. -- Could you send me a photo and also your opinion as to Canada's future?
M-320-p.2519Antonio Prince, Prince Alberta, to Dewdney. -- June 28, 1892. -- As M.L.A. for Prince Albert it is my duty to ask you not to believe the attacks in the Bulletin are expressions of public opinion in my district.
M-320-p.2520A. E. Courchesne to Dewdney. -- June 1892. -- Offering for sale register of property for taxation of Quebec which would be needed by lands department. Recommendation enclosed from Assistant Commissioner.
M-320-p.2521E. Coatsworth to Dewdney. -- July 8, 1892. -- I admit because of the prejudice during the Rebellion I shared in feelings against you. However, now I have the highest respect and hope you continue in office.
M-320-p.2523J. Creagh, Calgary, to Dewdney. -- July 16, 1892. -- The people north of the Saskatchewan River in Edmonton are in the majority and are stirred up against the Government regarding Land Office affair.
M-320-p.2527Alfred Workman, Wapella, to Dewdney. -- July 16, 1892. -- Asking for permission to take up a third homestead as I have had no good crops.
M-320-p.2529Robert Crawford, Indian Head, to Dewdney. -- July 18, 1892. -- School section has been cultivated by several parties. Tumbling weed has become a problem on this land.
M-320-p.2531Fred White, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- July 21, 1892. -- I will call in all the rifles at Edmonton.
M-320-p.2533A. L. Gruggan, Moosomin, to Dewdney. -- July 22, 1892. -- Complaining about Customs over-charging a your for his guns.
M-320-p.2535C. W. Drinkwater to Dewdney. -- July 25, 1892. -- When are the subsidies for the two extensions of the Souris Branch going to be considered.
M-320-p.2536J. Creagh to Dewdney. -- July 27, 1892. -- Mr. Anderson was not in any way to blame for the disturbances.
M-320-p.2538J. W. Smith, Regina, to Dewdney. -- August 1, 1892. -- Mr. Van Horne reports the only thing against bringing the Soo Road to Regina is that the original engineer reports no water. However we have a good supply.
M-320-p.2539D. N. Macdowall, Prince Albert, to Sir John Abbott. -- August 7, 1892. -- Describing situation leading up to Edmonton riot. I am retiring from Parliament as it is too great a distance from Ottawa.
M-320-p.2542J. R. Tennant, London, England, to Dewdney. -- August 12, 1892. -- Letters of introduction for Mr. R. Walker.
M-320-p.2544J. G. Colmer, London, to Dewdney. -- August 16, 1892. -- Introducing Mr. Ronald Macdonald, who is visiting on behalf of Lady Gordon Cathcart.
M-320-p.2545John Costigan, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- August 17, 1892. -- Enclosing application of Mr. John Kerr of Moosomin for a Malters and Brewers license.
M-320-p.2547William English, Petrolia, to Dewdney. -- August 20, 1892. -- Sending compliments of East Lambton Liberal-Conservative Association.
M-320-p.2548H. Cargill, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- August 20, 1892. -- A Dulmage has written about shipping hay to England. Please give him full particulars as he is a most active political friend.
M-320-p.2549Hugh J. Macdonald, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- August 23, 1892. -- Writing a reference for Mr. Deidle re sending him to Germany to promote immigration to Canada.
M-320-p.2550Richard White, Montreal, to Fred White. -- August 29, 1892. -- Please write Mr. Dewdney re balance of payment for general campaign literature.
M-320-p.2553Dept. of Interior for Dewdney, to Richard White. -- August 30, 1892. -- Note was received, Mr. Dewdney is away, but I will let you know result.
M-320-p.2554F.N.G. Haultain, Regina, to Dewdney. -- September 3, 1892. -- Explaining the trouble that occurred in the Assembly with Lt.-Governor Royal.
M-320-p.2558F. G. Verun, Victoria, to Dewdney. -- September 9, 1892. --Davis, Perley and myself have what we could for you with Bowell.
