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Earl Cook, 1929

Earl G. Cook fonds

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M-255-1Pincher Creek agriculture. - 1922-1927. - Correspondence to and from George Hoadley and others, mainly re stock inspection and weed control.
M-255-2Pincher Creek education. - 1926. - Correspondence re Educational Tax Bill and critical article by A. N. Cox.
M-255-3Pincher Creek lands. - 1925-1927. - Mainly re boundaries of Municipal District of Livingstone.
M-255-4Farm cooperatives, southern Alberta. - 1926- 1927. - Includes Southern Alberta Cooperative Association balance sheet, notes on 5th annual report of Pincher Creek Cooperative, United Livestock Growers correspondence.
M-255-5Combine. - 1926-1927. - Correspondence with Massey-Harris re effectiveness of implement owned by E. G. Cook.
M-255-6Political matters. - 1926-1927. - Mainly re election results, includes letter from G. G. Coote.
M-255-7Livingstone Board of Trade. - 1926. - Correspondence re charge concerning Government concessions.
M-255-8John Kemmis. - 1926. - Correspondence re position as warden of Lethbridge jail, includes letter from John E. Brownlee.
M-255-9Pincher Creek roads and bridges. - 1925-1928. - Correspondence includes letter to and from Hon. A. Ross and John E. Brownlee.
M-255-10Pincher Creek town appointments. - 1926- 1927. - Includes letter re beer license.
M-255-11Crowsnest Forest Reserve, shooting regulations. - 1925-1926. - Correspondence includes letter from E. G. Cook giving situation re game act and information re game birds.
M-255-12Personal and miscellany. - 1926. - Includes letters from brother, correspondence re farm.
M-255-13UFA Elections. - 1926-1932. - Correspondence includes copies of resolutions, leaflets issued by G. G. Coote.
M-255-14Disorganization of Pincher City. - 1926-1931. - Correspondence from W. D. Spence, Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs.
M-255-15Waterton Lakes Park. - 1926-1928. - Correspondence and petition re beer license and letters re appointment of Justice of the Peace, bailiff.
M-255-16Dan Hunka. - 1926. - Correspondence re illness of destitute man.
M-255-17T. & C. Craig. - 1926. - Correspondence re fire insurance adjustment, includes official reports.
M-255-18Place Names of Pincher Creek district. - 1927. - Correspondence and data.
M-255-19Hutterites. - 1927. - Re proposed school.
M-255-20Motor oil. - 1926-1927. - Re most satisfactory type for cars.
M-255-21Personal and miscellany. - 1927- 1930
M-255-22Provincial Civil Service. - 1927-1928. - Applications from J. L. Parker, Burmis [Inspector of Mines position], E. Gardner-Smith, Brocket [administration of rural loans], Miss Jean R. Laidlaw.
M-255-23United Church property. - 1928. - Correspondence re division of property between United Church and continuing Presbyterian Church in Lethbridge, Pincher Creek and Parkland.
M-255-24Liquor offence. - 1928. - Letters re legality of charge of operating a still directed against Charles Gentil, Cowley.
M-255-25Pincher Creek agriculture. - 1928. - Correspondence and resolutions re proposed farm loan, criticism of government and Poultry Marketing Service, resolution re widening of sleighs, information re crop share arrangements.
M-255-26Request to legislature. - 1928. - Request for information re mental institutions, practice teaching arrangements for Miss Margaret Fraser, resolution re change in educational system, proposed increase in capital stock in Producers' Storage.
M-255-27Personal and miscellany. - 1928. - Includes letters re analysing formaldehyde, desk tray made from Alberta bituminous sands, personal letters.
M-255-28Educational matters. - 1929-1930. - Includes letters concerning Normal School loans, education requirements for nurses.
M-255-29Agricultural matters. - 1929-1932. - Includes letters re stock inspection, Pincher Creek cooperative, marketing, farm pests, farm wages.
M-255-30Miscellany. - 1929. - Includes accounts, letters re boiler inspection, hail insurance.
M-255-31Miscellany. - 1930. - Mainly letters re Thomas Craig's farm loan.
M-255-32Beef marketing. - 1947. - Correspondence with James Gardener re beef embargo.
M-255-33Day book. - 1927-1932. - Record of daily activity on farm [incomplete].
M-255-34Election and general political papers. - 1924- 1926. - Includes copy of Weekly News Bulletin, list of books added to Legislature Library, election result forms.
M-255-35UFA Minutes and resolutions. - 1926-1930. - Includes minutes of meetings and convention, Pincher Creek, 1926 and 1930, list of 30 resolutions to be presented to Provincial government, 1928.
M-255-36Committee on educational matters. - 1927. - Report that deals with teacher training, municipal high schools, and questions of separate schools for Hutterites.
M-255-37Enumerator and polling division lists. - no date. - Includes legal descriptions of polling divisions in Pincher Creek.
M-255-38Notes for speeches. - 1928
M-255-39Patent for 'shockers'. - 1918. - Invented by Earl G. Cook; United States and Canada letters patent.
M-255-40CSET Boy's Parliament. - 1924. - Proceedings and resolutions.
M-255-41Alberta Cooperative Associations. - 1922- 1924. - Amendments and resolutions to Alberta Cooperative Wheat Producers Act, resolutions of Alberta Cooperative Livestock Producers.
M-255-42 Bills, leaflets, broadsheets. - 1922-1923. - Consists of immigration leaflet, 1922. Also consists of campaign literature kept by Earl Cook, a United Farmers of Alberta MLA, related to the plebiscite of November 23, 1923 in which the people of Alberta voted in favour of government sale of all liquors instead of prohibition. The literature opposes the reopening of public bars, and outlines the successes of prohibition in lowering the province's crime rate. One item features the exact wording and appearance of the ballot used. The prohibition referendum literature has been scanned.Link to scanned documents. View now.
M-255-43Government bills. - 1923-1930. - Bills re Burmis Carbon Railway Company, improvement of livestock breeding, game, vehicles and highway traffic; two copies of Government Orders of the day included.
M-255-44Municipal District financial statements. - 1925. - Castle River and Livingstone in Pincher Creek area.
M-255-45Clippings. - 1928. - Articles and reports of speeches by E. G. Cook.
M-255-46Clippings, agriculture in southern Alberta. - 1928. - Written by J. J. Strang, Alberta Wheat Pool, M. J. Conner, MLA for Warner, E. J. Wood, LDS Church, D. H. Galbraith MLA for Nanton, James Murray, D. A. Medicine hat, T. George Wood, Manager of Canadian Sugar Factories Ltd., Raymond.
M-255-47Clippings. - 1926-1928. - Re speeches and political reporting; includes speeches by Premier John E. Brownlee and Alberta liberal leader Joseph T. Shaw, federal government campaigning reports and item re Prime Minister Arthur Meighen's cabinet, article on his religious conviction by Henry Wise Wood, letter re Pincher Creek Hutterite question.
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