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Kenneth R. Coppock
Kenneth R. Coppock, 1948

Ralph and Kenneth Coppock fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Ralph C. Coppock's ranching records. -- 1904-1950
Series 2 Scanned Document Kenneth R. Coppock's ranching collection. -- 1838-1949
Series 3 Photographs. -- 1885-[ca. 1950s]


Series 1

Ralph C. Coppock's ranching records. -- 1904-1950

M-2393-1 Ralph Coppock’s miscellaneous correspondence and bills. -- 1910, 1921-1938, 1943 and n.d. -- Consists primarily of receipts and invoices for cattle and grain sales, agricultural machinery, property taxes, automobile repairs, etc. Includes letter to Ralph from his brother Charles Coppock (1910); and eulogy of Ralph Coppock by his son Ken, which appeared in Canadian Cattlemen in 1943.
M-2393-2 Merino Ranch operating financial statements. -- 1931-1937. -- Includes purchases of cattle, horses, feed, etc., and expenditures for wages, taxes, land rental, supplies, etc.
M-2393-vol.1 Ledger. -- 1904-1908. -- Consists of financial record of Ralph Coppock’s business activities in Kansas before coming to Alberta.
M-2393-vol.2 Madden ranch ledger. -- 1921-1925. -- Consists primarily of ranch finances, but also includes personal and household expenses.
M-2393-vol.3 Madden ranch ledger. -- 1925-1926. -- Consists primarily of ranch finances, but also includes personal and household expenses.
M-2393-vol.4 Madden ranch ledger. -- 1927-1935. -- Consists primarily of ranch finances, but also includes personal and household expenses.
M-2393-vol.5 Merino Ranch ledger. -- 1935-1941. -- Consists primarily of ranch finances, but also includes personal and household expenses.
M-2393-vol.6 Ledger. -- 1941-1960. -- Consists of Merino Ranch finances (the ranch was sold in 1946), and other Coppock family business and personal expenses (Ralph Coppock died in 1943, and the ledger was apparently taken over by his son Kenneth).
M-2393-vol.7 Cashbook. -- 1925-1926
M-2393-vol.8 Cashbook. -- 1927-1930
M-2393-vol.9 Cashbook. -- 1937-1939
M-2393-vol.10 Cashbook. -- 1940-1942
M-2393-vol.11 Cashbook. -- 1943-1950

Series 2

Ken Coppock's ranching collection. -- 1838-1949

M-264-1 “Tales from the Midway Ranch” (manuscript) by Fred Ings. -- 1933
M-264-2“Buffalo Hunting” (manuscript) by Ethel Hopkins
M-264-3 “Ballad of Yukon Jake” (poem) by Edward E. Paramore Jr.
M-264-4 Calgary Stampede and Winnipeg Stampede programs. -- 1913, 1919, 1933
M-264-5 Autobiographical sketch by Charles Russell. -- 1929. -- Published in the Literary Digest, July 13, 1929
M-264-6 John R. McKay family tree. -- 1884; and shipping bill of Allan Steamship Lines. -- 1838
M-264-vol.2 Frank Courtney’s account book. -- [ca. 1887-1892]. -- Consists of records of dealings with the Blackfoot.  Found in the Courtney house by A. Maynard.of Cluny.
M-265-1 Phil Weinard’s letters and reminiscences.-- [ca. 1930s]. -- Consists of letters and reminiscences written by Phil Weinard (and sent to Kenneth Coppock) about his life as a southern Alberta rancher. Also includes newspaper clippings about Weinard's life (dated 1930-1969).

Scanned Document View letters and reminiscences.

M-265-2 Letters from William Bleasdell Cameron. -- 1926-1949. -- Cameron was a scout for T.B. Strange during the 1885 Riel Rebellion.
M-265-3 Map of Cochrane Ranche showing the original lease. -- n.d.
M-265-4 Miscellaneous printed. -- 1938, 1949. -- Consists of The Alberta Stockman’s Guide (December 1938); and “1885: The Last Engagement” in The Western Producer (September 1949).
M-265-6 Copy of proclamation regarding butchers (England). -- 1535
M-265-vol.1 Visalia Stock Saddle Company order book. -- 1892-1899
M-3356 Letter from Major Charles Lyndon in England. -- 1941. -- Lyndon was the former livestock commissioner for Alberta.
M-4543 “Alberta Horse and Cattle Brands” by Kenneth R. Coppock. -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Consists of manuscript which includes brands and brief histories for 69 ranches.

Series 3

Photographs. -- 1885-[ca. 1950s].

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-465-(1-21) Ranching and western views. -- 1885-1941 and n.d. -- 21 photographs. -- Consists of views of W.B. Cameron (scout for T.B. Strange during 1885 Riel Rebellion), Charles Russell (artist), Clarence Loasby’s bullet ring, buffalo, cattle, parades, P.Burns cowboys, etc.
PA-4004 The Coppock family and ranching views. -- 1935-1944 and n.d.. -- 21 photographs
PB-126-(1-4) Bar U Ranch round-up. -- 1901. -- 4 photographs
PB-215-1 Interior of Calgary Saddlery Company. -- [ca. 1900]. -- 1 photograph. -- For copy negative see NA-2312-2.
PB-253-1 Aerial view of the Coppock ranch. -- [ca. 1946]. -- 1 photograph
PC-61 Panorama of Turner Valley oil field. -- n.d. -- 1 photograph
PD-409 Album of ranching views, including horse riding, hauling, branding, picnics, the Coppock family and Stoney First Nations. -- [ca. 1931-1935]. -- 203 photographs
NA-551-(1-4) Ranching views. -- [ca. 1950s] and n.d. -- 4 photographs. -- Consists of views of a cattle round-up, and a hunter with coyote pelts.
NA-1193-(1-10) Riel Rebellion personalities . -- 1885-1928. -- 10 photographs. -- Consists of views of Thomas Quinn, William McKay, John Pritchard, Mounties, Little Bear, Poundmaker, William Bleasdell Cameron, Adolphus Nolan, and Kahneepotautayo.
NA-2312-(1-2) Kenneth Coppock and Calgary Saddlery. -- [ca. 1900], 1948. -- Consists of a portrait of Ken Coppock (1948); and a view of the interior of the Calgary Saddlery Company (ca. 1900).
NC-25-(1-4) Calgary Municipal Railway sight-seeing [observation] streetcar. -- 1928
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