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Glenbow Foundation group, G.B. Coutts standing at right, 1961
Glenbow Foundation group, G.B. Coutts standing at right, 1961

Coutts family fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 George and Alberta Coutts - Personal papers. -- 1903-1968
Series 2 David B. Coutts - Personal papers. -- 1925-1953
Series 3 Calgary Historical Society. -- 1795-1965, predominant 1923-1926
Series 4 Photographs. -- 1887-1961


Series 1

George and Alberta Coutts - Personal papers. -- 1903-1968. -- 15 cm of textual records. - The series consists of miscellaneous family papers including letters, certificates, programs, and greeting cards.

M-279-1 Family correspondence. -- 1911-1928. -- Re family matters and writing activities of Alberta Coutts.
M-279-2 Correspondence. -- 1915-1916. -- Re historical publications and the Round Table organization.
M-279-3 Letters to George and Alberta Coutts from friends serving overseas during the First World War. -- 1916-1917. -- Consists of war letters from H. Crassweller and Fred S. Albright.
M-279-4 Correspondence re travelling, etc. -- 1939-1956. -- Primarily with Leonard Brockington.
M-279-5 Correspondence re National War Finance Commitee and Victory Loans during the Second World War. -- 1942-1943
M-279-6 Telegrams re David Coutts, serving in Ceylon during the Second World War. -- 1943-1944
M-279-7 Leonard W. Brockington. -- 1949-1966. -- Consists of letters to George Coutts,as well as speeches, radio broadcasts and articles written by Brockington. Includes material related to Inspector Francis J. Dickens of the North-West Mounted Police.
M-279-8 Correspondence re Leonard W. Brockington. -- 1952, 1965
M-279-9 Letters from George Gooderham. -- 1968. -- Re Henry Smith and Billy Henry.
M-279-10 Canadian Bank of Commerce saving book. -- 1954-1955
M-279-11 Alberta Bastedo's school records. -- 1903, 1906. -- Consists of report card from Harbord Street Collegiate Institute (1903) and fees receipts from the University of Toronto (1906).
M-7985-69 Alberta Bastedo's certificates. -- 1908, 1940. -- Consists of teacher's certificate (1908) and national registration certificate (1940).
M-279-12 Programs. -- 1903, 1909. -- Consists of a program for the Harbord School Collegiate Institute annual concert (1903); and Banquet in Ottawa in honour of the surviving members of the First Parliament of Canada (April 21, 1909).
M-279-13 Program: Luncheon for the Duke of Connaught at the Palliser Hotel. -- 1916
M-279-14 Programs for the 100th anniversary of the University of Toronto. -- 1927
M-279-15 Christmas card from J.A. Clark, 72nd Overseas Battalion, CEF. -- 1915
M-279-16 Postcards and travel literature. -- n.d. -- For Holy Land, Britain, USA and France.
M-5741-a Postcard from Alberta to her daughter Katherine from Salem, Massachusetts. -- 1953
M-279-17 Christmas card from Bulman Brothers Ltd., Winnipeg. -- 1947. -- Featuring art by W.J. Phillips ("Totem Poles at Alert Bay").
M-279-18 Advertiques (mostly blotters) for Calgary businesses. -- 1939 and n.d. -- Includes ones for John D. McAra, Welfare Board, Knox Corner Service Station (Imperial); F.E. Osborne; Mount Royal College; Middleton and Tait Ltd; Copeland-Chatterson Ltd. Include blotters from Bulman Brothers in Winnipeg.
M-279-19 G.B. Coutts' gasoline ration book during the Second World War. -- 1945-1946
M-279-21 Prince's Island Tennis Club - Share certificate. -- 1927
M-279-22 Newsheet entitled: "The Evergreen and Gold Orphan" (University of Alberta). -- September 26, 1944
M-279-23 Advertisements, etc. -- 1904-1910 and n.d. -- Includes ticket to Senate sitting, receipts, etc.
M-279-24 Bookmarks. -- n.d.
M-279-25 Article about Calgary in The Colonizer (periodical promoting emigration) . -- 1912. -- Entitled "A Woman's Impressions of Calgary" by Agnes Ballantine.
M-279-26 Part of report of the Incorporated Council of Law for England and Wales. -- 1921
M-279-27 Calendar for A.R. Wright, Calgary. -- n.d.
M-279-28 Manual for use by golf clubs in Calgary. -- 1936
M-279-29 Installation of William A. MacKintosh as 12th Principal of Queen's University. -- 1951
M-279-30 Stationery. -- n.d. -- For Intercolonial Railway of Canada; Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition; and Halifax Hotel.
M-7985-68 Miscellaneous. -- 1910, 1945, 1953. -- Includes hotel bill and telegram from son.