M-320-p.2559H. J. Hill, Toronto, to Dewdney. -- September 12, 1892. -- Acknowledge the receipt of exhibit from the North West to our Exhibition.
M-320-p.2561R. B. Gordon, Regina, to Dewdney. -- September 12, 1892. -- Cayley is anxious that you should not have missed the enclosed article from The Leader on the North West Assembly.
M-320-p.2565J. Royal, Regina, to Dewdney. -- September 13, 1892. -- Copy of a letter sent to Sir John Thompson re affairs of North West Assembly.
M-320-p.2567George Weldon, Grenfell, to Dewdney. -- September 13, 1892. -- Copy of a resolution re banquet in honour of E. Dewdney when he visits Liberal-Conservative Association.
M-320-p.2568J. Reaman, Regina, to Dewdney. -- September 13, 1892. -- Please look into the matter of Mrs. King's homestead; describing the recent problem in the North West Assembly.
M-320-p.2571Wm. McGirr, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- September 13, 1892. -- The attached is an extract from a private note I received from Cayley.
M-320-p.2573H. J. Hill, Toronto, to Dewdney. -- September 15, 1892. -- Forwarding you the guest's badge as a memento expressing appreciation on your visit to the Toronto Exhibition.
M-320-p.2574A. La Riviere, St. Boniface, to Dewdney. -- September 17, 1892. -- As I prefer to remain in the Commons, I recommend Mr. Thomas Alfred Bernier of St. Boniface to the Senate.
M-320-p.2576I. Niff to Dewdney. -- September 24, 1892. -- I am sorry to hear trouble will delay full responsible government in N.W.T. The Executive has not the confidence of the House. Most feel Governor Royal should be recalled.
M-320-p.2578William Van Horne to Dewdney. -- October 8, 1892. -- Explaining the Regina rail situation.
M-320-p.2579W. C. Hamilton to Dewdney. -- October 13, 1892. -- Fear that Regina will be side-tracked by the C.P.R. and the Company is playing fast and loose.
M-320-p.2581[George B. Murphy?] to Dewdney. -- October 17, 1892. -- Recommending A. C. Paterson for an advancement.
M-320-p.2582A. Paterson, Qu'Appelle, to Dewdney. -- October 17, 1892. -- Regret you are leaving the Government to be Lt.-Governor of British Columbia.
M-320-p.2584W. White, Moosomin, to Dewdney. -- October 18, 1892. -- Congratulations on your new position.
M-320-p.2585Hayter Reed, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- October 19, 1892. -- Regret that you will be leaving the Government.
M-320-p.2587J. D. Sibbald, Regina, to Dewdney. -- October 19, 1892. -- I regret to see that you will not longer be in the Cabinet, but congratulate you on becoming Lt.-Governor of British Columbia.
M-320-p.2588F. M. Tim, Portage La Prairie, to Dewdney. -- October 20, 1892. -- Thank you for submitting my name for appointment for collector of Customs.
M-320-p.2590T. P. Wadsworth, Birtle, Man., to Dewdney. -- October 21, 1892. -- Express regrets that you have severed connection with Indian Department. Congratulations on new position.
M-320-p.2592Judge Chas. B. Rouleau, Calgary, to Dewdney. -- April 28, 1889. -- Is special permission needed from Lt.-Governor to have intoxicants in possession?
M-320-p.2593F. Tims, to Dewdney. -- April 19, 1891. -- No immigration shed at South Edmonton.
M-320-p.2593AR. J. Steel, Regina, to Dewdney. -- March 19, 1892. -- Board of Trade opposed to having undesirable class of people, as those destitute Jews located near town.
M-320-p.2594T. G. Shaughnessy, Montreal, to Dewdney. -- March 21, 1892. -- Our trains being interfered with and men attached at Rat Portage and Keewatin. Mounted Police jurisdiction should be extended.
