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Linda and Dick Curtis at Lake Louise, 1970
Linda and Dick Curtis at Lake Louise, 1970

Linda and Dick Curtis fonds

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  Linda Curtis' papers
Series 1 Adshead family. -- 1915-1994
Series 2 Linda's personal papers. -- 1945-1986
Series 3 Linda's writings for magazines, radio, etc. -- 1943-1982
Series 4 Linda's newspaper articles. -- 1948-1956, 1962-1987
Series 5 Calgary Herald advertising features, etc. -- 1982-1984
Series 6 Newspaper columns arranged by subject. -- 1965-1981
Series 7 Linda's correspondence. -- 1944-1989
Series 8 Newspaper career - Miscellaneous. -- 1951-1982
  Dick Curtis' papers
Series 9 Dick's personal papers. -- 1916-1993
Series 10 Curtis Studios. -- 1949-1956
Series 11 Real estate business. -- 1957-1960
Series 12 Chinook Olympic Club. -- 1960-1962
Series 13 Fun in the Sun camps / Camp Ki-O-Te. -- 1955-1974
Series 14 Children's summer camps - Planning files. -- 1937-1967
Series 15 Dick's other activities. -- 1940-1982
Series 16 Photographs and slides. -- 1940s-1980s


  Linda Curtis' papers
Series 1 Adshead family. -- 1915-1994. -- 5 cm of textual records. -- Herbert Bealy Adshead, 1862-1932, was born in England and came to Canada in 1878. He married Ellen Unwin of Madoc, Ontario and they had five children, Annie Rose, Cecil H., Harry P., Samuel V., and Wilfrid H. Both Harry and Samuel were killed during the First World War. The family moved to Alberta in 1898, and settled near Olds, where H.B. established a dairy farm. In 1912 the Adsheads moved to Calgary. From 1926 to 1929 H.B. Adshead served as the Member of Parliament for Calgary East in the House of Commons. His son Cecil moved to Didsbury in 1920, where he ran a garage. Cecil and his wife had three children, Winifred (Linda Curtis), 1920-2002, Kathleen (Pearson) and Margaret (Berreth), 1927-2009. -- The series consists of miscellaneous records of various members of the Adshead family. Includes Linda's article on the Adshead family for a local history book.
M-9347-1 Adshead family. -- 1915-1936. -- Consists of Harry P. Adshead's letters from the Salisbury Plain during the First World War, as published in newspapers (1915); burial report and In Memoriam card (written by Elaine Catley) for Harry Adshead (1916) ; newspaper obituaries for Herbert B. Adshead (1932); Alderman H.B. Adshead's business card; and sympathy letter on Wilfrid Adshead's death (1933), and miscellany.
M-9347-2 Pioneer Tales and Other Human Stories by H.B. Adshead. -- [ca. 1925-1929]. -- Consists of his published booklet, plus his handwritten reminiscences in a scribbler.
M-9347-3 Short speech in House of Commons by H.B. Adshead as MP for East Calgary. -- [ca. 1926-1929]
M-9347-4 Newspaper story re opening of Parliament. -- 1929. -- H.B. Adshead was and MP and Mrs. Adshead attended the event.
M-9347-5 Wilfrid H. Adshead's Normal School scribbler. -- 1920, 1923. -- He attended both the Edmonton Normal School and Calgary Normal School.
M-9347-6 Winnifred Adshead's [Linda Curtis'] Sunday School certificate. -- 1931
M-9347-7 Didsbury High School newspapers. -- 1936, 1938. -- Winnifred Adshead [Linda Curtis] was the literary editor for the 1936 issue; Kathleen Adshead and Will Adshead worked ont he 1938 issues.
M-9347-8 Didsbury High School Reunion. -- 1972. -- Includes program and commemorative napkin.
M-9347-9 Reg Adshead - Director of Foothills Hospital. -- 1966-1974. -- Consists of newspaper articles about his activities, statistical reports on the hospital, and photographs of the board.
M-9347-10 Mattie Adshead, Kay Pearson and Margaret Berreth. -- 1977-1983. -- Consists of obituaries for Mattie and Kay (1977), and a newspaper article about Margaret's Order of the Eastern Star activities (1983).
M-9347-11 Ross Ford's convocation address to the University of Alberta. -- May 31, 1963. -- Ross Ford was a Didsbury teacher who taught the Adshead children. Includes a copy of Linda Curtis' 1978 newspaper column about him.
M-9347-12 Hainstock Centennial History Book. -- [ca. 1993-1994]. -- Consists of Linda Curtis' drafts for the entry about the Adshead family. Includes photographs of Rose Adshead and H.B. Adshead, which were submitted for publication. Includes a copy of the published version as it appeared in Glimpses of the Past, 1894-1994-- Hainstock Centennial Book Association, 1994.
Series 2 Linda's personal papers. -- 1945-1986. -- 7.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of her marriage certificate, job applications, membership cards, sketches and vacation notes.
M-9347-13 Job applications and resumes. -- 1945, 1947
M-9347-14 Marriage certificate of Linda and Dick Curtis. -- 1951. -- Includes congratulations cards.
M-9347-oversize Crayon sketch of Linda in a cowboy hat. -- 1955. -- Done by "Poncho". Annotated: "Linda, she covers the social front".
M-9347-15 Dale Carnegie course. -- 1957-1961. -- Taken by both Dick and Linda in the spring of 1957.
M-9347-16 Membership cards, business cards, press passes, etc. -- 1955-1982 and n.d.
M-9347-17 Handwritten notes on trip to San Francisco. -- October 1970
M-9347-18 Certificates of appreciation. -- 1975-1983 and n.d.
M-9347-oversize Linda's human body sketches from art class. -- n.d. -- 17 items
M-9347-19 Miscellaneous. -- 1956-1986. -- Consists of poems, notepaper with Linda's letterhead, Calgary Sketch Club circulars, original sketches of Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Sinclair wedding, ideas for columns, newspaper with cover story about Alaska Highway, etc.
Series 3 Linda's writings for magazines, radio, etc. -- 1943-1982. -- 32 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of Linda's typed manuscripts, correspondence with publishers and possible publishers, published versions of her articles, and proposals of topics for articles. Includes some writing done for radio programs. In the earliest years she wrote under the pen name of Linda Bruce. She had many articles published by Maclean's and Weekend Magazine.
M-9347-20 Radio "interviews" between Elwood and Claire Wallace. -- 1943. -- Written by Linda for Toronto CBL (CBC affiliate). Claire was the first woman to broadcast nationally over CBC radio.
