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Red Cathcart at the Luxton Museum, Banff, [ca. 1955]
Red Cathcart at the Luxton Museum, Banff, [ca. 1955]

Red Cathcart fonds

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Table of Contents

indicates that the series includes scanned documents or photographs.

Series 1 Reference and correspondence files. -- 1860-1974
Series 2 Photographs and film. -- 1900-1961


Series 1

Reference and correspondence files. -- 1860-1974. -- The series consists of reference and correspondence files kept by Red Cathcart related to his acquisition and curatorial work for the Luxton Museum and the Glenbow Foundation. Includes some historical items collected for these institutions. Also includes an interview about his life.

M-203-1 Harcourt family papers. -- 1860-1874. -- Consists of invitations and passes to M. Harcourt re visit of Prince of Wales to Quebec; obituary notices of Ellen Matilda Harcourt and Michael Harcourt.
M-203-2 Correspondence. -- 1947-1948. -- Includes letter to Norman Luxton from William Bleasdell Cameron (1947); promissory note from a Zeballos, British Columbia businessman.
M-203-3 Luxton Museum. -- 1952-1956. -- Consists of report entitled "A Museum is Born" by Red Cathcart (1956); display descriptions; Calgary Power newsletter about the Luxton; commercial photo album; museum displays; correspondence re acquisitions, etc.
oversize box
Luxton Museum plans. -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Consists of pencil drawing on rolled plans.
M-203-4 Crown Assets Disposal Corporartion. -- 1966-1967. -- Consists of correspondence, noted, etc. re purchase.
M-203-5 La Compagnie Normand Ltd. -- 1966. -- Consists of correspondence, etc. re purchase of wagon parts. Includes catalogue.
M-203-6 British Columbia contacts. -- 1956-1965. -- Consists of correspondence, notes, etc. re acquisitions. Includes a Barkerville pamphlet.
M-203-7 Calgary and district contacts. -- 1956-1966. -- Consists of correspondence, memos, etc. re acquisition. Includes discovery reports and maps of location of Canmore log cabin.
M-203-8 Edmonton and district contacts. -- 1960-1966. -- Consists of correspondence, photographs of pieces, reports about a miner's cabin near Edmonton, and material related to Rimbey Anglican Church, printing presses, and Bluffton.
M-203-9 Fort Pitt site and Robert H. Hougham. -- 1951-1960. -- Consists of correspondence re sale of Fort Pitt site to Glenbow. Includes newspaper clippings and cattle auction poster,
M-203-10 Dan Riley. -- 1965. -- Consists of correspondence re acquisition of historical articles.
M-203-11 Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). -- 1956-1958. -- Consists of correspondence re acquisition of early uniforms for Luxton Museum.
M-203-12 Glenbow Foundaton. -- 1955-1969. -- Consists of correspondence and other material related to acquisitions, displays and the organization.
M-203-13 Glenbow Foundation. -- 1958-1967. -- Consists of correspondence, etc.
M-203-14 Glenbow-related contacts. -- 1959-1967. -- Consists of correspondence re collections offered to Glenbow from various Canadian locations.
M-8989 Glenbow Foundation - Field reports and other papers. -- 1944-1970. -- Consists of handwritten notes on his Glenbow Foundation activities (1950s); "The Story of the Crucifix", an account of a Second World War souvenir (1944); poetry; letters from Glenbow colleagues (1958, 1970); and a [fictional?] account of his boyhood.
M-203-15 Medical support for Debbie Reeve (Banff child). -- 1958-1959. -- Consists of correspondence re Harvie family financial support for Debbie Reeve to see Dr. Hamilton Baxter in Montreal.
M-203-16 Heritage Park correspondence. -- 1964-1967
M-203-17 Horses. -- 1955-1961. -- Consists of correspondence, grazing receipts, trailing permits, bill of sale, and national partk grazing regulations.
M-203-18 Certificates of title for Black Diamond property. -- 1958-1974
M-203-19 Personal correspondence. -- 1932-1974. -- Consists of replies to enquiries. Includes poem re trail ride (1932); article entitled "On Having Ridden Horse" (1945); and material about membership in the Canadian Museums Association.
M-203-20 Brochures re publications, etc. -- 1955-1968. -- Consists of material from various publishers.
M-203-21 Charles M. Russell paintings. -- [ca. 1957]. -- Consists of lists of Russell prints (reproductions) for sale.
M-203-22 Crowfoot and Old Sun. -- 1957-1858. -- Consists of correspondence with Gordon Reed about a Crowfoot photograph; transcript of a Calgary Herald article about Old Sun (originally published April 29, 1933); and correspondence with Walter G. Mackay re possible donations of animal hide items.
M-203-23 Eric Harvie correspondence. -- 1968-1971
M-203-24 Personal correspondence. -- 1900-1971. -- With the Harvie family and John Dashwood.

