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"Billy" Cochrane in his study, CC Ranch, ca. 1905

Billy and Evelyn Cochrane fonds

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M-6552-1Evelyn Cochrane's diaries. - 1902-1908. - Includes diaries from 1902, 1903-1907, and 1908.
M-6552-2Correspondence. - 1900-1902. - Correspondence to and from members of the Cochrane family.
Note: Extensive letters written by Billy Cochrane to A.E. Cross from 1894 to 1929 are in the Cross family fonds at Glenbow (M-9190-(22-39).
M-6552-3Record of wages. - 1886-1895. - Of ranch hands employed at CC ranch.
M-6552-4Notebook, stock records. - 1885-1903.
M-6552-5Invoices. - 1891. - For items purchased in England.
M-6552-6Programs, etc. - 1892, 1901 and nd.
M-6552-7School notes, examinations, etc. - 1893-1896 and nd.
M-6552-8Shipping card. - 1900. - For cattle.
M-6552-9Card. - nd.
M-6552-10Circular. - 1905. Re British warship "Cochrane".
M-6552-11Stationery, etc. - nd.
M-6552-12Cards and envelopes. - nd.
M-6552-13Recipes. - nd.
M-6552-14Newsclippings. - 1898-1919 and nd.
M-6552-15Greeting cards. - nd.
PA-2464 Views of Billy Cochrane and family, the ranch, Banff, etc. - [early 1880s]. - 71 photographs
PB-605 Portrait of A.F. Cochrane, and a cowboy in Arizona. - 1883 and n.d. - 2 photographs
PC-214a Portrait of Arthur F. Cochrane, and with his mother Evelyn. - 1888-1889. - 2 photographs
PD-193 Album of views of ranching and buffalo near Calgary. - [ca. 1880s-1890s]. - 65 photographs.
NA-4571-(1-42) Billy Cochrane and ranch scenes from the CC Ranch, Mosquito Creek. - [early 1880s-1906]. - 42 photographs Scanned Document View now.
AR-22 Wildflower colour sketch by Evelyn Cochrane. - [ca. 1888-teens]
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