M-9347-21 Candles - Reference material and notes for radio broadcast. -- 1943
M-9347-22 Letter re article written by Linda but not paid for by Montreal Standard. -- 1945
M-9347-23 Linda's index cards for articles submitted to Maclean's magazine. -- 1945
M-9347-24 "Satisfaction in Silver". -- 1945. -- Written for Maclean's.
M-9347-25 Artlcle re Dr. Reg Perkins. -- March 1945
M-9347-26 Article re Clary Settell. -- March 1945
M-9347-27 "Keep Happy, Wontcha!". -- August 1945. -- Re the Happy Gang. Published by Maclean's as "It's the Happy Gang!".
M-9347-28 "They Dude It". -- October 1945. -- Re an Ontario dude ranch. Published by Maclean's as "Saddle Silly".
M-9347-29 "Ace Birdman". -- November 1945. -- Re Wilfred Crich, Canada's foremost bird photographer. Offered to Magazine Digest and New World Illustrated.
M-9347-30 "Toys Go Native". -- December 15, 1945. -- Published in Maclean's.
M-9347-31 "Trinket Tinkers". -- December 1, 1946. -- Published in Maclean's.
M-9347-32 Audition for CBM radio (CBC affiliate). -- July 22, 1947
M-9347-33 "Charm and Chatter". -- [ca. 1945-1947]. -- Proposal to CJBC radio in Toronto for a live radio broadcast.
M-9347-34 Article re Flora McDougall Begg. -- 1950. -- Published in a Calgary newspaper on July 8, 1950.
M-9347-35 "They Make a Dude at Hone on the Range". -- July 1952. -- Published in Mayfair. The name of the author is cut off, but it is most likely by Linda.
M-9347-36 "Calgary's Luxury Club that Grew out of Oil. -- June 7, 1952. -- Published in Saturday Night.
M-9347-37 "Car Owners' Course". -- 1954. -- An idea submitted to CBC radio.
M-9347-38 Article re Gussie McDougall (Mrs. Alex Mathieson). -- [ca. 1950s or 1960s]
M-9347-39 Article re Edmonton. -- October 1960. -- Written for Grolier Society.
M-9347-40 "Imhoff Art Gallery - Calgary". -- 1962. -- Offered to Maclean's.
M-9347-41 Article re Doukhobor film to be made in Canmore. -- November 1963. -- Offered to Maclean's.
M-9347-42 Fundraising brochure for United Arts Fund. -- 1963. -- To raise funds for the Allied Arts Centre and Calgary Philharmonic.
M-9347-43 "Around the World - Under Water". -- 1964. -- Re Heather MacEwan Foran. -- Published in Weekend Magazine, No. 36.
M-9347-44 "There's an Orangutan in the Bed, Dear". -- 1964. -- Published in Weekend Magazine, No. 41.
M-9347-45 Article re Fran Drummond and Twin Falls Lodge in Yoho National Park. -- 1965. -- See M-9347-49 below for the published version.
M-9347-46 "Madame Valda: On Her Toes at 72". -- 1963-1965. -- Published in Weekend Magazine, No. 3.
M-9347-47 "I Survived an Avalanche". -- 1965. -- Re Jerry Marx. Published in Weekend Magazine, No. 26.
M-9347-48 "Miss Muk-Luk" (Linda Loughlin) . -- [ca. 1965-1966]. -- Re Edmonton beauty queen. For slides of Miss Muk-Luk see S-238-(15-21) below.
M-9347-49 "The Boss of Twin Falls". -- May 14, 1966. -- Re Fran Drummond. Published in Weekend Magazine. See M-9347-45 above for Linda's earlier manuscript.
M-9347-50 "Her Winning Hobby is Horses". -- June 11, 1966. -- Re Gail Ross. Published in Weekend Magazine.
M-9347-51 "The Dog". -- June 1966. -- Offered to Chatelaine and Weekend Magazine.
M-9347-52 "Supersonic Great-Grandmother". -- October 1966. -- Re Zaddie Bunker. Offere to Weekend Magazine. For slides see S-236-(67-72) below.
M-9347-53 "The 10,000-Foot Rescue". -- 1966. -- Re Donna Carr. Published in Weekend Magazine, No. 11.
M-9347-54 Article re John Cross family and the A7 Ranche. -- August 15, 1966. -- Published in The Albertan. Includes original photographs taken by Dick Curtis.
M-9347-55 Reference material re Sid Barron. -- August 1967. -- Proposed article for Weekend Magazine.
M-9347-56 "Young Violinists". -- 1965-1971. -- Includes reference material and photographs. Published in Weekend Magazine as "Edmonton's Mini Musicians" on October 14, 1967.
M-9347-57 Article re Adele Baker. -- 1967. -- Includes correspondence with both Adele Baker and possible publishers.
M-9347-58 "Computers and the Classics". -- 1967. -- Published in Weekend Magazine, No. 21, as "The Gospel According to Computers". For slides see S-238-(73-77) below.
M-9347-59 Article re Barbara Simpson. -- 1967-1970. -- Includes reference material, photos, and correspondence with possible publishers.
M-9347-60 "Saga of the Salmon". -- 1966-1969. -- Published in the Imperial Oil Review in October 1968. Linda wrote the article and Dick took the photographs, for which he received an award. For slides see S-238-(60-66) below.
M-9347-61 "Dr. H.L. Richard, Edmonton Surgeon in Afghanistan". -- 1967-1968. -- Offered to Weekend Magazine.
M-9347-62 "John Gow". -- 1969. -- Offered to Weekend Magazine.
M-9347-63 Proposed article re Foremost (Developments) Industries Ltd. -- 1969. -- Offered to Imperial Oil Review.
M-9347-64 Article re Gay Flitton. -- 1969. -- Offered to Weekend Magazine.
M-9347-65 "Jimmy Simpson". -- 1969. -- Includes drafts, correspondence with possible publishers, and original photograhs by Dick Curtis. For slides see S-238-(108-115) below.
M-9347-66 "Women and Transportation". -- August 1969. -- Written for Chamber of Commerce Journal.
M-9347-67 "Little Big Man's Canadian Chief". --May 23, 1970. -- Re Chief Dan George. Pubilshed in Weekend Magazine.
M-9347-68 "This Mountain is a Filing Cabinet". -- June 6, 1970. -- Published in Weekend Magazine.
M-9347-69 Article re mother who can say no to her kids". -- October 1970. -- Offered to Weekend Magazine.
M-9347-70 "Bottle Collecting". -- 1970
M-9347-71 "Louis, the Clairvoyant". -- 1970
M-9347-72 "Sometimes the Little Guy Wins". -- 1970. -- Offered to Weekend Magazine.