Invoices of various companies. -- 1898-[ca. 1920s]. -- Consists of bills from the following:

D. Thomson, tailor
Bow Garage, Banff
A.W.H. Thomson, dry goods, High River
F. Patton, baker
City of Vancouver - taxes
Captain Babington, boat rental, Prince Rupert, British Columbia
High River Model Bakery
A.M. Stewart, general merchant, Priddis
Reid's Auction Rooms, Calgary
W.R. Brand, dry goods, Stavely


Certificates, licences, etc. -- 1911-1966. -- Consists of the followng:

Certificate of title of Robert Hunt, Hudson's Bay Junction, Saskatchewan (1911)
Certificate of marriage for Hervert Everett Hunt and Margaret C. Browne, 1920
Trade licences of D. Murray, farm implement dealer and blacksmith (1937-1940)
Transfer of land from Archibald and Annie McNeil to David Gottlieb Kamaghan, Langdon, Alberta (1940)
Klondike Victory Bond, anti-Edmonton campaign (1966)
Mount Stephen Oil and Gas Company stock certificate
North Western Pacific Oil Company stock certificate


Articles written by John Laurie. -- 1954-1955 and n.d. -- Consists of the following:

"Elk Shield and the Witch Women", Canadian Cattlemen (September 1954)
"Vow of Vengeance", Canadian Cattlemen (July 1955)
"What can an Indian do with Indians", Canadian Cattlemen (September 1955)
"Whittler or Friend?" (n.d.)
"Go Away White Man" (n.d.)
"Sketch of the Indians of Alberta" (1955)

M-203-28 Miscellaneous articles about Indians [First Nations]. -- 1944, 1955. -- Consists of submission to the Special Joint Committee of the Senate re the Indian Act (1944); and 100 Years at Whitefish, 1855-1955 by Sam Bull.

The Sam Bull article has been digitized. Scanned Document View now.

M-203-29 Miscellaneous articles. -- 1936 and after 1955. -- Consists of W. Hanson Boorne articles on the North-West Indians after Riel Rebellion and the last sun dance (1936); and "The Leavings" by the Willow Creek Historical Society (after 1955).

Folders compiled by Red Cathcart. -- 1958-1969. -- Consists of journal articles and pictures compiled by Cathcart into the following folders:

Cowboy artist W.H.D. Koerner and cowboy ken Maynard
Guns and Gunmen of Death Valley
The White Horses of Vienna
Walter A Weber natural history paintings
Rails West

M-203-31 Indian Association of Alberta - Minutes of annual meeting. -- June 24-25, 1953.
M-203-32 Inventories of museum material. -- 1957-1966. -- Includes lists of equipment in Norguard and Cochrane blacksmith shops (1961); material moved to Heritage Park (1964); and tools owned by H.M. Garriott and Red Cathcart (1966)
M-203-33 Notes re Banff, Alberta. -- 1931-1971. -- Includes release of sheep's head to Norman Luxton; photo album of Banff views; list of Banff National Park superintendents from 1887 through 1971.
M-203-34 Chronology of Red Cathcart's life. -- [ca. 1969]
M-203-35 List of acquisitions. -- 1960-1961. -- Cosnsists of inventories of material acquired, copies of acquisitions lists, etc.

