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District nurses starting out on visit
(Kate S. Brighty is driving the horse-drawn sled)
Onaway, Alberta, 1919

Kate Shaw Brighty Colley fonds

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Series 1

Public Health Nursing. - 1918- 1966

M-4872-1"Department of Public Health Nursing: an Experiment in Rural Nursing" article by K. S. Brighty. - 1935
M-4872-2"History of Nursing in Alberta" manuscript by K. S. Brighty. - 1942
M-4872-3"The History of the Department of Public Health of Alberta" article by Malcolm Bow and F. T. Cook. - 1935
M-4872-4Articles regarding Public Health Nursing. - 1934-1966. - Includes proposed outline for a history of nursing in Alberta.
M-4872-5Articles regarding history of medicine in Edmonton. - 1933 and 1935
M-4872-6Lists of Public Health Nursing staff. - 1918- 1928

Series 2

Nursing experiences. - 1939-[1940s] and n.d.

M-4872-7Kate Shaw Brighty, account of New Brigden trip. - 1939
M-4872-8Kate Shaw Brighty, notes from diary regarding nursing during a northern trip. - 1940
M-4872-9Olive Watherston, letters to K. S. Brighty regarding nursing overseas. - [1940s]
M-4872-10Olive Watherson, draft of article by K. S. Brighty based on her letters. - n.d.
M-4872-11Olga Freifeld, article about her career as a Public Health nurse. - n.d.
M-4872-12Mary E. Conlin, reminiscences of nursing in the Peace River district. - n.d.
M-4872-13Amy Louise Conroy, reminiscences of nursing in Pendryl district (90 miles west of Edmonton). - n.d.
M-4872-14Laura C. Allyn, article on the Canadian Baptist Mission Hospital in India. - n.d.
M-4872-15Notes regarding historic hospitals of Europe. - n.d.

Series 3

While Rivers Flow. - 1929-1941, 1956, 1970 and n.d.

M-4872-16"While Rivers Flow". - 1970. - Manuscript of book by Kate Shaw Brighty Colley. Chapters 1,6,9,11 and 16 are missing.
M-4872-17Sketches by Margaret Manuel Elwell to illustrate book. - 1970
M-4872-18Excerpt from The Treaties of Canada by Alexander Morris. - n.d. - Regarding treaty medal referred to in chapter 13 of Colley's book.
M-4872-19Treaty payment talley cards. - 1929-1935. - For Treaty 8, Bigstone Band (Cree), Wabasca. Colley describes this event in chapter 13 of While Rivers Flow.
M-4872-20"The Three Swans". - 1956. - Excerpt from While Rivers Flow, published earlier in Chamber's Journal.
M-4872-21Scripts for radio talks. - 1939 and 1941. - For CBC broadcasts by K. S. B. Colley. They are based on events described in While Rivers Flow. The second script is incomplete.

Series 4

Other writings by Kate Shaw Brighty Colley. - n.d., 1935 and 1962

M-4872-22"Greetings from the home of the Brown Bear". - n.d.
M-4872-23"Alaska Highway", incomplete. - n.d.
M-4872-24"When we were Young". - n.d.
M-4872-25"Salute to Flowers". - n.d. - History of Terrill's Flowers Ltd., Calgary, owned by her husband W. H. Colley.
M-4872-26"Extracts from the Diary of a Cat". - 1935
M-4872-27"The Lure of the Islands". - 1962

Series 5

News clippings. - 1930- 1974

M-4872-28News clippings regarding Colley's career, Public Health Nursing, and While Rivers Flow. - 1930-1974

Series 6

Photographs. - 1914-1921

Some of these photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-2081 Views of Slave Lake, Wabasca and Peace River areas. - 42 photographs
NA-3956-(1-3) Sawridge Hotel, Slave Lake, and district nurses. - 1914-1921. - 3 photographs
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