M-9347-73 "My Summer Life Style". -- 1971. -- Written for Chatelaine.
M-9347-74 Outline for cattle rustling article. -- 1971
M-9347-75 "His Nose is His Secret Weapon". -- January 22, 1972. -- Re Ginger, the avalanche rescue dog. -- published in Weekend Magazine. For slides see S-238-(141-150) below.
M-9347-76 Article re Cowtown Alberta. -- October 1972
M-9347-77 "Everybody Else is Running". -- November 1972. -- Re widow of man killed by drunk driver. -- Published in Chatelaine.
M-9347-78 Radio scripts for CBC Calgary's Eye Opener. -- 1972-1973. -- Includes her pay slips from CBC.
M-9347-79 Travel selections for the holidays. -- 1974. -- Includes of suggestions for two-week vacations from Calgary.
M-9347-80 "Littlest Hobo Alive, Well". -- July 10, 1974. -- Published in The Albertan. Includes photograph of the four dogs who played the role on television.
M-9347-oversize Large photograph of Linda with the Hobos. -- September 9, 1971. -- Taken by Roger Pierce.
M-9347-81 "The Chinook". -- September 1979. -- Submitted to Owl magazine (children's publication).
M-9347-82 "Bluebird Trail". -- [ca. 1980 or later]. -- Written for Chickadee magazine (children's publication).
M-9347-83 "Plant Lady". -- 1980. -- Re Claude Chikinda. Re-written and used in the Calgary Herald in 1982.
M-9347-84 Stampede stories. -- [1981]
M-9347-85 Hawaii articles. -- March 1981
M-9347-86 Typescripts for newspaper articles. -- November 1981.
M-9347-87 "Women in Armed Forces". -- 1981. -- Rough notes and drafts.
M-9347-88 "Stories in Progress". -- n.d.
M-9347-89 "Taps that Belch Gas". -- n.d.
M-9347-90 What you eat is what you get ... . -- n.d.
M-9347-91 My good friend Alan King, the comedian ... . -- n.d.
M-9347-92 Hello, fellow happy motorists ... . -- n.d. -- Re car repairs.
M-9347-93 "The Manor on the Lake". -- n.d. -- Re a holiday to Creston, British Columbia.
M-9347-94 Article re unemployment in Canada. -- n.d.
M-9347-95 Article re Mrs. C.E. Leonard, Irish Sweepstakes winner of 1962. -- n.d.
M-9347-96 Notes for speeches made by Linda. -- n.d.
Series 4 Linda's newspaper articles. -- 1948-1956, 1962-1987. -- 1 m of textual records. -- The series consists of regular columns and special features written by Linda Curtis for The Albertan and Calgary Herald newspapers. Her regular columns for The Albertan included "Window Shopping" (1948-1956), "In the Limelight" (1963-1964), "Girl Talk" (1964) and "Linda Curtis" (1966-1979). She was editor and contributor for The Albertan's Family Life section (1979-1980). Shortly after The Albertan became the Calgary Sun, Linda moved over to the Calgary Herald where she wrote a decorating column, advertising features, and Calgary Stampede articles (1982-1987).
M-9347-97 Scrapbook of "Window Shopping" columns. -- August 1948- September 1949.
M-9347-98 Scrapbook of "Window Shopping" columns. -- October 1950-April 1952
M-9347-99 Scrapbook of "Window Shopping" columns. -- January 1953-December 1954
M-9347-100 Scrapbook of "Window Shopping" columns. -- January 1955-December 1956
M-9347-101 Newspaper articles. -- 1955-1956
M-9347-102 "Let's Go Shopping" column. -- 1958-1959. -- Includes edited versions, plus a sample of a similar Vancouver column written by Edith McConnell Murray (1952).
M-9347-103 Newspaper articles. -- 1962
M-9347-104 Newspaper articles. -- 1963
M-9347-105 Newspaper articles. -- 1964
M-9347-106 Newspaper articles. -- 1965
M-9347-107 Newspaper articles. -- 1966
M-9347-108 Newspaper articles. -- January-March 1967
M-9347-109 Newspaper articles. -- April-June 1967
M-9347-110 Newspaper articles. -- July-September 1967
M-9347-111 Newspaper articles. -- October-December 1967
M-9347-112 Newspaper articles. -- January-March 1968
M-9347-113 Newspaper articles. -- April-June 1968
M-9347-114 Newspaper articles. -- July-September 1968
M-9347-115 Newspaper articles. -- October-December 1968
M-9347-116 Newspaper articles. -- January-March 1969
M-9347-117 Newspaper articles. -- April-June 1969
M-9347-118 Newspaper articles. -- July-September 1969
M-9347-119 Newspaper articles. -- October-December 1969
M-9347-120 Newspaper articles. -- January-March 1970
M-9347-121 Newspaper articles. -- April-June 1970
M-9347-122 Newspaper articles. -- July-September 1970
M-9347-123 Newspaper articles. -- October-December 1970
M-9347-124 Newspaper articles. -- January-March 1971
M-9347-125 Newspaper articles. -- April-June 1971
M-9347-126 Newspaper articles. -- July-September 1971
M-9347-127 Newspaper articles. -- October-December 1971
M-9347-128 Newspaper articles. -- January-March 1972
M-9347-129 Newspaper articles. -- April-June 1972
M-9347-130 Newspaper articles. -- July-September 1972
M-9347-131 Newspaper articles. -- October-December 1972
M-9347-132 Newspaper articles. -- January-March 1973
M-9347-133 Newspaper articles. -- April-June 1973
M-9347-134 Newspaper articles. -- July-September 1973
M-9347-135 Newspaper articles. -- October-December 1973
M-9347-136 Newspaper articles. -- January-March 1974
M-9347-137 Newspaper articles. -- April-June 1974
M-9347-138 Newspaper articles. -- July-September 1974
M-9347-139 Newspaper articles. -- October -December 1974
M-9347-140 Newspaper articles. -- January-March 1975
M-9347-141 Newspaper articles. -- April-June 1975
M-9347-142 Newspaper articles. -- July-September 1975
M-9347-143 Newspaper articles. -- October-December 1975
M-9347-144 Newspaper articles. -- January-March 1976
M-9347-145 Newspaper articles. -- April-June 1976
M-9347-146 Newspaper articles. -- July-September 1976
M-9347-147 Newspaper articles. -- October-December 1976
M-9347-148 Newspaper articles. -- January-March 1977
M-9347-149 Newspaper articles. -- April-June 1977
M-9347-150 Newspaper articles. -- July-September 1977
M-9347-151 Newspaper articles. -- October-December 1977
M-9347-152 Newspaper articles. -- January-March 1978
M-9347-153 Newspaper articles. -- April-June 1978
M-9347-154 Newspaper articles. -- July-September 1978
M-9347-155 Newspaper articles. -- October-December 1978
M-9347-156 Newspaper articles. -- January-February 1979
M-9347-157 Newspaper articles. -- March-May 1979
M-9347-158 Newspaper articles. -- June-August 1979
M-9347-159 Newspaper articles. -- September-December 1979
M-9347-160 Newspaper articles. -- January-April 1980
M-9347-161 Newspaper articles. -- May-October 1980. -- Very few for August through October.
