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Alexander Graham Bailey (left) and colleague in the field
Alexander Graham Bailey (left) and colleague in the field

Alexander Graham Bailey fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Personal papers. -- 1929-1979
Series 2 Business papers. -- 1949-1971
Series 3 Photographs. -- 1951 and n,d.


Series 1 Personal papers. -- 1929-1979
M-5937-1 Biographical sketch. -- n.d.
M-5937-2 Correspondence. -- 1973-1979
M-5937-3 Appointment as chariman of the Petroleum and Natural Gass Conservation Board. -- 1946
M-5937-4 Stock certificate for the Glencoe club, Calgary. -- 1950
M-5937-5 Newspaper clippings about a Canadian trade mission to Britain. -- 1957
M-5937-6 Honorary degree from University of Calgary and membership in Vocational and Rehabilitation Research Institute. -- 1974-1977
M-5937-os-box1 Scrapbook regarding personal and business activities. -- 1929-1977
M-5937-os-box2 Honorary life membership in the Canadian Petroleum Association. -- 1973
Series 2 Business papers. -- 1949-1971
M-5937-7 Minutes, incorporation documents, etc. of Selbay Acreage Ltd. and Penwa Oils Ltd. -- 1951-1971
M-5937-8 A.G. Bailey Company prospectus. -- 1949-1950
M-5937-9 Bailey-Selburn Oil and Gas Ltd. prospectus. -- 1955
M-5937-10 Penwa Oils financial statements. -- 1960-1069
M-5937-11 Ledger. -- 1960-1967
M-5937-12 Ledger. -- 1962-1964
M-5937-13 Ledger. -- 1963-1970
M-5937-14 Ledger. -- 1965-1971
M-5937-15 Extracts from Daily Oil Bulletin regarding A.G. Bailey Company. -- 1949-1950
M-5937-16 Oil well notebook. -- 1949-1950
M-5937-17 A.G. Bailey Company - Summary of wells drilled. -- n.d.
M-5937-18 Crossfield unit agreement. -- 1961
M-5937-os-box2 Penwa Oils ledger. -- 1967-1971
M-5937-os-box2 Penwa Oils journal. -- 1960-1966
Series 3 Photographs. -- 1951 and n.d.
PA-2288A Portraits of A.G. Bailey, Bailey-Selburn Oil and Gas, and various events in Alberta and London, England. -- n.d. -- 9 photographs
PB-545 Portraits of A.G. Bailey and views of various meetings. -- n.d. -- 4 photographs
PC-183 Group at the annual meeting of the Western Canada Petroleum Association, Calgary. -- 1951. -- 1 photograph
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