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Brock Petroleums share certificate, 1929
Brock Petroleums share certificate, 1929

Brock Petroleums Limited fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 General business correspondence. -- 1929-1962
Series 2 Shares and shareholders. -- 1929-1958
Series 3 Companies and investments. -- 1929-1951
Series 4 Finance. -- 1929-1958


Series 1 General business correspondence. -- 1929-1962
M-1538-1 A correspondence
M-1538-2 B correspondence. -- Includes R.B. Bennett correspondence.
M-1538-3 C-D correspondence
M-1538-4 Stanley Davies correspondence. -- 1954-1957
M-1538-5 E correspondence
M-1538-6 F correspondence
M-1538-7 G correspondence
M-1538-8 H correspondence
M-1538-9 I-J correspondence
M-1538-10 K-L correspondence
M-1538-11 M correspondence
M-1538-12 Mac-Mc correspondence. -- Includes John McFarland correspondence.
M-1538-13 M.W. MacDowell correspondence
M-1538-14 N correspondence
M-1538-15 O-P correspondence
M-1538-16 R correspondence
M-1538-17 S correspondence
M-1538-18 T correspondence
M-1538-19 U-V correspondence
M-1538-20 W correspondence
M-1538-21 Webb and Campbell (theft) correspondence. -- 1933-1934
M-1538-22 Correspondence regarding sale of gas pipe lines. -- 1930-1931
M-1538-23 Winding up of company correspondence. -- 1958-1962
Series 2 Shares and shareholders. -- 1929-1958
M-1538-24 Orders re shares. -- n.d.
M-1538-25 Shareholders and shares. -- 1929-1930
M-1538-26 Shareholders and shares. -- 1929-1957. -- Includes Patrick Burns and M.W. MacDowell.
M-1538-45 Share certificates, 1-200
M-1538-46 Share certificates, 201-400
M-1538-47 Share certificates, 400-600
M-1538-48 Share cetificates, 601-800
M-1538-27 Meetings, notices, statements. -- 1931-1935
M-1538-28 Recapitalization. -- 1932-1934
M-1538-29 Meetings. -- 1941-1951
M-1538-30 Proxies. -- 1947-1958
Series 3 Companies and investments. -- 1929-1951
M-1538-31 Legal agreements. -- 1929-1951
M-1538-32 East Crest Holding and Development Company, and Oban Salt Company. -- 1935-1945
M-1538-33 Grease Creek Petroleums. -- 1938-1945
M-1538-34 Hunter Valley Oil Company Ltd. -- 1931, 1942
M-1538-35 Roxana Petroleum Ltd. -- 1936-1939
Series 4 Finance. -- 1929-1958
M-1538-36 Bank reconciliations. -- 1929-1934
M-1538-37 Statements of expenditures. -- 1929-1948. -- Includes material related to Stanley Davies, Grease Creek Petroleums, and M.W. MacDowell.
M-1538-38 Annual summaries. -- 1930-1958
M-1538-39 Minutes of directors meetings. -- 1929-1958. -- Includes material related to Stellar Oils, Patrick Burns, Stanley Davies, John McFarland, and M.W. MacDowell.
M-1538-40 Income tax returns. -- 1931-1957
M-1538-41 Royalties from investments. -- 1936-1939. -- Includes material related to Union Drilling Freehold Oils Ltd.
M-1538-42 Auditors' reports. -- 1930-1947
M-1538-43 Auditors' reports. -- 1948-1958
M-1538-44 Geological maps of Waite Valley, Grease Creek Petroleum, and Brock Petroleums
M-1538-vol.1 Cheques issued. -- 1929-1956
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