M-9347-162 Newspaper articles. -- 1981
M-9347-163 Newspaper articles. -- February-August 1982
M-9347-164 Newspaper articles. -- September-December 1982
M-9347-165 Newspaper articles. -- January-Macrh 1983
M-9347-166 Newspaper articles. -- April-June 1983
M-9347-167 Newspaper articles. -- July-September 1983
M-9347-168 Newspaper articles. -- October-December 1983
M-9347-169 Newspaper articles. -- January-July 1984
M-9347-170 Newspaper articles. -- August-December 1984
M-9347-171 Newspaper articles. -- 1985
M-9347-172 Newspaper articles. -- January-July 1986
M-9347-173 Newspaper articles. -- 1987
Series 5 Calgary Herald advertising features, etc. -- 1982-1984. -- 9 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of advertising features, interior design columns, and "Home for the Day" features, written or edited by Linda Curtis for the Calgary Herald.
M-9347-174 Advertising features, part 1. -- 1982-1984. -- Written by Linda.
M-9347-175 Advertising features, part 2. -- 1983-1984. -- Not all the articles are written by Linda; some are attributed to Kate [Zimmerman] and Marla [?].
M-9347-176 "Home for the Day" columns. -- 1982-1984. -- Most of these are unattributed so it is unclear who wrote them.
M-9347-177 Home Marketplace articles. -- 1983-1984. -- Written by Linda.
M-9347-178 Interior design articles. -- 1983-1984. -- Written by LInda.
Series 6 Newspaper columns arranged by subject. -- 1965-1981. -- 40 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of two alphabetically arranged sets of newspaper columns, the first for the most commonly written about topics and the second for other topics which were covered in her columns.
M-9347-179 Animals. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes cats, dogs, lost animals, pets, sea aminals, S.P.C.A., traps and zoo.
M-9347-180 Biography. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes articles about Linda, her relatives, and others.
M-9347-181 Christmas. -- 1965-1981
M-9347-182 Food. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes bread, caterers, chefs, cookbooks, costs, and restaurants
M-9347-183 Geography, A to C. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes Africa, Alberta, British Columbia, Calgary and Canada.
M-9347-184 Geography, D to Z. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes Europe, India, Israel, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, the Pacific, Pakistan, Russia, South America, Thailand and United States.
M-9347-185 Health, A to G. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes abortion, allergies, asthma, blood, cancer, children, doctors, drinking, drugs, ears, eyes, fitness, food and geriatrics.
M-9347-186 Health, H to S. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes hair, heart, herbs, hospitals, lightning, marriage, mental, nursing, nutrition, phobias, physiotherapy, poisoning, sex and smoking.
M-9347-187 Health, T to A. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes teeth, water and weight.
M-9347-188 Humour. -- 1965-1981
M-9347-189 Music. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes bands, groups, musicians, opera, orchestras, organs, pianists, records, singers, teaching, violins and western.
M-9347-190 Sports, A to H. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes ballooning, canoes, climbing, cycling, fishing, fitness, football, golf and hiking.
M-9347-191 Sports, I to Z. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes judo, olympics, riding, skating, skiing, swimming, tennis, track, women and wrestling.
M-9347-192 Stampede. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes biographies, Cinderella, Flare Square, food, Indians, Old Timers, parade, Range Gals, scupltures and Young Canadians.
M-9347-193 Theatre. -- 1965-1981. -- Primarily biographies.
M-9347-194 Writing. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes biographies of writers and authors, bookstores, magazines and newspapers.
M-9347-195 A to B. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes art, archaeology, architecture, April Fool's, agriculture, beauty and miscellaneous.
M-9347-196 C to D. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes camping, cars, charities, children, circus, crafts, crime, dance and delinquency.
M-9347-197 E. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes Easter, education, electricity, entertainment, environment and Expo '67.
M-9347-198 F. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes family, fashion, finance, flowers, flying and furnishings.
M-9347-199 G to H. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes gardens, ghosts, Girl Guides, Glenbow Museum, Halloween, Heritage Park, hobbies, homes, hotels, household and hunting.
M-9347-200 I to J. - 1965-1981. -- Includes immigration, insects, jobs, Junior Achievement and justice.
M-9347-201 K to O. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes kitchens, language, magic, mail, movies, museums, New Year's and oil.
M-9347-202 P to Q. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes people, phones, photography,police, politics, promotion and psychology.
M-9347-203 R to S. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes railways, ranching, reading, Red Cross, rehabilitation, religion (including Bible Maggie), Remembrance Day, safety, science (including inventors and UFOs), sculpture, shopping, singing and success.
M-9347-204 T to Z. -- 1965-1981. -- Includes teens, television, transportation, travel, Unitarian Service Committee, valentines, volunteers, war, weather, weddings, women and youth.
Series 7 Linda's correspondence. -- 1944-1986. -- 28 cm of textual records. -- The series primarily of letters written to Linda by readers of her newspaper columns and articles. Many of them are from people and organizations which she wrote about.
M-9347-205 Linda's special letters and cards. -- 1944-1967 and n.d. -- Includes letters from Barbara Grantmyre, Leita Gordon, Maude Riley, the CBC and Edna Jaques.
M-9347-206 Correspondence. -- 1950s-1966
M-9347-207 Correspondence. -- 1967
M-9347-208 Correspondence. -- 1968
M-9347-209 Correspondence. -- 1969
M-9347-210 Correspondence. -- 1970
M-9347-211 Correspondence. -- 1971
M-9347-212 Correspondence. -- 1972
M-9347-213 Correspondence. -- 1973
M-9347-214 Correspondence. -- 1974
M-9347-215 Correspondence. -- 1975
M-9347-216 Correspondence. -- 1976
M-9347-217 Correspondence. -- 1977
M-9347-218 Correspondence. -- 1978
M-9347-219 Correspondence. -- 1979
M-9347-220 Correspondence. -- 1980
M-9347-221 Correspondence. -- 1981
M-9347-222 Correspondence. -- 1982
M-9347-223 Correspondence. -- 1983
M-9347-224 Correspondence. -- 1984
M-9347-225 Correspondence. -- 1985
M-9347-226 Correspondence. -- 1986-1989
M-9347-227 Correspondence. -- n.d. -- Includes some incomplete letters
Series 8 Newspaper career - Miscellaneous. -- 1951-1982. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of miscellaneous material kept by Linda, and related to her work as a journalist, primarily her years with The Albertan.