First World War items. -- 1916, 1918 and n.d. -- Consists of the following:

Harvest Leave cetrificate issued to Private W.W. Hunt (1918)
Photograph of 226th Battalion tents at Camp Hughes (1916)
Photograph of street parade of soldiers, unit unknown
Postcard of Army Service Corps, Company Sergeant Major on horseback


Second World War items. -- [ca. 1939-1945]. -- Consists of the following:

List of service men from Zeballos, British Columbia with proposal to send packages to them
Victory Order of the Day from Dwight Eisenhower (May 11, 1945)
Comic post cards from Bramshott, England

M-203-38 Postcards. -- [ca. 1900-1950]. -- Includes European, Banff and mountain views.

Some of the postcards have been digitized. Scanned Document View now.

M-203-39 Christmas cards. -- 1913-1940. -- Includes both vintage cards collected by Cathcart, and cards sent to him by Ernest A. Kehr, Tom Wilson, Eleanor Luxton, Hedley and Eleanor Vickers (Green Meadows Ranch), Mr. and Mrs. Norman K. Luxton, and Dr. and Mrs. Casey.
M-4843-10 Christmas cards and photographs of artworks from Carl Rungius.
M-203-40 Greeting cards. -- 1890 and n.d. -- Includes birthday, Easter and religious cards.
M-203-41 Glenbow Foundation / Glenbow-Alberta Institute annual reports. -- 1960-1971
M-203-42 Calgary Power newsletters on historic topics. -- 1955-1958 and n.d. - Topics include Alberta Golden Jubilee, Carl Rungius, Dan McCowan, Norman Luxton, and John Laurie. Includes "The Golden Link", an address by Eleanor Luxton to the Southern Alberta Pioneer and Old Timers Association.

Art catalogues. -- 1957-1959. -- Consists of catalogues for the following:

Banff School of Fine Arts exhibition (1957)
Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Western Art exhibition (1957)
Ernest Tonk exhibit at Gainsborough Galleries, Calgary (1957)
Coste House, "A Retrospective Exhibition of Walter J. Phillips and Carl Rungius (ca. 1958)
Lunds Auctioneers public auction catalogue (1959)
Calgary Power art exhibition (1959)


Brochures, booklets, articles, programs, maps, etc. -- 1882-1971 and n.d. -- Consists of the following:

Hotel Regulations, Macleod House (reprint of 1882 rules)
Constitution and bylaws of Brandon Fire Department (1904)
Souvenir photo folder, "Calgary, Alberta" (1906)
Ranchmen's Gas and Oil Company prospectus (1914)
Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies bulletin no. 24 (1930)
Dominion Ski Championships program, held in Banff (March 1937)
National Championship Awards to Big Game Hunters (1941)
Program for "Stampede", a play by Gwen Pharis Ringwood at the Banff School of Fine Arts (1955)
"Tipi Rings" by Thomas Kehoe, American Anthropologist (October 1958)
"Boulder Effigy Monuments in the Northern Plains" by Thomas and Alice Kehoe, Journal of American Folklore (1958)
"Three Dry-Laid Masonry Structures in the Northern Rocky Mountains" by Thomas Kehoe, American Antiquity (1958)
Barkerville Ballads by Francis McLean (1964)
Readings from funeral service of Ulysses La Casse (1971)
How to Hitch Horses (n.d.)
Tintypes from Barkerville (n.d.)


Rodeo programs. -- 1932-1959. -- Consists of the following:

Calgary Stampede daily events (July 12, 1932)
World Championship Rodeo, Madison Square Gardens, N.Y. (1932 and 1935)
Calgary Stampede calendars of events (1955 and 1959)
Calgary Stampede daily events (July 9, 1959)