M-320-p.2595T. G. Shaughnessy, Montreal, to Dewdney. -- March 21, 1892. -- Lt.-Governor Schultz has communicated with Premier about police protection.
M-320-p.2595AT. G. Shaughnessy, Montreal, to Dewdney. -- March 22, 1892. -- Could we not borrow Mounted Police under clause in railway act.
M-320-p.2596C. Drinkwater, Montreal, to Dewdney. -- May 9, 1892. -- Hope you will deal favourably with Bonthillier proposal.
M-320-p.2597R. H. Williams, Regina, to Dewdney. -- August 4, 1892. -- Protesting against moving divisional point from Regina to Moose Jaw.
M-320-p.2604J. Royal, Regina, to Dewdney. -- August 30, 1892. -- Speaker Ross resigned, Assembly deadlocked.
M-320-p.2604AJ. Royal, Regina, to Dewdney. -- August 31, 1892. -- Cayley moved Sutherland as Speaker. No possibility of compromise.
M-320-p.2605J. Royal to Dewdney, September 1, 1892. -- I have decided to prorogue the Legislature today by proclamation.
M-320-p.2606J. Royal, Regina, to Dewdney. -- September 2, 1892. -- Haultain offered new speaker and held meeting of his party and had them sign manifesto in which Lt.-Governor is blamed for partisanship.
M-320-p.2607J. Royal, Regina, to Dewdney. -- September 2, 1892. -- Haultain and Sutherland appear in court on charge of criminal libel arising out of attempted bribery.
M-320-p.2607AGeorge B. Murphy, Moosomin, to Dewdney. -- October 15, 1892. -- In code.
M-320-p.2608Wilfred Laurier to Dewdney. -- no date. -- I propose to bring up the question of the British Columbia settlers.
Series 44 Thomas Cunningham correspondence. -- 1891-1892
M-320-p.2609Thomas Cunningham to Dewdney. -- December 17, 1891. -- I feel that because of your experience in the West you should remain as Minister of the Interior as you are indispensable at Ottawa.
M-320-p.2612Thomas Cunnigham to Dewdney. -- February 27, 1892. -- The Fisheries Commission is now sitting here. I regret to find that almost nothing is known of the precious fertilizing value of fish guano. I suggest you bring facts before Minister of Agriculture. A committee of B.C. Fruit Growers has drafted a bill to be put in your hands, re insect pests.
M-320-p.2620Thomas Cunningham (from Minister of Marine and Fisheries) to Dewdney. -- April 4, 1892. -- Enclosing a copy of report from the local Inspector of Fisheries on this subject - there is at present no way to dispose of fish guano and the opportunity is open to anyone.
M-320-p.2623Thomas Cunningham to Dewdney. -- June 11, 1892. -- Enclosed is the B.C. Act to create a Provincial Board of Horticulture (April 23, 1892). The Dominion Government ought to enact a federal law covering the Dominion re fruit pests. Japan seems to have some excellent fruit varieties.
M-320-p.2631Thomas Cunningham to Dewdney. -- July 2, 1892. -- Although the government at Ottawa would be weakened, we would be happy to have you as Governor. I have been appointed President of the new Horticultural Board.
Series 45 W.I. Compton correspondence. -- 1892
M-320-p.2634Fred White to W. J. Compton. -- February 29, 1892. -- The reasons advanced by you would not be sufficient to interfere with the decisions of Justices of Peace over liquor fines.
M-320-p.2635W. J. Compton, Calgary, to Premier Abbott. -- May 30, 1892. -- Senator Lougheed has recommended that my fines be returned. Note to E. D.: for your consideration - from Premier Abbott.
M-320-p.2637Dewdney to W. J. Compton. -- June 6, 1892. -- The law has taken its course and I fear it is impossible to intercede on your behalf.
M-320-p.2638Dewdney to Fred White. -- June 6, 1892. -- I send you a communication from Mr. Compton and a copy of my reply.