M-9347-228 Royal Visit. -- 1951. -- Consists of Linda's accreditation from the Calgary Herald for her coverage of the visit.
M-9347-229 The Albertan staff lists. -- [ca. 1970s]
M-9347-230 Linda's steno pads and daytimers. -- 1971-1979 and n.d. -- Consists of note pads used by Linda when researching stories and interviewing people for her columns. Includes notes from an interview with Joey Smallwood, and records of her "column contacts".
M-9347-231 "VDT Bible". -- n.d. - Consists of her notes for using a word processing program to type her columns. Includes details on required styles (such as with of headline).
M-9347-232 Bible Maggie [Margaret Linton], part 1. -- 1968-1969. -- Bible Maggie was an evangelical preacher from Calgary who often travelled to share the gospel and to attend gatherings of other preaching "sisters". Maggie sent letters, postcards, tiny Bibles, and other religious paraphernalia to Linda on a regular basis, and Linda wrote several columns about her.
M-9347-233 Bible Maggie, part 2. -- 1970-1976
M-9347-234 Bible Maggie, part 3. -- n.d.
M-9347-235 Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. -- 1962-1975. -- Consists of newspaper articles about Roy (by Linda and other journalists), and an autographed photo: "To Linda. Always my best. Roy Rogers".
M-9347-236 "News Women". -- 1965-1982. -- Consists of newspaper articles (by Linda and others) primarily about women journalists, including Margaret "Ma" Murray, Hazel Lowe, Marion Leeson Field, Kathleen Wareham, Hilary Brown, Zena Cherry, Judi McLeod, Eva Reid, Marie Hohtanz, Phyllis Griffiths, and Vera Willmore-Willson. Includes articles about Fred Kennedy, Long Lance, Dan Murray, and Bob Edwards.
M-9347-237 Volodimir Barabash. -- [ca. 1970s]. -- Consists of hand-lettered epistles sent to Linda by the Ukrainian-Canadian poet and philosopher.
M-9347-238 Letters to the editor and articles which mention Linda's columns. -- 1966, 1978-1981
M-9347-239 The Albertan Chirstmas card, signed "Linda and Dick". -- [ca. 1970s]
M-9347-240 Ben Wicks cartoon. -- [ca. 1960s]. -- Consists of a sketch of a wedding couple, the groom without his pants. (Both Linda and Ben were working for The Albertan in the early 1960s.)
M-9347-oversize Advertising poster for Linda. -- [ca. 1960s]. -- It reads: "Girls ... Take a coffee break at home with Linda Curtis and read the latest women's news in The Albertan".
  Dick Curtis' papers
Series 9 Dick's personal papers. -- 1916-1993. -- 8 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of Dick's birth and death certificates, name change records, military records, job applications, and his work related to radio shows. Includes Irish Rover memorabilia he collected as president of the local fan club.
M-9347-241 Birth certificate. -- 1916. -- Includes a second copy issued in 1945.
M-9347-242 Name change documents. -- 1941. -- He changed his name from Duer Selly Cranstoun to Dixon Stewart Curtis.
M-9347-243 Miltiary papers. -- 1940-1946. - Consists of his National Registration form and card, discharge certificate from the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, case history sheet about his ulcer (reason for discharge), and correspondence re his War Service Badge .
M-9347-244 Passport. -- 1946. -- Includes application for passport, and police reports (stating he had no criminal record) for crossing into the United States.
M-9347-245 Collier's of Canada. -- 1947. -- Dick was an accredited sales representative for this company.
M-9347-246 Job applications. -- 1943-1951
M-9347-247 "The Consulting Room of the Air", starring Charles Hermes. -- 1944. -- Consists of scripts for a CBC radio show, created and written by Dick Curtis.
M-9347-248 Proposed radio comedy shows. -- 1944-1946. -- Consists of Dick's proposals and outlines for radio shows, including "The Hall of Fun".
M-9347-249 Fun Parade. -- 1948-1951. -- Consists of promotional material for an event hosted in Calgary by the Loyal Order of Moose for their Benevolent Fund. Dick helped organize the event.
M-9347-250 Independent Order of Foresters. -- 1951. -- Consists of Dick's membership and insurance policy.
M-9347-251 Garbutt Business College - Elmer Wheeler career course. -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Consists of course material. Dick probably took the course.
M-9347-oversize Crayon sketch of Dick wearing a cowboy hat. -- 1955. -- Drawn by "Poncho". Annotated: "Dick, he loves to camp".
M-9347-252 Job applications and resumes. -- 1957-1962
M-9347-253 Newspaper clippings re Dick's activities. -- 1964-1968
M-9347-254 Irish Rovers promotional material. -- 1964-1967. -- Dick was president of the Calgary Irish Rovers Fan Club.
M-9347-255 Membership cards, business cards, etc. -- 1942-1972 and n.d.
M-9347-256 Miscellaneous. -- 1977 and n.d. -- Consists of a letter from Mount Royal College about judging students; and a Christmas card from Linda.
M-9347-257 Dick's death certificate and obituary. -- 1993
Series 10 Curtis Studios. -- 1949-1956. -- 5 cm of textual records. --Dick Curtis ran a photographic studio in Calgary from 1949 to 1956. He specialized in photographs of weddings, children and sports. He also did work for The Albertan newspaper. For photographs taken by the Studio, see Series 16 below. -- The series consists of administrative and business records for the Studio, including the purchase of supplies, and a record of clients.
M-9347-258 Invoices for photographic supplies. -- 1949-1954. -- The supplies were purchased primarily from Eastman Photograhic Materials and Photocrafts Photographic Supplies in Calgary.
M-9347-259 Cashbook and payroll ledger. -- 1949-1953, 1956. -- Consists of a cashbook of the businesses expenses (1956); and a record of employee costs (1949-1953) The latter includes entries for fellow photographer Ron Meigh.
M-9347-260 Client ledger. -- 1949-1954
M-9347-261 Miscellaneous. -- 1954-1956. -- Consists of a receipt book, draft of a letter regarding photographic services for weddings, and agreement for sale of equipment to Larry Mitanski.