Series 2

David B. Coutts - Personal papers. -- 1925-1953. -- 7 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of miscellaneuos personal papers including Boy Scout diaries, membership cards and programs

M-278 Diaries and other records. -- 1925-1945. -- 5 cm of textual records. -- Consists of David's diaries of Boy Scout activities (1927); airplane recognition book and scrapbook; aircraft cards collected by the Coutts family; Consols cigarette card premiums; and posters recognizing the German, Italian and Japanese fleets (1945).
M-7985-70 High school diplomas. -- 1929-1930
M-7985-71 University records. -- 1931-1935. -- Includes exams, convocation program, student cards and club memberships.
M-7985-72 Membership cards, licences, etc. -- 1929-1946. -- Consists of voters' registration, driver's licences, Glencoe Club membership cards, and gun registration.
M-7985-73 Liquor permits. - 1934-1946
M-7985-74 Sports tickets and schedules. -- 1921-1942. -- Includes Alberta Senior Hockey League schedules.
M-7985-75 Boy Scouts of Canada. -- 1927-1929. -- Includes membership card, Jamboree program, etc.
M-7985-76 Police summons for traffic violation. -- 1936
M-279-20 Notebooks and booklets. -- 1942 and n.d. -- Consists of notes re military training; and booklets on accounting and logarithms.
M-7985-77 Miscellaneous. -- 1929-1953. -- Consists of programs, bank book, ration card, transit tickets, etc.

Series 3

Calgary Historical Society. -- 1795-1965, predominant 1923-1926. -- 20 cm of textual records. -- George B. Coutts was very active in this organization. -- The series consists of correspondence and writings (manuscript, notes, etc.) about the history of Calgary and western Canada. Includes some original autographs (1795-1905) and an HBC promissory note (1821).