M-320-p.2639Fred White to Dewdney. -- June 8, 1892. -- Outlined Mr. Compton's problem and steps being taken.
M-320-p.2641W. J. Compton to Dewdney. -- June 15, 1892. -- Complaining about actions taken re liquor fines.
M-320-p.2645W. J. Compton to Dewdney. -- June 20, 1892. -- Defending reputation against slanders by Mr. J. Costigan, Junior Crown Prosecutor for Mounted Police.
M-320-p.2648W. J. Compton to Dewdney. -- August 8, 1892. -- Please have excessive liquor fines returned to me, as am turning premises into laundry, and need money.
M-320-p.2649W. J. Compton to Dewdney. -- September 2, 1892. -- Thinking of suing the D.P.R. for my accidental fall off C.P.R. culvert. Try to bring dairymen to Alberta.
M-320-p.2651W. J. Compton to Dewdney. -- September 2, 1892. -- Report for leisure reading re coming to area and unjust fines.
M-320-p.2657W. J. Compton to Dewdney. -- September 22, 1892. -- I have lost $1,500 in fines from 1884-1891. I wish to turn my hotel into a laundry but I need $200 to fix it up.
Series 46 Diaries. -- 1891-1901
M-320-p.2660 Dewdney day diary. -- 1891. -- Mostly weather and social notes, also account of Sir John A. Macdonald's death. Scanned Document View now.
M-320-p.2670 Dewdney day diary. -- 1894. -- Mostly weather and social notes.
M-320-p.2671 Dewney trip journal. -- 1896[?]. -- Journal of trip to Alaska from Vancouver along the British Columbia coast. Includes comments and descriptions about Indian [First Nations] villages along the coast. Scanned Document View now.
Series 47 Miscellaneous. -- 1891-1892
M-320-p.2702Map of Electoral District of New Westminster, B.C. -- 1891.
M-320-p.2703Address to the Electors of Eastern Assiniboia by E. Dewdney. -- ca. 1891.
M-320-p.2705Circular at the request of Sir John Thompson re 3 Bills of the House of Commons. An Act to amend the Dominion Elections Act. -- 1891.
M-320-p.2722Census. -- 1891. -- Pay rates and various districts across Canada.
M-320-p.2722Letter, Chisholm; George Johnson. -- January 10, 1891. -- Outlining commissioner position in last census.
M-320-p.2736Estimates of certain sums required for the service of the North West Territories for the year ending June 30, 1893.
M-320-p.2739Memorandum re question of offering for sale 50 of the islands in the St. Lawrence in the group known as the Thousand Islands.
M-320-p.2743Memorandum re British and American exports to Canada in 1891.
M-320-p.____Map of Manitoba. -- June 1891. -- Not copied.
M-320-p.2753Memorandum re Stanley Park, Vancouver. -- No date.
M-320-p.2755Poem from Owen Sound's account of his travels from Calgary to Red Deer and Blind Man River. -- 1892.
M-320-p.2757An Act respecting the Lake Manitoba Railway and Canal Co.
Series 48 Congratulations on receiving Lt-Governorship. -- 1892
M-320-p.2760 R. B. Gordon. -- October 16, 1892. -- Telegram.
W. C. Hamilton -- October 17, 1892. -- Telegram.
P. O'Reilly. -- October 18, 1892. -- Telegram.
The World, Vancouver. -- October 18, 1892. -- Telegram.
E. W. Rathburn. -- October 18, 1892.
Baroness Macdonald. -- October 21, 1892.
William Pearce. -- October 21, 1892.
Citizens of Vancouver, F. Cope, Mayor. -- 1892.
Hugh J. Macdonald. -- October 24, 1892.
P. Lakes. -- October 25, 1892.
Hector Langevin. -- October 26, 1892.
A. Chisholm. -- October 27, 1892.
Clipping from Victoria Daily News re Lt.-Governorship.