Series 11 Real estate business. -- 1957-1960. -- 4 cm of textual records. -- Dick worked as a real estate agent for several years after closing the photo studio. -- The series consists of his licences, and reference material related to the business.
M-9347-262 Real estate business. -- 1957-1960. -- Consists of material related to Dick's real estate activities, including his business cards, real estate licences, blank real estate forms, newspaper ads for properties, real estate manuals, course material, etc.
Series 12 Chinook Olympic Club. -- 1960-1962. -- 9 cm of textual records. -- Dick was President of the Chinook Olympic Club, a group of citizens who hoped to find a site, raise money through subscriptions, and build a sports and social complex on Elbow Drive. The club was never built, partly because the City of Calgary would not re-zone the land for this use. -- The series consists of the certificate of incorporation and articles of association, minutes, circulars to members, press releases and newspaper articles, site proposals, re-zoning applications, and prelimary architectural plans.
M-9347-263 Certificate of incorporation. -- 1961
M-9347-264 Articles of association . -- 1961
M-9347-265 Minutes. -- 1960-1961. -- Includes notes about the first informal meeting.
M-9347-266 Memberships. -- 1960-1961. -- Consists of lists of members, regulations, applications, etc.
M-9347-267 Correspondence. -- 1960-1961
M-9347-268 Newsletters and circulars to members. -- 1960-1962
M-9347-269 Press releases. -- 1960-1961
M-9347-270 Newspaper clippings about the Chinook Olympic Club. -- 1960-1961
M-9347-271 Promotional material. -- 1960-1961. -- Consists of a poster and draft material for a brochure.
M-9347-272 Finances. -- 1961
M-9347-273 Sites - Potential. -- 1960-1961
M-9347-274 Proposed site - Herron land. -- 1961. -- Includes information about re-zoning issues.
M-9347-275 Proposed architectural plans by W.G. Milne. -- 1961
M-9347-276 Dick's notes and background information. -- 1960-1961
Series 13 Fun in the Sun Camps Ltd. / Camp Ki-O-Te. -- 1955-1974. -- 7 cm of textual records. -- For many years it was Dick's dream to establish a summer camp for children, with an emphasis on swimming and water sports. The camp was to be called Camp Ki-O-Te. It never became a reality, largely because he was unable to acquire a suitable property. -- The series consists of certicate of incorporation, annual reports under the Companies Act, prospectus and promotional materials.
M-9347-277 Certificate of incorporation for Fun in the Sun Camps Ltd. (FITS). -- 1955-1956. -- Also includes lists of directors, shares and minutes.
M-9347-278 Annual reports under the Companies Act. -- 1955-1974
M-9347-279 Camp Ki-O-Te promotional material. -- [ca. 1956 or 1957]. -- Consists of a mock up for an information booklet. The photographs are actually of other existing camps.
M-9347-280 Fun in the Sun prospectus. -- [ca. 1961 or 1962]
M-9347-281 Fun in the Sun prospectus. -- 1963-1964
M-9347-oversize Plan with legend for layout of camp. -- [ca. 1960s]. -- 2 items
M-9347-282 Camp Ki-O-Te - Miscellaneous. -- Consists of press releases, a brochure, wording for a brochure, newspaper clipping suggesting that the camp was ready to open, and resumes for Dick and Linda, highlighting their camp and swimming qualifications.
Series 14 Children's summer camps - Planning files. -- 1937-1967. -- 38 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of material collected by Dick related to running a summer camp. Includes journal articles, sample forms, rules and procedures, food services information, operating costs, equipment catalogues, as well as original material created by Dick specifically for his proposed Camp Ki-O-Te. Also includes files related to several potential sites for the camp.
M-9347-283 Camp Ahmek, Algonquin Park, Ontario. -- 1937-1946. -- Dick worked at this camp for several summers and gained a large part of his camp knowledge from this experience. -- Consists of reports and forms used by the camp.
M-9347-284 Enrolment - Sample applications. -- 1953-1964. -- Includes one for Camp Ki-O-Te.
M-9347-285 Enrolment - Letters and procedures. -- 1964-1965
M-9347-286 Enrolment - Sales talks. -- 1945-1963
M-9347-287 Estimates - Operating. -- 1955-1964. -- Includes proposed income and expenses for Camp Ki-O-Te.
M-9347-288 Estimates - Capital cost. -- 1955-1963. -- For Camp Ki-O-Te.
M-9347-289 Food service. -- 1948-1956
M-9347-290 Food service - Equipment. -- 1956-1964. -- Includes catalogues and projected costs for Camp Ki-O-Te.
M-9347-291 Food service - Management. -- 1947-1965
M-9347-292 Forms. -- 1955-1964. -- Consists of lists of what to bring, accident forms, health examination forms, registrations forms, and regulations lists.
M-9347-293 Leadership. -- 1967-1963
M-9347-294 Parent education. -- 1953-1963
M-9347-295 Personal equipment. -- 1944-1962. -- What to bring.
M-9347-296 Philosophy (of camping). -- 1950-1964
M-9347-297 Plan, Master. -- 1955-1964
M-9347-298 Promotion (of camp). -- 1946-1963
M-9347-299 Reunions. -- 1950-1964
M-9347-300 Site - Selection of. -- 1940-1963
M-9347-301 Sites (potential) - Gulf islands and coast of BC. -- 1952-1954
M-9347-302 Sites (potential) - Okanagan. -- 1954-1955
M-9347-303 Sites (potential) - Windermere. -- 1956-1963
M-9347-304 Sites (potential) - Windermere, Luyendyk lease. -- 1959-1960
M-9347-305 Sites (potential) - Weatherby. -- 1961-1963
M-9347-306 Sites (potential) - Shuswap. -- 1963-1967
M-9347-307 Sites (potential) - Shuswap, Anstey Arm. -- 1963-1968
M-9347-308 Songs (camp). -- 1942-1963
Series 15 Dick's other activities. -- 1940-1982. -- 9 cm of textual records. -- Dick loved a wide variety of sports and was involved in both teaching and coaching. He and Linda taught swimming lessons in Windermere for several summers in the late 1950s. He also coached the Mewata Swim Club and was the Vice-President of the Calgary Cascades Basketball team board. He wrote several articles about sports.
M-9347-309 Swimming. -- 1940-1959. -- Consists of programs, newspaper clippings, etc. related to the Kelowna and Invermere regattas, and materials related to teaching swimming.
M-9347-310 Windermere reunion. -- 1958 and 1959. -- Consists of guest lists and planning records for reunions of Dick's and Linda's swimming students.