M-203-46 Press release for opening of Glenbow-Alberta Museum. -- 1964. -- Includes copy of "General Rules for Handling Art Museum Objects" by Freda Kay Fall.
M-203-47 Museum technical leaflets. -- 1962-1964. -- Consists of material about planning museum programs, collecting practices, paint colour research and restoration preservation.
M-203-48 Banff Indian Days contest results. -- 1956, 1958, 1959
M-203-49 Glenbow "job book". -- [ca. 1966]. -- Inventory of items in warehouse. Includes carriages, machinery and equipment.
M-203-50 Flett's Blacksmith shop account books. -- 1887-1907
M-203-51 Scrapbooks. -- 1962-1972. -- Consists of material and photographs compiled by Red Cathcart, relating to Fern Brewster; Cochrane Blacksmith Shop; and Bella Twin and the Bear. Note: This folder is missing.
M-203-52 Newspaper clippings about Tom Wilson. -- 1931-1967
M-203-53 Newpaper clippings about the Royal Visit. -- 1939
M-203-54 Advertisements. -- n.d. -- For Stephens House Paint and Cowan's Cocoa.
M-203-55 Cut out figures. -- n.d.

Miscellany. -- 1895-1967. -- Consists of the following:

Daily Telegraph supplement, Saint John, New Brunswick (1895)
Dauphin Lacrosse Club membership card (1903)
Invitation to Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen's annual ball (1913)
Canadian Pacific steamship menus (1936)
Roland Gissing funeral card (1967)

And these undated items: coupons, Allan Theatre tickets, Knechetl Furniture shipping tag, W. Grant Mackay (furrier) business card, Canmore Opera House pass, poems re horse trading, clergyman's half fare permit, Veteran's Colonizaton form letter, map of HBC posts, S.Half Diamond Ranch brochure, and English theatre programs.


Posters and broadsides. -- 1919-1935. -- Consists of the following:

St Patrick's Day Dance, Claresholm (1919)
O. Botsford estate sale (1935)
Harold de Forest ranch sale (1949 or later)
Langdon estate sale and fairs (n.d.)

M-203-58 Calendars. -- 1907-1925. -- Consists of decorative calendars for the King Edward Hotel in Banff, and Mac's Shoe Repair Company in Calgary.
M-203-os box Scrapbooks. -- 9 volumes. -- Consists of western poetry, cartoons, newspaper clippings about the printing industry and natural resources, Will Rogers, pioneers in southern Alberta, and blacksmiths.

Oversize calendars, posters and advertisments. -- 1928-1970. -- Consists of the following:

W.B. Anderson, blacksmith, Craigmyle (1928)
Banff Indian Days (n.d.)
Barkerville (n.d.)
Bow River Boat House, Banff (1956, 1957 and 1958)
Bow West Motors Ltd, Calgary (1967)
Brand's Grocer, Stavely (1926)
Brennan Auto Supply, Calgary (1963)
BC Forest Service fire prevention (n.d.)
A.J. Brown (1955)
Crawford Bay and District Co-op Association (1942)
Mark Crowchild tipi description (n.d.)
Farrington Elwell ronts (n.d.)
Fort Macleod - Claresholm Stampede (1961)
Frency's Gas and General Store (1948, 1951 and 1952)
Jack Fuller - Red River cart sketch (n.d.)
Great Northern Railway Company (1957)
Hanford's Balsam of Myrrh (n.d.)
Hudson's Bay Company (1929, 1967 and 1970)
Ernest L.B. McLeod (1936)
Midway Store (1946 and n.d.)
Mount Royal Beauty Shop, Calgary (1955)
O'Keefe Ranch (1965)
Robin Hood Flour (1948)
Franklin Serum Company of Canada (1947)
Standard Cafe, Nelson (1950)
Star Grocery (1950)
Stavely auction sale (1962)
Water solar, mountain cabin (1957)
William Wnter print (n.d.)

RCT-911-(43-45) Sound recording of interview with Red Cathcart by George Gooderham. -- June 17, 1971. -- 3 audio cassettes. -- See the transcript in M-3973-14 below.
M-3973-14 Transcript of interview with Red Cathcart. -- 1971. -- Regarding his life and career.

Series 2

Photographs and film. -- 1900-1961. -- 209 photographs. - The series consists of both historic photographs collected by Cathcart, and photographs of Cathcart and his various activities. Also includes a 1932 film featuring Red Cathcart.