M-320-p.2776 Welcome address to Hon. Edgar Dewdney as Lt.-Governor from the citizens of Vancouver. -- [ca. 1892]. Scanned Document View now.
M-320-p.2777 Appointment as Justice of the Peace in British Columbia. -- September 1900. Scanned Document View now.
Series 49 Correspondence. -- 1893-1903
M-320-p.2780James A. Lougheed, Calgary, to Dewdney. -- January 15, 1893. -- Your friends here will be pleased to know who Royal's successor will be.
M-320-p.2782R. B. Gordon, Regina, to Dewdney. -- March 15, 1894. -- The school question is still in the fore, so I doubt the Governor and Haultain will get much money this year.
M-320-p.2786Sir John Thompson to Dewdney. -- August, 1894. -- The heat of Ottawa and tedium of the session is killing, my health is suffering. Glad to hear news form B.C. is good.
M-320-p.2789Aberdeen to Dewdney. -- November 17, 1894. -- Post Office matters in Victoria.
M-320-p.2791B.C. Urquhart, Montreal, to Dewdney. -- November 26, 1894. -- Thank you for souvenirs of B.C. visit. His excellency was grateful that the Post Office matter was so satisfactorily settled and trouble you took in the matter.
M-320-p.2793Aberdeen, Montreal, to Dewdney. -- December 12, 1894. -- Telegram - received news of death of Sir John Thompson today.
M-320-p.2794Dewdney to Sir Charles Tupper. -- December 12, 1894. -- Telegram - you have heard the news about Thompson's death. Please wire when you leave for East.
M-320-p.2794ASir Charles Tupper to Dewdney. -- December 12, 1894. -- Telegram - leaving for Ottawa today.
M-320-p.2795Dewdney to Premier. -- December 12, 1894. -- Enclosing telegram from Governor-General confirming death of Sir John Thompson.
M-320-p.2797T. M. Daly to Dewdney. -- December 12, 1894. -- Sir John Thompson died suddenly this morning.
M-320-p.2797ADewdney to Excellency, Governor-General. -- December 13, 1894. -- Deeply grieved over Thompson's death. My government at once adjourned.
M-320-p.2798T. M. Daly to Dewdney, Ottawa. -- December 13, 1894. -- Telegram - Necessary funds should be raised for widow and family. Hope Victoria friends will do something.
M-320-p.2799Dewdney to _________. -- December 14, 1894. -- Telegram - I leave tomorrow for Ottawa and will represent B.C.
M-320-p.2800Dewdney to T. M. Mayne. -- December 14, 1894. -- (in code) Please advise me of arrangements.
M-320-p.2801W. Van Horne to Dewdney. -- February 28, 1896. -- The attitude of British Columbia is quite beyond my understanding re railway investments.
M-320-p.2804Theodore Davie, Victoria, to Dewdney. -- July 2, 1896. -- It is evident the Conservatives will put up a strong front and the triumph of the Liberals will not be enduring.
M-320-p.2806J. MacDougall, Ottawa, to Dewdney. -- February 27, 1899. -- Referring to our last conversation, the current legislation which has taken place doesn't affect your case.
M-320-p.2808H. Ladner to Dewdney. -- September 21, 1900. -- Please send your reply for nominations.
M-320-p.2809Dewdney to H. Ladner. -- September 23, 1900. -- I am not in a position to give an opinion as to my strength that I may have now. If I thought I could carry the district I would run.
M-320-p.2811Thomas Cunningham, Vancouver, to Dewdney. -- November 29, 1900. -- The Jap case comes up before the Chief Justice. You would have easily won in Westminster had the case come on before the 7th of November.
M-320-p.2812George Murray, Nicola, to Dewdney. -- November 18, 1901. -- I was pleased to see you at the head of the survey over the Hope Mountains.
M-320-p.2813Argyle, Kensington Palace, to Dewdney. -- January 3, 1903. -- Thank you for the lovely water colour which just arrived.