M-9347-311 Dick's writings. -- 1965-1968. -- Consists of "The Development of Swimming" (n.d.); "Fred Anderson, Tiger on Wheels", published in Weekend Magazine (1965); "He Collects his Old-Age Pension - And Goals", published in Weekend Magazine (1966); and "Salmon Run", which was written by Linda, but for which he took the photographs (1968).
M-9347-312 Calgary Cascades Basketball Team. -- 1971-1979. -- Board records.
M-9347-313 Springs of Joy. -- 1981-1982. -- Dick was a local agent and salesman for this line of body toners [muscle builders].
M-9347-314 Miscellaneous. -- 1949-1970. -- Consists of a souvenir issue of The Albertan dedicated to Calgary's oil industry (July 11, 1949) [Dick may have taken some of the photographs]; Calgary Canoe and Kayak Club schedule (1966); reporter's pass (1942); newspaper clippings; Club 45 program; typed article about Dick winning a track event (1967); etc.
Series 16

Photographs and slides. -- 1940s-1980s. -- 369 photographs. -- 160 slides. -- 79 stereo slides. -- The series consists of portraits and snapshots of Linda and Dick; Curtis Studios photographs taken by Dick, who specialized in photographing babies, weddings and sports (1949-1956); Dick's photos of Calgary Days at Expo '67; colour slides taken by Dick, many intended to accompany Linda's magazine articles (1958-1980); and 3-D stereo slides of a variety of subjects. Includes a viewer for the stereo slides.

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

  Portraits and snapshots of Linda and Dick. -- 1940s-1980s. -- 52 photographs
PA-3818-(1-15) Linda and Dick Curtis and their home. -- 1940s-1960s. -- 15 photographs
PA-3818-(16-47) Linda and Dick Curtis. -- 1970s. -- 32 photographs
PA-3818-(48-52) Linda and Dick Curtis. -- 1980s . -- 5 photographs
  Curtis Studios photographs. -- 1949-1956. -- 287 photographs
PA-3818-(53-57) Display booklets of babies and children. -- [ca. 1949-1956]. -- 5 booklets (42 photographs). -- Consists of foldout booklets, each featuring a series of portraits.
PA-3818-(58-79) Babies and children. -- [ca. 1949-1956]. -- 23 photographs
PA-3818-80 Sample wedding photographss. -- [ca. 1949-1956]. -- 1 album (31 photographs). -- Consists of views of several different weddings.
PA-3818-81 Riback - Gedeger wedding. -- [ca. 1955]. -- 20 negatives. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of views of the wedding of Bud Riback and Fay Gedeger. Includes notes of colours for hand-tinting the black and white prints.
PA-3818-(82-92) Unidentified portraits. -- [ca. 1949-1956]. -- 11 photographs
PA-3818-(93-119) Group photographs. -- [ca. 1949-1956]. -- 27 photographs. -- Consists of views of presentations, club members, social events, guest visits, sports groups and school children.
PA-3818-(120-136) Stampede-related views. -- [ca. 1949-1956]. -- 17 photographs
PA-3818-(137-163) Mewata Swim Club. -- [ca. 1949-1952]. -- 27 photographs. -- Dick Curtis organized and coached this swimming team. Two members, Billy Patrick and Carman Bradley, became members of the British Empire Swim Team in 1954. -- Consists of views of team members at swim meets, including Carman Bradley, Bill Patrick, Betty Shaw, Marion Kloepfer, Mel Wray, Joanne Williams, Doris and Doreen Elliott, Daryl "Chick" Campbell, Lois Wobeck, Bryan Richards, Wilma White and Doug Lemman
PA-3818-(164-170) Sailing on Chestermere Lake. -- 1953. -- 7 photographs. -- Consists of views of sailing lessons in small sailing boats on the lake. Includes one view of "underwater" water skiing.
PA-3818-(171-185) Sports views. -- [ca. 1949-1956]. -- 15 photographs. -- Consists of views of football, hockey, swimming, women's wrestling and others.
PA-3818-(186-195) Dancing views. -- [ca. 1949-1956]. -- 10 photographs. -- Consists of views of a men's dance group in sports poses; dance hall girls doing can-can; girls tap dancing; highland dance winners; and waltzing at a ball.
PA-3818-196 Camp Chief Hector. -- 1953. -- 6 negatives. -- Consists of views of trail rides, canoeing and a parade.
PA-3818-(197-215) Commercial photographs. -- [ca. 1949-1956]. -- 19 photographs. -- Consists of views of buildings (including interiors); equipment; store exhibits, and displays at exhibitions.
PA-3818-(216-219) Fire at a large warehouse. -- [ca. 1949-1956]. -- 4 photographs. -- Unidentified building.
PA-3818-(220-230) Miscellaneous. -- [ca. 1949-1956]. -- 11 photographs. -- Consists of views of a bi-plane; Louis St. Laurent's signatue in the City of Calgary distinguished visitors' guest book; tractors in a quonset hut; truck in a flooded street; broken desk on Friday the 13th; boys hitch-hiking a ride on a horse during a transit strike; vintage cars at t B/A service station; and people in a lilbrary.
PB-963-(1-16) Curtis Studios samples. -- [ca. 1949-1954]. -- 16 photographs. -- Consists of larger format photographs used by Dick as examples of his work. Includes views of the Calgary Stampeders Football team (1949), Calgary Elementary Schools hockey champions (1950-1951), mountain scenery, babies and children, children attending Chief Camp Hector (1953), cars in a General Motors car show, and a cowgirl on a horse.
  Expo '67 - Calgary and Alberta Days. -- 1967. -- 30 photographs
PA-3818-(231-261) Calgary and Alberta Days at Expo '67 in Montreal. -- 1967. -- 30 photographs. -- Linda and Dick attended this event. Dick subsequently sold the photos.
  Slides taken by Dick, many intended to accompany Linda's magazine articles. -- 1958-1980. -- 160 slides
S-238-(1-4) Swimming lessons at Windermere Beach. -- 1958. -- 4 slides
S-238-(5-14) Visit to the Percy Wilson family on Anstey Arm of Shuswap Lake, British Columbia. -- August 1963. -- 10 slides. -- Linda and Dick had hoped to establish a children’s summer camp on Anstey Arm.
S-238-(15-21) Miss Muk-luk, Linda Loughlin. -- [1965 or 1966]. -- 7 slides. -- Consists of views of Edmonton’s queen of the Muk-Luk Mardi Gras, held in February. The photos were taken by Dick to accompany Linda Curtis’ newspaper article. See M-9347-48 above.
S-238-(22-27) Deer on the highway between Banff and Mt. Norquay. -- March 20, 1966. -- 6 slides. -- Includes views of cars and people stopped to see the deer.