  Calgary Historical Society - Correspondence re historical topics
M-279-31 Correspondence. -- 1923-1924. -- Re Ephrem A. Brisbois and Fort Calgary, loan, Canadian Historical Association, and employment of George F. Buchanan.
M-279-32 Correspondence. -- 1924-196. -- With F.W. Godsal re buffalo pounds (buffalo hunting); historic monuments at Fort Macleod and Fort Whoop-up; names of Castle, Victoria and Windsor mountains; St. Paul's Mission [Anglican]; visit of the Marquis of Lorne; Indians [First Nations] in the Crowsnest Pass; and names near Waterton Lakes.
M-279-33 Correspondence. -- 1924-1926. -- Re buffalo hunting (buffalo pounds); Alexander L. Fortune; Old Bow Fort; and visit of the Marquis of Lorne.
M-279-34 Correspondence. -- 1924. -- Re wintering places of halfbreeds (Metis) by William Pearce.
M-279-35 Correspondence. -- 1924. -- With Tom Wilson re early years in western Canada.
M-279-36 Correspondence. -- 1925. - Re history of Fort Livingstone.
M-279-37 Correspondence. -- 1925. -- Re reminiscences of Andrew Sibbald. Includes information about Stoney man called Chiniquay, Peigan Post. and springs
M-279-38 Correspondence and article. -- 1925. -- Consists of "Precursors of the Bench and Bar in the Western Provinces" by Charles C. McCaul, published in The Canadian Bar Review in 1925. Includes a letter by the author.
M-279-39 Letter by James N. Wallace. -- [ca. 1923]. -- Read to the organizational meeting of the Calgary Historical Society.
M-5741-b Letter by Colonel Gilbert Sanders. -- 1937. -- Re disappearance of buffalo in western Canada.
  Calgary Historical Society - Historical writings. -- Consists of manuscripts, notes, extracts and newspaper clippings about historical topics
M-279-40 "Half-Breed and Indian Outbreak 1885, Causes of and Suppression of same. Personal Reminiscences Concerning foregoing" by William Pearce. -- 1923. -- [Re Metis and First Nations during the 1885 Riel Rebellion"].
M-279-41 "Western Canada in the Making" by Edmund Taylor. -- 1924. -- Includes information about the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC).
M-279-42 "Early Exploration along Bow and Saskatchewan Rivers" by James N. Wallace. -- 1924
M-279-43 "Construction of what is now the Main Line of the Canadian Pacific Railway from Montreal to Port Moody, Together with its Chief Western Subsidiary the Crow's Nest Pass Railway" by William Pearce. -- 1924
M-279-44 "Considered Information on Early Exploration with Particular Reference to Alberta" by William Pearce. --1925. -- Includes information re surveyors.
M-279-45 "A Brief History of the Lands Set Apart for the Construction of the Railways, particularly the Main Line of the Canadian Pacific Railway, also a History Regarding the Settlement of Lands in the Immediate Vicinity of Calgary" by William Pearce. -- 1925
M-279-46 "Memorandum Regarding the Settlement of St. Albert" by William Pearce. -- 1925
M-279-47 "Memorandum Respecting Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta" by William Pearce. -- 1925. -- Includes information related to the history of Edmonton, the Selkirk Settlement, and surveyors.
M-279-48 "Whiskey and Fur Traders in Southern Alberta" by William Pearce. -- [ca. 1923-1926]
M-279-49 "Old Times" by F.W. Godsal. -- [ca. 1923-1926]. -- Includes comments on papers by T.M. Steedman.
M-279-50 "Navigation of the Saskatchewan [River] and the North Branch Thereof". -- [ca. 1923-1926]
M-279-51 "A Pioneer of Rupert's Land" by Isaac Cowie re career of Joseph McDonald. -- [ca. 1923-1926]
M-279-52 "The Overland Trail to Cariboo" by Alexander L. Fortune. -- [ca. 1923-1926]
M-279-53 "Peace River", journal of Archibald McDonald. -- 1826. -- Includes information about the fur trade and Peace River pioneers.
M-3747 "The Plow: Its History and Development". -- n.d. -- Note: See PA-352 for 29 photographs of plows [ploughs], tractors and threshing machines which accompanied this manuscript.
M-279-(54-55) Notes re Old Bow Fort. -- 1924. -- Also known as Peigan Post.
M-279-56 Extracts from correspondence, etc. -- 1783-1785. -- Re support of Mrs. Woden, wife of fur trader Peter Pond.
M-279-57 Extracts from Peter Pond's journal. -- [ca. 1775]. -- Re his travels in Wisconsin. Printed in the Wisconsin Historial Collections.
M-279-58 Extract from Sessional Papers. -- 1872. -- Re Canadian military activities in Manitoba.
M-279-59 Extracts from Sessional Papers. -- 1885. -- Re Riel Rebellion.
M-279-60 Extracts from Schweinite's life of David Zelzberger. -- [published 1870]
M-279-61 Extract from Hind's report re use of buffalo pounds (buffalo hunting) by Plains Indians [First Nations]. -- n.d.
M-279-62 Autographs, primarily for English noblemen. -- 1795-[ca. 1905]. -- Includes one for T.Coutts (1735-1822) of Picadilly, dated 1802, who may be an ancestor of the G.B. Coutts family.
M-7985-78 Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) promissory note, York Factory. -- 1821
M-279-63 Newspaper clippings. -- 1897-1933. -- Re poetry, James Walker, W.E. Gladstone, H.A. Kennedy and the Northwest Rebellion [1885 Riel Rebellion], William Bleasdell Cameron, and L.A. Hamilton.
M-279-64 Newspaper clippnigs re the growth of Toronto. -- 1912
M-279-65 Newspaper clippings. -- 1922, 1929. -- Re Archdeacon J.W. Tims; and the death of Alexander M. Fleming.
M-279-66 Newspaper clippings. -- 1923-1924. -- Re origin of Calgary's name, reminiscences of Frank Lawrence and Red Deer pioneers.
M-279-67 Newspaper clippings. -- 1938, 1952-1955. -- Re William Pearce, Dr. Robert Buchan Francis, Mrs. Clinton J. Ford, Mrs. D.B. Hanna, and the 1914 Calgary oil boom.
M-279-oversize Newspaper clippings and a map re parks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and Selkirk Mountains. -- 1924
M-7985-79 Newspaper clipping. -- 1926. -- "The Story of Canada's Money".
M-7985-80 Newspaper clippings. -- 1924-1965. -- Includes articles on Willow Springs Ranch, Colin Inkster, Dr. Geraldine Oakley, and Zenon Pohorecky. Includes information about the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC).

Series 4

Photographs. -- 1887-1961. -- 69 photographs. -- The series consists of miscellaneous views compiled by the Coutts family, including plows and the Ranchmen's Club.

Some of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-352 Plows [ploughs], tractors and threshing machines. -- 29 photographs
PA-1956 Ranchmen's Club; First Nations personalities; irrigation; Calgary buildings. -- 1930s-1950s and n.d. -- 27 photographs
PA-3155 Miscellaneous views. -- 1903-1941. -- 8 photographs. -- Consists of views of downtown Calgary (ca. 1903-1904); Duke and Duchess of Windsor in Calgary (1941); George Taylor in a plane (1930); Osoyoos Mines Ltd. (n.d.); and a postcard of reindeer in Alaska.
PB-481 Lake Louise; signed photo of painting of R.B. Bennett; group at Douglas Hardwick's birthday. -- 1961 and n.d. -- 3 photographs
PC-154 Collicutt Ranch; group at Douglas Hardwick's birthday; group at EP Ranch. -- 1918-1957. -- 3 photographs
NA-3700 Crowfoot; Ranchmen's Club building; South African War soldiers; and Canadian aircrew in Nassau. -- 1887-1944. -- 4 photographs
NA-3741 Chautauqua poster, Calgary, Alberta. -- 1926. -- 1 photograph
NA-5410 Duke and Duchess of Windsor in Calgary. -- September 1941. -- 1 photograph
NF-21 Ranchmen's Club and gardens. -- n.d. -- 2 colour transparencies
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