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Chief Crowfoot and family

Blackfoot Indian Agency series, Canada Department of Indian Affairs fonds

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Old Sun Industrial School attendance reports, 1894- 1897

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Farm Instructors' diaries, No. 2 farm, Cluny. -- 1909-1920. -- Consists of daily entries written by farm instructors A.E. Jones, David L. Brereton and F.J. Clarke, describing agricultural activities on the Blackfoot (Siksika) reserve in southern Alberta.

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M-1785-3Orders and correspondence re buildings and repairs on reserve, 1895-1920
M-1785-4Estimates for Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Northwest Territories, 1908-1918
M-1785-5Agency reports and returns re employees, rations, bank accounts, irrigation ditch on the reserve, convictions, advances, and health conditions, 1908
M-1785-6Agency reports and returns re annual reports, employees, bank accounts, health conditions, rations, and salary of Joseph Donnelly, 1907-1908
M-1785-7Agency reports and returns re employees, rations, bank accounts, farms, haying, statistics, annual report, coal, Indian accounts, and an Indian dying at Stony Mountain penitentiary, 1906-1907
M-1785-8Agency reports and returns re employees, bank accounts, rations, slaughter of cattle, deserted Indian woman, the number of Indians who are Catholics or Anglicans, coal mines, Indian passes, census, work on reserve, annual report, health conditions, and fine for supplying Indians with alcohol, 1905-1906
M-1785-9Correspondence re contracts for supplies; list of old and destitute on the reserve, 1912-1913
M-1785-10Correspondence re contracts for supplies, 1911- 1912
M-1785-11Correspondence re contracts for supplies, 1905- 1911
M-1785-12Correspondence re contracts for supplies, 1898- 1905
M-1785-13Correspondence re contracts for supplies, 1916- 1920
M-1785-14Correspondence re contracts for supplies, 1913- 1916

General instructions to agents, 1913 and 1933. -- Consists of instructions to Indian Agents in Canada from Duncan C. Scott, Deputy Superintendent General of the Department of Indian Affairs in Ottawa. These give the Department's official views about sanitation, trading, education, chiefs, medical attendance, treaty payments, expenditure of band money, dances, surveys, and timber on reserves. The 1913 instructions were still in use on the Blackfoot (Siksika) Indian Agency in southern Alberta in 1920.

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M-1785-vol.1Returns of food supplies received and issued, and remaining in store at the Blackfoot Agency, 1917-1935
M-1785-vol.2Account book of individual Blackfoot bands, 1907- 1910
M-1785-vol.3Collection for implements for Indians, 1900- 1906
M-1782 Correspondence relating to the 1939 Royal Visit, including arrangements for Indian participation, 1938-1941
M-1783 Correspondence relating to an exhibition in Australia, including lists of handicrafts for display and sale, and information about the Indians who accompanied the display, 1938-1939.
M-1784 Papers related to the surrender of land on the Blackfoot (Siksika) reserve, including a record of the vote taken, 1918
M-1786 Paysheets for Indians who did not follow the buffalo to Montana, 1879
M-1787 Treaty paylist for the bands of Three Bulls, Weasel Calf, Running Rabbit, Old Sun, Calf Robe, Eagle Rib, Crowfoot, Medicine Shield, Bear Child, Rabbit Carrier, Low Horn, and Heavy Shield. 1880-1881

Extracts from Blackfoot (Siksika) Indian Agency letter books kept by Indian Agent, Magnus Begg. -- 1890. -- Consists of notes from the Begg's letterbooks. Includes comments about day schools, prairie fires, doctors and medical care, cattle, the Sun Dance, and the timber reserve at Castle Mountain.

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M-1826-1 Treaty paylist, 1918
M-1826-2 Treaty paylist, 1923
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