S-238-(28-30) Grizzly bear being bottle fed at the Alberta Game Farm near Edmonton. -- March 27, 1966. -- 3 slides
S-238-(31-38) Booster Club sports meet. -- June 18, 1966. -- 8 slides. -- Includes views of foot races and high jump.
S-238-(39-42) Calgary Sketch Club at the Copithorne’s property, west of Calgary. -- June 1966. -- 4 slides
S-238-(43-46) Horses near Scott Lake on the Trans-Canada Highway between Calgary and Banff. -- Summer 1966. -- 4 slides
S-238-(47-56) Kananaskis Road and Ghost River. -- August 1966. -- 10 slides. -- Includes a view of Linda painting.
S-238-(57-59) 5 man running team. -- October 1966. -- 3 slides. -- The team ran from Calgary to Edmonton, a distance of 225 miles.
S-238-(60-66) Salmon spawning in Adams River, British Columbia. -- October 1966. -- 7 slides. -- The photos were taken for an article by Dick and Linda in the Imperial Oil Review, published in 1968. See M-9347-60 above for article.
S-238-(67-72) Zaddie Bunker, “The flying great-grandmother”. -- Summer 1966. -- 6 slides. -- She earned her pilot’s licence at age 65, and completed three solo transcontinental flights. The photos were taken by Dick for Linda’s article on Zaddie which was published in October 1966. See M-9347-52 above.
S-238-(73-77) University of Calgary computer project. -- Spring 1967. -- 5 slides. -- The photos were taken by Dick for Linda’s article on computer analysis of the Bible, which was published as “The Gospel According to Computers” in May 1967. See M-9347-58.
S-238-(78-83) Miles for Millions walk in Edmonton. -- 1967. -- 6 slides. -- Miles for Millions was a charity event started in 1967. -- Includes views of Lieutenant-Governor Grant MacEwan taking part, applying bandaids, resting feet,and getting stamped on the forehead on completion of the 26 mile walk.
S-238-(84-95) Calgary Day at Expo ’67. -- October 1967. -- 12 slides. -- Taken at Place de Nations.
S-238-(96-107) Downtown Calgary streets and buildings. -- March 10, 1969. -- 12 slides. -- Includes views of 8th Avenue, 6th Street, 7th Avenue, and 10th Avenue.
S-238-(108-115) Linda Curtis and Jimmy Simpson at Num-Ti-Ja Lodge. -- March 10, 1969. -- 8 slides. -- Photos taken by Dick for Linda’s article on Jimmy Simpson. See M-9347-65 above.
S-238-(116-117) Linda Curtis and Liz [?] by the Albertan building. -- May 12, 1969. -- 2 slides
S-238-(118-123) Lake Louise. -- September 1969. -- 6 slides. -- Includes views of the lake and one of Linda feeding a chipmunk.
S-238-(124-130) Miles for Millions walk in Banff. -- [ca. 1969 or 1970]. -- 7 photographs. -- Includes views of Peter Lougheed, Lorraine Milne and Bill Milne taking part in the walk; and Linda sitting in front of a field of poppies by the Rainbow Chalets.
S-238-(131-133) Curtis living room with bookshelves and Gissing painting. -- February 1970. -- 3 slides
S-238-(134-137) Picnic grounds east of Banff. -- 1970. -- 4 slides. -- Includes trail riders on horses and views of Mount Eisenhower [Castle Mountain].
S-238-(138-140) Hitchhiker, Mr. Cusack (first name unknown), possibly from Edmonton. -- [ca. 1970]. -- 3 slides
S-238-(141-150) Ginger, the avalanche rescue dog. -- [1971 or 1972]. -- 10 slides. -- Includes views of Ginger rescuing Linda and tracking a man. Photos taken by Dick for Linda’s article on rescue dogs, published in January 1972. See M-9347-75 above.
S-238-151 Linda with her sister and two other women. -- September 1976. -- 1 slide
S-238-(152-154) Canmore and the Three Sisters. -- June 1980. -- 3 slides
S-238-(155-160) Calgary Sketch Club at the Hutchinson’s [Hutchison?] property. -- Fall 1980. -- 6 slides
  3-D stereo slides. -- 1954-1957, 1965. -- 79 stereo slides. -- Consists of views of a sulphur plan, Calgary Stampede activities, Sylvan Lake, trip to Coeur D'Alene, a small girl helping in the house, Linda in her backyard, Askistinook cabins at Windermere, hiking in the mountains, and a bicycle race. Includes a "Guild 3D Viewer" in order to view the slides.
M-9347-315 Guild 3D viewer. -- [ca. early 1950s]
M-9347-316 Jumping Pound Sulphur Plant. -- 1954 or 1955. -- 17 stereo slides
M-9347-317 Stampede activities on 8th Avenue [Stephen Avenue]; dinosaur models at the Calgary Zoo; and buffalo statue at the Brewery. -- 1956. -- 7 stereo slides
M-9347-318 Sylvan Lake - Possible site for children's camp. -- [ca. 1956]. -- 6 stereo slides. -- Linda is in one of them.
M-9347-319 Coeur D'Alene trip. -- [ca. 1956]. -- 5 stereo slides. -- Consists of a boat ride, lodge, and Linda in a bathing suit.
M-9347-320 Small girl helping with household tasks. -- [ca. 1956]. -- 12 stereo slides. -- Possibly Linda's and Dick's niece, Linda Berreth. She appears to be about three years old. Many of the slides are not quite in sync so the 3-D view is not perfect.
M-9347-321 Linda in the backyard with a fruit tree. -- Spring 1957. -- 3 stereo slides
M-9437-322 Akistinook, Windermere, British Columbia. -- Summer 1957. --9 stereo slides. -- Dick and Linda taught swiming lessons at Windermere for several summers. -- Consists of views of cabins on a lake. Includes a view of Linda and another woman in a cabin doorway.
M-9437-323 Akistinook, Windermere, British Columbia. -- Summer 1957. -- 5 stereo slides. -- Consists of views of cabins on the lake.
M-9347-324 Takakkaw Falls, British Columbia. -- July 1965. -- 4 stereo slides. -- Consists of views of the falls, and of Linda Curtis, Doug Proctor, and Fran Drummond hiking.
M-9347-325 Bicycle event on the Trans-Canada Highway west of Calgary. -- July 1965. -- 8 stereo slides. -- Includes views of cyclists and Fred Anderson, many against a mountain backdrop.
M-8347-326 Miscellaneous. -- [ca. 1950s]. -- 3 stereo slides. -- Consists of views of hiking in the mountains, skiing, and a cabin in the snow.
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