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P.J. Nolan, founding member of the Calgary Bar Association
P.J. Nolan, founding member of the Calgary Bar Association

Calgary Bar Association fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Administrative records. - 1890-1959
Series 2 Oral history project. - 1982


Series 1 Administrative records. - 1890-1959, 1983
M-1925-1 Minute book. - 1890-1904
M-1925-2 Minute book. - 1906-1921
M-1925-3 Minutes. - 1916-1919. - Consists of miscellaneous loose pages.
M-1926-1 Minutes. - 1921-1942
M-1926-2 Minutes. - 1942-1959
M-1925-4 Constitution. - 1916
M-1925-5 Correspondence regarding meetings. - 1915-1919
M-1925-6 Financial statements. - 1915-1916
M-1925-7 Program for convocation of Benchers, Calgary. - 1925
M-7773-24 Program for Calgary Bar historical dinner. - 1983
Series 2 Oral history project transcripts. - 1982
M-7773-1 The Honorable Gordon H. Allen, QC
M-7773-2 "Barney" Barnett and Tom Malcolm
M-7773-3 R.H. Barron, QC
M-7773-4 W.F. Bowker, QC
M-7773-5 E.M. Bredin, QC
M-7773-6 Chester V. Burns, QC - The History Society Dinner
M-7773-7 R.L. Fenerty, QC, Spencer Cumming, QC, and J.H. Gray
M-7773-8 Dr. Ruth Gorman
M-7773-9 Rollie Jardine, Tom Malcolm, "Barney" Barnett, and A.W. MacDonald, Sr
M-7773-10 M.E. Jones, QC and A.W. Henricks, QC
M-7773-11 The Honorable J.H. Laycraft and The Honorable W.G. N. Egbert
M-7773-12 E.W.N. Macdonald, QC and The Honorable L.D. MacLean
M-7773-13 The Honorable E.C. Manning and R.A. MacKimmie, QC
M-7773-14 The Honorable R. Martland, QC and "A Lighthearted History of Alberta's legal Profession" by W.F. Bowker
M-7773-15 Miss Marie McCaffary
M-7773-16 D.P. McDonald, QC
M-7773-17 The Honorable J.V.H. Milvain, QC
M-7773-18 D.P. McLaws, QC, Archdeacon C. Swanson, Judge F. Thurgood, E. Kush, QC, and A. Gilchrist
M-7773-19 Mrs. H.G. Nolan, Mrs. O.H. Might, Miss Emma Ruth Patterson, R.G. Black, QC
M-7773-20 J.M. Pritchard, QC
M-7773-21 J.J. Saucier, QC
M-7773-22 Arthur R. Smith
M-7773-23 Peter S Vallance
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