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-115 Views of agriculture and Indians [First Nations] by Byron Harmon, Banff. -- 16 postcards. -- Some have been copied at NA-1571 and NA-1640.
PA-194 Stagecoach at Banff. -- [1920s]. -- 1 photograph
PA-442 Mr. and Mrs. B. McKinney and family. -- 1 photograph
PA-561 Men riding oxen and views of miscellaneous activities. -- 4 photographs
PA-636 Gilbert Stacket - Calgary manufactured harvester. -- 1960. -- 3 photographs
PA-639 Bow River. -- 1 postcard
PA-707 Edward Curtis views of Plains Indians [First Nations]. -- 4 photographs
PA-720 Wishert homestead in Drumheller area (n.d.); and views of Edward Feuz and wooden sleigh, Golden (1961). -- 3 photographs
PA-3616 Views of Red Cathcart, his home and activities. -- [ca. 1930s-1950s]. -- 36 photographs
PA-4056 Photographs of artifacts, equipment, etc; Banff; Banff Indian Days; Bowness Park and the Alberta Ice Company; British Columbia including the Princeton Museum and Rock Creek; Burn Bray Ranch and Edwin Donald McKay; First Nations; Luxton Museum and Norman Luxton; Manitoba; Old Fort Pitt Ranch; postcards; Christmas cards; and miscellaneous other views. -- [ca. 200 photographs]
PB-25 Views of Banff, Field and Wrangell. -- [ca. 1900]. -- 8 photographs
PB-158 Calgary Brewing and Malting Company plant, Calgary. -- 1 coloured lithograph
PB-904 Views of a float plane and trappers; and Cathcart on horseback (one hand-coloured). -- [ca. 1930s-1940s]. -- 4 photographs
PD-30 Views of Dawson City. -- 1 photograph album (75 photographs)
PD-132-(32-39) Views of Banff, Banff pioneers, and Alberta blacksmith shops. -- 8 photograph albums

Vol. 32   Luxton Museum
Vol. 33   Luxton Museum
Vol. 34   Carl Rungius
Vol. 35   Tom Wilson
Vol. 36   Miscellaneous
Vol. 37   Cochrane Blacksmith Shop (Cochrane, Alberta)
Vol. 38   Flett's Blacksmith Shop (Airdrie, Alberta)
Vol. 39   Fern Brewster
PD-429 Views of Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies, construction of Canadian Pacific Railway bungalow camp at Mount Assiniboine, Ghost Ranch area prior to construction of Ghost River dam, and ranch life on Rocky Butte Ranch, Alberta. -- 1927
NA-163 Joseph Smith, hermit of Silver City. -- [ca. 1930s]. -- 1 photograph
NA-583 Bull Head and Many Shots. -- [ca. 1900-1910]. -- 2 photographs
NA-966 Cochrane Hotel, and Cochrane brickyards. -- [ca. 1900-1903]. -- 3 photographs
NA-1571 Group at Banff, including the Duke of Connaught. -- July 1914. -- 1 photograph
NA-1640 Views of harvesting in Alberta by Byron Harmon. -- 1921. -- 2 postcards
NA-5637 View of Banff Indian Days, taken by Red Cathcart (ca. 1927); and hunting expedition to Ram River (1932). -- 43 photographs
NA-5661 Views of Red Cathcart building a cabin near Banff. -- [ca. 1935]. -- 13 photographs
NB-62 Unidentified ranch views. -- [ca. 1920s-1930s]. -- [ca. 200 negatives]
F-178-1 B. E. Norrish presents The pathfinder. - Montreal : Associated Screen News, 1931. - 1 film reel (ca. 20 min.) : 16 mm, sd., b&w. - A film about mountain explorer and guide Tom Wilson, featuring J. G. "Red" Cathcart playing the role of Wilson as a young man, and Wilson himself being interviewed by Cathcart. - Still photos associated with the production are at PD-132, vol. 35. - Riveredge no. R1459.
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