M-320-p.2815W. H. Hastings, Winnipeg, to Dewdney. -- December 29, 1903. -- In the coming general election, the Conservatives will have a united German vote against them, because there is not Conservative newspaper printed in German in the North West. Mr. Reidle will, I hope, be induced to come back.
M-320-p.2817Printed letter from Dewdney to the Electors of the Electorial District of New Westminster. -- ca. 1900.
M-320-p.2819Financial statement on the Election campaign of 1900.
Series 50 Mrs. Dewney's correspondence. -- 1914-1926
M-320-p.2822George Lane, Secretary to Princess Louise, to Mrs. Dewdney. -- June 4, 1914. -- Acknowledging sympathy letter from Dewdney's.
M-320-p.2824E. Scholefield, Victoria to Mrs. Dewdney. -- November, 1915. -- Thank you for portrait of Mr. Dewdney.
M-320-p.2825Joseph Pope to Mrs. Dewdney. -- August 9, 1916. - Telegram - sympathy, death of Edgar Dewdney.
M-320-p.2825ABishop of Kootenay to Mrs. Dewdney. -- August 10, 1916. -- Telegram - sympathy, death of Edgar Dewdney.
M-320-p.2826Mrs. Craft to Mrs. Dewdney. -- 1916. -- Letter - sympathy, death of Edgar Dewdney.
M-320-p.2828E. G. Prior to Mrs. Dewdney. -- August 13, 1916. -- Letter - sympathy, death of Edgar Dewdney.
M-320-p.2830Richard McBride, Victoria, to Mrs. Dewdney. -- September 8, 1916. -- Letter - sympathy, death of Edgar Dewdney.
M-320-p.2832E. Springott to Mrs. Dewdney. -- August 10, 1918. -- Letter - sympathy, death of Edgar Dewdney.
M-320-p.2834Hon. Sir Hugh J. Macdonald to Mrs. Dewdney. -- August 9, 1916. -- Letter - sympathy, death of Edgar Dewdney.
M-320-p.2836Major P.B.A. Ramsay to Mrs. Dewdney. -- 1916. -- Letter of sympathy, death of Edgar Dewdney.
M-320-p.2838Audry Crease to Mrs. Dewdney. -- August 8, 1916. -- Letter - sympathy, death of Edgar Dewdney.
M-320-p.2840John Hawkes, Legislative Librarian, Regina, to Mrs. Dewdney. -- October 5, 1917. -- Thanking for books.
M-320-p.2841________________ to Mrs. Dewdney. -- March 14, 1918. -- Thanking for a photograph.
M-320-p.2843George W. Simpson, University of Saskatchewan, to Mrs. Dewdney. -- March 16, 1918. -- Thanking for books.
M-320-p.2844F. R. Rowley, Curator, Royal Albert Museum, to Mrs. Dewdney. -- March 25, 1920. -- Thanking for Indian artifacts.
M-320-p.2846F. R. Rowley, Curator, Royal Albert Museum, to Mrs. Dewdney. -- April 7, 1920. -- Thanking for Indian artifacts.
M-320-p.2847F. R. Rowley, Curator, Royal Albert Museum, to Mrs. Dewdney. -- April 22, 1920. -- Thanking for Indian artifacts.
M-320-p.2848Sir Hugh J. Macdonald, Winnipeg, to Mrs. Dewdney. -- January 24, 1923. -- General news and Christmas letter.
M-320-p.2851George Brown, London, to Mrs. Dewdney. -- January 4, 1924. -- Dewdney's life.
M-320-p.2853Sir Hugh J. Macdonald, Winnipeg, to Mrs. Dewdney. January 12, 1926. -- General news and Christmas letter.
Series 51 Newspaper clippings. -- 1883 and n.d.
M-320-p.2855Articles on: the Department of the Interior; North West growth; Proclamation 1883; Letters to the Editor; C.P.R.; Personal notes; Notice re death of Sir John Thompson.
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