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Soldiers eating at Camp Sewell, Manitoba, [ca. 1914-1918]
Soldiers eating at Camp Sewell, Manitoba, [ca. 1914-1918]

Francis Gordon Church fonds

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Table of Contents

indicates that the series includes scanned documents.

Series 1 Personal and military documents. -- 1902-1942
Series 2 Correspondence. -- 1915-1933
Series 3 Financial records. -- 1915-1918
Series 4 Miscellaneous. -- 1908-1946
Series 5 Newspaper clippings. -- 1918-1923
Series 6 Photographs. -- 1914-1918


Series 1 Personal and military documents. -- 1902-1942
M-5711-1 Personal documents. -- 1902-1942. -- Consists of vaccination certificate, handwritten will, Unemployment Insurance card, and National Registration card.
M-5711-2 Military documents. -- 1914-1918. -- Consists of permits to leave Canada and enter the USA; hospitalization record; enclosure received with medal; certificate of military qualification for the rank of Lieutenant.
Series 2 Correspondence. -- 1915-1933
M-5711-3 Military correspondence. -- 1915-1919. -- Consists of letters and telegrams re positions and duties, leaves of absence, sick leave and hospitalization, separation allowance, and service record.
M-5711-4 Correspondence re his wife Edith Church. -- 1917-1933. -- Consists of letters re passage to Canada (she was a war bride), passport and health of Lieutenant F.G. Church.
M-5711-5 Personal correspondence. -- 1919-1925. -- Includes job application and letters of reference.
Series 3 Financial records. -- 1915-1918
M-5711-6 Receipts. - 1915-1918
Series 4 Miscellaneous. -- 1908-1946
M-5711-7 Company roll book and field message book. -- [ca. 1914-1918]

Miscellaneous printed material. -- 1908-1942. -- Consists of the following:

Calling cards for F.G. Church and Elbert E. Church
British Empire Club membership card
Christmas cards
CEF [Canadian Expeditionary Force] liquor chit
Returned Soldiers Insurance Act pamphlet
French language phrase book
44th Battalion Association roster
Booklet: "The Protection of Industry in Time of War", 1940
Blank YMCA writing paper and envelopes
Blank field serve postcards


Miscellaneous military papers. -- 1916-1918. -- Consists of the following:

Commodities pricelist
30th Reserve Battalion nominal roll and medical certification of signalling section
4th Canadian Training Brigade orders
Report re AWOL private
"C" Company, No. 10 Platoon nominal roll
Duty roster
Lists of names and addresses

M-5711-10 Calendar with photograph of Lieutenant F.G. Church in uniform. -- 1916
M-5711-11 44th Battalion Association records. -- 1933-1946. -- Re memorial fund, reunion, etc.
Series 5 Newspaper clippings. -- 1918-1923
M-5711-12 Newspaper clippings. -- 1918-1923. -- Includes front pages of the London Evening News, November 11, 1918.
Series 6 Photographs. -- 1914-1918. -- 18 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-2141 Views of 44th Battalion CEF, Camp Sewell, and Duke of Connaught reviewing troops. -- [ca. 1914-1918]. -- 17 photographs
PE-95-1 Panorama of 44th Battalion CEF at Camp Sewell. -- [ca. 1914-1918]. -- 1 photograph
NA-4051 Camp Sewell and Duke of Connaught reviewing troops. -- [ca. 1914-1918]. -- 3 photographs. -- Copies of originals in PA-2141 above.
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